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Integrate Google Calendar. Connect your chatbot to your favorite calendar tool.

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Integrate Google Calendar with your Chatbot

Make Your Chatbots Even More Effective with Google Calendar

With this integration hook Google Calendar directly into your Messenger chatbot. This can create appointments, bookings, meetings, and events in your favorite calendar app.

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Google Calendar integrates with Clepher
Integrate Google Calendar: Prepopulated Quick Reply with Email Addresses using Clepher

Create Events, Bookings & Meetings in your Google Calendar with Ease!

Grab subscriber data by asking a series of questions and push it all instantly to your favorite calendar software. Then have your chatbot simply report back it's all scheduled in - easy peasy!

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1-Click Sign Up with Pre-Populated Email Address Fields!

Generate leads fast and easy! Users only have to tap, or click, the Pre-populated Quick Reply & their Email Address is immediately captured in Google Calendar. Typing-in an email is supported too.

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You Want To Schedule Recurring Events Too? No Problem!

Scheduling a recurring event is as easy as scheduling a singular event. Have subscriber data pushed to your favorite calendar software, then have your chatbot report back the schedule!

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Integrate Google Calendar: Capturing User Input with Clepher
Popular ways to use this integration
These are some of the main ways to use these 2 tools together:

Create Event in Calendar

Easily create an event, booking, or meeting in your Google Calendar.

Create Recurring Event in Calendar

Easily create a recurring event, booking, or meeting in your Google Calendar.

Retrieve Calendar

This retrieves all the calendars listed in your Google account. 

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