How Facebook Messenger Chatbots Automate Sales

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The sales process can be long and difficult. So to automate sales with chatbots seem the most logical thing to do. And it is! Because there are often dozens of routine questions that need to be asked by the salesperson. While usually, the entire sales process can be done automatically. Just look at sites that sell cars, or other significant purchases without a lot of interaction with humans. Facebook’s Messenger Chatbots are a welcoming opportunity. Because they take your customers through the entire sales process. Without you having to do anything! A chatbot can also be set up to upsell the customer on new items.

Why Use Chatbots To Automate Sales?

“Shouldn’t we have people selling to people?”

Although this is a common sentiment for millions of people… Most selling interactions with people are annoying and unnecessary. Why? Well, billions of people are already used to buying, everything they need, online… without ever speaking to anyone.

The biggest reason that customers love sales chatbots: convenience. 

There’s never any waiting. There’s no small talk. The bot asks the questions that it needs answers to find the customer what they want. You could say that for companies, the chatbot is an economic wonder. This because you only need to set up your chatbot once. And the chatbot then handles hundreds of customers at once. Which means you can reduce your sales staff. Or have your sales staff work on quality instead of the quantity side of things. The humans on your team will be free to help, particularly good customers. Or they could work with prospects that need extra help to complete complex sales.

So, How Do You Automate Sales with Chatbots?

A Facebook Messenger chatbot can take care of the entire sales process. It can actually transform a visitor into a buyer, provided the chatbot is set up correctly. To illustrate some of the types of sales chatbots that you can create, let’s look at a script from a retail chatbot. Here’s a chatbot that sells shoes for a company. 

Let’s look at the type of questions to ask when using chatbots to automate sales:

  • “Hi, Welcome to Steppin Out Shoes. I’m the sales chatbot that will help you get the right shoes for your needs.
  • “Are you looking for men’s or women’s shoes?
  • “What size shoes do you need?
  • “Here’s a list of the types of shoes we offer: 
  • “Okay! What brand of sneakers do you want?
  • “Great! Let’s look at the Adidas sneakers we have. What color do you want?
  • “Do you prefer high tops or running sneakers?
  • “Awesome. Here are four possible choices. It’s okay if these aren’t perfect. There are lots more to choose from.
  • “I created a page of Adidas high-tops, size 9.5 for you to look at. I included some that we really like! Just click here to order.
  • “You found what you wanted! Great!
  • “Would you like a pair of no-tie shoelaces to go with your sneakers? There are 30 colors, and they’re just $9.99.
  • “You’ve earned free shipping!
  • “Where are we sending your sneakers?
  • “How would you like to pay?
  • “I sent everything to your email address, but your confirmation number is: …”

As you can see, the entire process can be turned into a conversation with a chatbot that guides the process. One of the most significant advantages for the consumer is that they don’t have to navigate pages and pages of offers. 

To Automate Sales with Chatbots works Everywhere

The case above is similar, going into a shoe store and being given a couple of choices: 

  1. Having to negotiate rows and rows of shoes, or…
  2. Having a knowledgeable salesperson there to help you. 

This same feature, or script, if you will…. can be used for industries selling cars, houses, and delivery meals. The chatbot asks all the same questions that a salesperson would. It only does it way faster and with less small talk and interruptions.

Screw Bots! What about People who need People?

The best Messenger bots are designed to make it easy for a customer to access a person instantly. This is easily done by inserting keywords, like “customer service” or “person.” Just like telephone systems… you can ‘program’ the bot to recognize swear words as a sign that a human needs to intercept the chat. But, to avoid having it come that far… Many start by telling customers about their options upfront. Like, “If you need to speak to someone at any time, type in ‘customer service,’ and I’ll get you to a person as soon as possible. Otherwise, I’m happy to help with everything you need.”

What about Facebook Messenger security

Facebook Messenger is developed with encryption in mind. Meaning it sends messages from one person to the other using encryption. This keeps everything secure from hacking. One of the biggest advantages to using Facebook as the platform is the security it provides. Facebook has some of the most powerful protection in the world. In fact, their website might be more secure than some government sites. This means FB has even more interest in keeping your Messenger chatbot safe than you do.

For payments, you can link it to Paypal, or any other secure payment system. As long as your customers are using proper security protocols… their side of the transaction is secure. From the seller’s side, everything is extremely safe from hackers and viruses.

What about other chatbots?

Many companies will help you set up a chatbot for your website, but they aren’t Facebook Messenger chatbots. Facebook Messenger chatbots are the better choice for many reasons.

Here are some of those reasons:

  • Since the chatbot is based on the Facebook platform, it’s less likely to go down.
  • The security is incredible. It will be hard to duplicate this level of security.
  • The size of the platform means that there are a lot of people to help you make changes if you need it.
  • Millions of people use Facebook Messenger every day; it’s familiar to them. That familiarity makes the whole process a lot smoother.

A FB Messenger Chatbot to Automate Sales

As you can see from the chatbot conversation above, there are a lot of moving parts. A great bot is integrated with your inventory, your online store, and your payment system. 

The way we see it, you got 2 choices:

  1. Hire an experienced chatbot designer to guide you through the process. They know what questions customers will ask and what functionalities your chatbot needs. They also know how to create a chatbot that feels natural and easy to use. 
  2. Use Clepher, just drag ‘n drop yourself a chatbot. Point and click a few fields. Within minutes you got your first bot set up; even faster is you install one of our chatbot templates!

To get started quickly, we recommend using Clepher. When you get the time and resources handy, hire an expert to fine-tune what you’ve quickly put together.

That said. If you’d like to learn more about automating sales with chatbots, then go here.

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