How Do I Get A Chatbot On Facebook Messenger?

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Messenger chatbots are changing the way people interact with your business online. But, one of the biggest benefits of chatbots – without a doubt – is automation. And, of course, what this automation can do for you and your business. See, bots are there 24/7, meaning they’re there whenever a customer needs a question answered, or simply wants more info about the products and services you’re selling. Plus, by conducting surveys, they’re even able to qualify leads for you as well. This way, you (or your sales team) don’t have to ask all the boring and awkward qualifying questions.

Look, businesses have been using the power of Messenger chatbots in a lot of ways for several years already. And by doing so, they enhanced the way they engage with their customers. As a logical result, improving their revenue. But, Messenger chatbots are not only useful for generating more revenue. Nope, they’re great for cutting down operational costs as well. 

That said, if you have a Facebook page, a Facebook Messenger strategy might be just around the corner. Because with a Messenger chatbot you’re not only able to scale up and down without any issues… by just adding an automated assistant, you can expect to see results the next day.  In this new blog post here on Clepher, we will get down to the details on how you can get a chatbot on Facebook Messenger. Plus, we’re revealing the first steps you should take to get your Messenger chatbot going. 

What Are The Advantages Of Messenger Chatbots?

Facebook Messenger Chatbots are Awesome.

Let’s dig in. In many recent articles on our website, you have already learned so much about Messenger chatbots. So much so you can probably define what a chatbot is by yourself. That’s why, in this article, we won’t go over what a chatbot is.

(But, if you’d still like to know, we got a video about what a chatbot is right here.)

That said, according to Hootsuite’s blog, Messenger chatbots are bound to replace mobile apps. They even state that, in time, they will replace email marketing, and even customer care agents altogether. Now, being a company offering chatbot technology this is obviously good news, and although we could use this to ‘strengthen’ our marketing… We do feel Hootsuite might be a bit too hypey here.

See, over at Clepher we believe in a multi-channel experience, chatbots are another (very lucrative) channel… And they should be used in combination with other channels, like email. But, chatbots do deserve the hype that has been going around right now. It’s no surprise that 80% of businesses want to install chatbots to help improve and support their systems.

But why are they so eager to implement a bot in their business? I mean, what are the advantages of Messenger chatbots that other businesses have already clearly seen and made them want to sign up directly? Well, frankly there are many. That’s why we’ve cherry-picked a few we think are most important.

1. Better Lead Generation

The first benefits are that a chatbot can automate sales and do lead qualification just as good – perhaps better – than any sales agent. Chatbots can be set up in such a way that they survey people to see if they’re qualified for a sales conversation. Usually, the people working in sales departments are in-charge of this. But, with a chatbot doing all this repetitive work, and it automatically ensuring that the conversation flows in the right direction… You may soon consider dropping some of your sales agents. Especially when you find out that a chatbot can use popular sales frameworks like BANT, or the one derived from it called CHAMP

2. Messenger Chatbots Presses Costs 

The second benefit that chatbots offer is cutting down on the costs. There are literally billions of customer support requests each year. Due to this, businesses combined spend nearly $1.3 trillion to attend to such requests. Let that sink in, $1.3 trillion! Chatbots can save a good chunk of money. The first studies already show that, on average, a chatbot can help save on the costs that go into support by up to 30%. That’s a lot! The savings on the costs may either be in cutting salaries, training, or infrastructure. And, in the long run, investing in chatbot technology will save on your expenses, such as hiring and paying human agents.

3. 24/7 Customer Support

The third benefit of a chatbot is that it can offer customer support 24/7. It not only means connecting to customers globally in an easier fashion… But giving fast, instant replies, to anyone who has a question as well. A lot of companies believe that customer experience is key and that it’s a competitive differentiator. And without bots, you need (a lot) human agents to respond to (repeat) questions almost instantly.

A chatbot, however, can engage with customers all-day and all-week. They don’t have to battle time constraints and stress. And bots do it all while the business manager or human agents are not present. One of the biggest use cases we see here over at Clepher is support ticket deflection. 80% of questions asked by customers are repeat questions handled by the chatbot. As you can imagine, a chatbot will give your business a “round-the-clock” customer service leading to increased customer satisfaction. And, as a result, this will impact your business profoundly. 

4. Better Customer Engagement 

Being present 24/7 does not automatically mean better customer engagement. But, with personalization you can come a long way. People want to get engaged in a conversation that is meaningful and worthwhile to them. And a chatbot on Facebook Messenger can offer this for sure. Moreover, Messenger chatbots can respond in real-time. They are the fastest response platform to communicate with customers… 20% faster response over other platforms! 

But, customer engagement is also about improving the user experience. While humans can commit errors on a support job… When taking the time, a human agent can also create and build the perfect chatbot, and by doing so, you can enhance your customers’ satisfaction. 

Now, with that said, there are way more benefits that Messenger chatbots can give your business. Like, improving your workflows, effortless scalability, better productivity, and many others. But, we’ll touch upon those in later articles. First, let’s have a look at how it is to get started.

Creating a Chatbot on Facebook Messenger

Now that you are almost settled, learning once more what chatbots are, we will now get to the step-by-step guide on getting the chatbot in your Facebook Messenger. Should you find our guide not clear, please reach out to our friendly customer service representatives at Clepher.

Create, Automate, Capture & Engage

Clepher goes all-out with our distinctive four-step to marketing for the future. Create, Automate, Capture, and Engage. Our step-by-step wizard will allow you to Create your first chatbot. Then, the Clepher chatbot builder also has drag-and-drop platforms. They will let you captivate the Flows with the Composer in the Automate phase. 

We also provide 7 Capture tools to help our users like you generate subscribers. Lastly, you can use the strategy of sending unlimited broadcasts to Engage your subscribers. 

Creating Your Messenger Chatbot 

Let’s get started creating your Messenger chatbot on Facebook Messenger. 

After creating your account at Clepher, you can now create a chatbot that can be attached to your Facebook page. To start, you obviously need to connect your Facebook page to Clepher. In the following section, you get to see the steps on how to link your Facebook account and its pages to Clepher. We added a little jazz by giving you screenshots with the steps. 

To link your Facebook account, go to the Clepher chatbot builder and click on the “Create Bot” button.

See the image below for visual reference:

This takes you to the Facebook login page, if you are not yet logged in. If you are already logged in to your Facebook account, it will ask to “Continue as Yourself.” Click this button to continue linking the chatbot you built to Facebook Messenger.

See the image below for visual reference:

When you click the “Continue As Yourself” button, this will redirect you back to Facebook. Then, you can “Continue As Yourself” again.

See the image below for visual reference:

You now reached the step wherein, you can choose which Pages you would like to link to Clepher. Our chatbots also work with Facebook pages. Simply click Next to continue for your best experience with Clepher. 

See the image below for visual reference:

You will then be requested to authorize the Clepher app, and what it can do for Facebook Messenger for the optimum experience. Select “Yes” for all and click “Done”. 

See the image below for visual reference:

A pop-up will appear to confirm you have successfully linked Clepher to Facebook. Click “OK”. 

See the image below for visual reference:

Then, you will be redirected back to Clepher. You will see a new window to appear with the list of pages you chose to add in our previous step. 

Look for the page you would like to add. Click “Connect.”

See the image below for visual reference:

Give it a few moments to load. It will show it’s loading like this.

See the image below for visual reference:

Once added, it will redirect you to the Clepher Chatbot Dashboard. 

See the image below for visual reference:

Congrats! You’re all set with your Clepher on Facebook, Messenger, and pages. Be creative as you can be!

What Happens After Getting The Messenger Chatbot On Facebook?

One of the things that make Clepher unique from other chatbot builders you can find is the Automate, Capture, and Engage processes after creating the chatbot. Let us take a look at each of these processes a little bit better, including how you can access each.


Among the post-creation steps is the Automate process. The Clepher Automation tab will bring you directly to the part where you can build the bot. It also includes setting up the main menu, keyword triggers, Custom Fields, and Tags in your Flows. You can access Automation on Page Level. Navigate from Account Level where you see all your added pages to your chosen page by clicking the “cog icon.” Once within the Dashboard of your page, click the “Automation” menu item in the left navigation bar.

See the image below for visual reference:


Next is the Capture process. Messenger will let your chatbot send messages to the person only if this person starts the conversation first. To drive this initial engagement, Clepher offers various Entry Points for people to find and engage with your chatbot in Messenger, Facebook, the web, and the real world. There are several ways on how people can subscribe to the bot. 

How to access the Capture feature?

You can likewise access this on Page Level. Like what you did with the Automate feature, navigate from Account Level when you can see your added pages to your chosen pages by clicking the “cog icon.” Once you are inside your page’s Dashboard, click on “Capture” denoted by the magnet icon on the left navigation bar. 

See the image below for visual reference:


Next up, the Engage features. Also known as the Broadcast tab, this tab has the broadcast capabilities of the chatbot. This is the feature to use in order to engage with your subscribers. Here, you can send Non-Promotional Broadcasts, Promotional Broadcasts, and One Time Notifications. Get started by setting up the Broadcast you want to send to your subscribers. It is very easy to send broadcasts. Once you have your Flows and Segmentations ready, it only involves a few mouse clicks to deliver your message out. 

See the image below for visual reference:

Final Thoughts

We hope this article helped you understand why Messenger chatbots are such a must-have for your business. And that you now know that adding a chatbot to your arsenal should be a top priority. Plus, by giving you some insight on how easy it is to get started… I personally know that it will destroy any of those limiting beliefs regarding to time you need to invest to get started. You can literally have it all running in under the hour! Our chatbot builder offers a new and easier way to install and manage Messenger chatbots.

That said, get ready to increase your reach and boost your conversions. Brace yourself as growth is just around the corner… Create your future today at Clepher.

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