Top 6 fun Instagram Story Game Ideas

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A blog post about game ideas to strengthen the bond with your audience

Fun Instagram story game ideas: Play with followers and fans 

With over 500 million daily active users, Instagram is one of the world’s most efficient sites to gain followers and obtain fame worldwide. Getting many fans is difficult, but building and maintaining a strong bond with them is more challenging to rest assured of sustainable growth on the platform. One great way to do so is by playing Instagram story games. 

But wait, what are they? If you are also wondering how to answer a similar question, look no further; we are here to help. Keep reading; this article will elaborate on some fantastic, fun Instagram story game ideas. So, without any further delays, let us dig into the content. Please have a look. 

What are Instagram story games? 

Instagram story games are exciting challenges and fun activities that content creators generate and share with their followers through Instagram story game templates. The prime objective is to keep their followers and fans engaged, strengthening bonds and enhancing loyalty among followers. Some everyday activities include question-answer sessions, polls, audience responses, etc. 

How To Play Instagram Story Games?

Playing such games on Instagram is a relatively simple and exciting process. Here is a short step-by-step guide:

  1. Analyze: Considering time duration is very important, as if not posted at the correct time, Instagram story games can backfire as well. Wonder, what is the right time to post this activity? For instance, as a chef, it may sound vague if you start talking about or posting activities related to comforting soups and hot coffees in the simmering summer season. This can negatively affect your overall profile. One great way is keeping a keen eye on current trends and fads and designing activities accordingly. 
  2. Think about an idea: Once you have a clear template about current trends and timing, it’s time to think about it. So, step back from your daily online and offline activities and find a game idea. Consider games and their genre that are well-aligned with your account theme. For instance, if you are a fashion influencer, consider conducting similar activities like quiz your followers, ask about reviews about a particular brand.
  3. Implement: Lastly, implement the idea by posting the activity on your Insta account. Make sure not just to publish but also take an active part in it by instantly replying to the comments and DMs you would get. In addition, share interesting responses with your viewers via screenshots to encourage more followers to participate in the game. 

Keep on reading to unleash the popular types of such games on Instagram stories and get new templates. 

Idea #1: Polling


Do you need help deciding what to do or wear? Play the poll game! It is one of the most popular games on Instagram. This is a fun game to choose one thing out of two. In this game, the creator asks the audience to poll for one commodity out of two items. People survey according to what they think is better. This process is fun and exciting as the creator still determines what it will be. After an hour or two, you can see which commodity wins. This is a great way to engage with the audience as the audience gets interested in you and wants to explore more of your stories and posts.

1. Sudden craving 

Sometimes, it gets challenging to pick out what to eat. Poll is the solution. For example, you need clarification about what to eat: a pizza or a burger. Create a poll asking the audience to hand in their favorite. 

2. Series 

There are two newly launched series, but which one to watch first? Build a vote out considering those two series, allowing the audience to suggest the better one to watch first.

3. Physical activity 

Offer a particular sport or exercise like cricket, football, Plates, or Yoga, making viewers vote for a nice routine. Occupy the majority winning choice.

4: Outfit check 

Selecting an outfit or dress is the hardest part of a girl’s life. Poll for the two best outfits in your wardrobe, asking which one to wear according to the occasion. 

These are some examples, but you can create a voting session for anything, including dream destinations, Night routines, games, etc. These can be pretty helpful to get out of “hard to choose” situations.

Idea #2 GIF Challenge

GIF Challenge

Incorporating GIF challenges in your IGO Story is another great way to boost engagement. You can conduct an extensive range of GIF challenges, including the following. 

Reaction challenges 

You can ask your followers a hypothetical question, asking them to present their views with the help of GIFs they have in their gallery. Remember to share screenshots of the most relevant and exciting responses to encourage others to participate. 

Movie Challenge 

Post a question related to any movie that you have recently watched or one that just got released. Tell your followers to reply if they have protected it, and if yes, what are their views on it? They can use Movie GIFs as well. 

Travel challenge

If you are planning to go on a trip, an excellent idea is to engage your followers in this decision by obtaining suggestions about which place to go. Post a question on your story about their favorite destinations and instruct them to reply with a GIF. You will be amazed to see various places you might never have thought of before. 

Emoji to challenge

You can play this game in two ways. Instruct your followers to take the opportunity to share their current mood with the help of emoji GIFs. Or you can post any emoji of your choice and ask your fans to reply using GIFs.

Idea #3. Play Around with Trendy Instagram AR Filters

AR Filters

Augmented reality is a brilliant idea to bring more views and followers to your account and entertain existing ones. Here are some exciting ideas you can use to play around with AR filters 

  1. Filter fun challenge: It means asking your fans about their favorite AR filters and posting them on their stories while tagging you. You can also create and instruct your fans to use a designated hashtag.
  2. Guess the filter: Open your Instagram and post your picture in your favorite filters. Now, ask your fans if they can correctly recognize it. You can also conduct giveaways or shout-out sessions as a reward for a correct guess. 
  3. The Fashion Show: You can create a mini fashion show. Please post your pictures in various filters and ask your audience to vote for their favorite look by reposting the image on their story and tagging you. 
  4. Historical throwback: Instagram holds multiple classic and vintage Filters. Take your audience a trip down history lane by sharing your memories from the past with the help of these filters. You can also add exciting visuals to boost engagement even more. 

 Idea #4: Truths and a lie

3 Truths 1 Lie

Truth or dare is a fun game instead of passing a boring time on Instagram by just scrolling through 1000 reels. It is a fantastic game that enables you to engage with followers. The followers get interested, making them want to know the correct answer.

The game is about creating two fake and one actual situation or telling two lies and one truth, making the audience guess one fact out of two lies.

You can ask your followers some general knowledge questions testing the creative minds of followers. Ready to bring fascinating questions, Quiz, and truth and dare into being. Let’s see what you got. 

 Idea #5: Caption contests 

Caption Contest

Caption contest is concerned with incorporating your audience by creating unique and exciting captions. For instance, post any quirky image of yours, food, or anything else and ask your audience to make a compelling caption. Please encourage them to test their creative limits and push the boundaries within a predefined time frame. As a reward, you can shout out or a gift to the ones who submit the most unique captions. 

One great idea is to post a short story on your IGO story and ask your followers to summarize it in a single caption. 

Idea #6: Riddles 


Riddles have always been a fun game to spend excitingly and do a little mind exercise. However, what is more interesting is playing it as an IG Story game. Use Instagram stories to post about a particular riddle and encourage your followers to respond. You can conduct various Instagram games using riddles such as: 

  1. Riddles of the day: Post a riddle challenge every day to keep the daily audience engaged. Collect the correct responses, post correct answers at the end of the week, and give a shoutout to all the early birds.
  2. Riddle vs. Time: Share any mystery with your audience, such as a puzzle, mystery cases, and other mind-blowing questions, and let your followers solve it in a predetermined period. Those who come up with the correct answer can be displayed on your IG Story. 
  3. Collaborative riddle challenge: This Type of riddle will best suit you if you run an educational account. Post a complex riddle on your IG Account and ask your followers to work collaboratively to crack the answer. You can form different groups as well. You can also share the process to find the answer, but you must share the correct answer. Groups who crack the answer first can be granted any giveaway you can conduct. 

Pro Tip: How To Increase Engagement on Instagram

While the IG Story game is one efficient way to boost your engagement, you can use many other things for the same purpose. Here, we discuss some fantastic pro tips to help you increase engagement on Instagram. 

  1. Create quality content: One of the best ideas to boost engagement on your Insta account is simply creating high-quality content that stands out. The site has a robust algorithm that quickly detects all the value-added aspects. Thus, do in-depth research and gather all the relevant facts and figures before you post your creation on the platform. 
  2. Interact with your followers: An unattractive Instagram account is helpful once you make it relatable and attractive. So, boost attractiveness by posting beautiful pictures, engaging captions, and consistent posts. 
  3. Interact with your audience: Show your interest to your audience. Take measures and get to know your followers. Remember, an interactive Instagram account always wins over others.
  4. Maintain engagement: Maintaining your attention rather than just building it is equally important. We have already told you about a fun way to do it. Nevertheless, you can do many other things, such as live sessions, meet and greet, posts, and whatnot. 

How to Maintain Your Engagement Rate on Instagram?

Creating a higher engagement rate is essential for growth on Instagram. However, maintaining that rate is equally important and challenging. Many content creators and influencers get overwhelmed by the audience response. As a result, managing incoming messages, responding to comments, and initiating conversations can get difficult. But that’s where Clepher comes in!

Have you made big with our fun Instagram story game ideas? Then, you need Clepher to manage your audience. It offers smart chatbots with powerful integrations to handle conversations on social media platforms, including Instagram. Furthermore, it gives human-like responses, making it hard for your followers to know the difference. It also markets your brand and provides lead generation with its integrations, like email marketing. Overall, Clepher can be your one-stop shop for maintaining your Instagram engagement rate while earning new followers at the same time.

Final thoughts 

Instagram is a fantastic way to mark your social presence in the online world. Nevertheless, you want to keep your audience entertained and assured of fast and sustainable growth. In that case, playing with your followers using IG Stories might be a good idea. 

The same is way, we have assembled this guide that discusses the best Instagram game ideas, including the riddle challenge, AR Filter challenge, caption contests, truth or lie challenge, poll game, and cravings challenges. The details about scheduling your Instagram games are in the content above, along with all the crucial information. 

Use a chatbot and Instagram story games to increase engagement.


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