Top 10 Chatbot Templates: More Leads and Automated Conversations

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A blog post about the Top 10 Chatbot Templates to get more leads and automate conversations

2023 has been the year of AI chatbot builder platforms and tech advancements. Chatbots have become the must-have tool for businesses everywhere that want to generate qualified leads, increase customer engagement, get more appointment bookings, and reduce customer service costs. But if you’re just starting out with your chatbot, creating a custom solution from scratch can be daunting.

We will not take much of your time, so we have picked the top 10 chatbot templates from Clepher’s 120 best bot templates. But first thing first.

What exactly is a chatbot template?

A chatbot template is pre-built AI bot technology equipped with the ability to understand natural human language, allowing it to engage in meaningful conversations with users. It can reply instantly when triggered by a keyword or phrase and let you customize the conversation with users.

The more advance the AI, the more human-like conversations it can generate. For instance, emojis used in some free chatbot templates have been known to elicit more engagement and personalize conversations. So, chatbots that can interact with customers on personal topics are the most popular.

Here’s the list of the top 10 chatbot templates from Clepher:

1) Restaurant and Food Ordering Chatbot Template:

This chatbot template is great for restaurants that want to streamline their orders and processes. With a restaurant-dedicated chatbot, you can quickly and easily take orders from customers without any manual effort. Let’s say you are a sweet shop that makes customized cakes and desserts. Your customers can use the chatbot to order custom cakes and desserts with ease.

Check this screenshot Restaurant and Food Ordering chatbot template:

Order a Cake Chatbot

Look how personalized response is guiding the customer to order a cake. This conversation is so much more engaging than a web page or a message box where customers could type in their orders. You can customize the conversation and add images and more to create a personal experience for your customers.

Check another screenshot:

Goods Ordering – Food Chatbot

See how this chatbot flow makes the goods ordering process much more enjoyable. This chatbot template allows you to gather all the relevant information from customers and also offers payment options in chat for a seamless customer experience.

Get this chatbot template now!

2) Cart Abandonment Chatbot Template:

Cart abandonment is a major issue for online stores. Many customers fill up their shopping carts but then abandon the cart before they can check out.

This chatbot template is designed to send automated messages to customers who have abandoned their cart and help them complete the checkout process. When customers leave their carts, this chatbot will remind them about the items they’ve left in their cart, encouraging them to complete their purchase.

Check this screenshot:

Cart Abandonment Chatbot

Do you see this cart abandonment chat flow? It gently reminds customers about the items in the cart and provides the link to complete the purchase.

The template can also allow you to offer customers discounts and deals, increasing their chances of completing the purchase. Depending on your niche, you can add specific content and greetings to this chatbot to make it more personalized.

So why wait? Get this chatbot template now and start recovering those abandoned carts!

3) Account Cancellation Chatbot Template

It’s never easy for businesses to manage customer cancellations. In fact, it’s not a happy moment for the business. But if it’s not for humans, how about creating a template that might not let the cancellation happen? This Account Cancellation chatbot template is designed to help businesses handle customer cancellations.

Check this template below:

Account Cancellation Chatbot

Check the height of personalization. This flow is designed with emojis and chat flow that makes the whole process of canceling easier for customers.

It shows the customers that letting them go is hard and encourages them to stay. The template also offers customers options to give feedback so the business can understand what made them decide to cancel their account.

That’s how personalization can help businesses. Get this template now!

These are just a few examples of how you can use chatbot templates to create an incredible

Get this template and manage customer cancellations the easy way!

4) FAQs Chatbot Template:

No matter what business you are in, customers always have lots of questions. That’s why a FAQ chatbot is so essential for any business. This FAQ chatbot template is designed to help businesses quickly answer customer questions and queries. This chatbot can answer commonly asked questions about your products and services.

Check the screenshot below:

FAQ Chatbot

See how this chatbot quickly answers customer queries. You can add multiple options and FAQs in this template so that customers can find the answer they’re looking for quickly and easily. Let’s say you are from an advertising agency then this chatbot can provide answers to queries like “What kind of services do you offer?”, “How much does your service cost?” and so on.

This template is so convenient and helpful! Get it now and save tons of time answering customer queries.

5) Inventory Management Chatbot Template:

Inventory management is a tedious task for any business. No matter how small or big your business is, you need to manage your inventory and keep track of product availability. An inventory management template is designed to help businesses manage their inventory more efficiently.

This template can be used to track the availability of products and alert customers when they’re out of stock. The user will add the product ID, which will then check the existing data from Google Sheets and display if the item is available. It will validate the name, sold quantity, available quantity, and price of the item.

Check this screenshot:

Inventory Chatbot

Do you see how AI chatbots can help to manage inventory? This chatbot notifies customers when the product they’re looking for is out of stock and suggests other products as substitutes.

You can also use this template to notify customers about new products or deals. Get the template now and start managing your inventory efficiently!

6) Job Application Status

Are you looking for a way to make the job application process more efficient? Look no further! The Job Application Status chatbot template can help you with that. This template is designed to help businesses track job applications and update applicants on the status of their applications.

You can use this template to stay organized and keep track of who has applied for which job. Users will be asked to type in their job application ID, and the chatbot will fetch the details from a Google sheet. If users put in the wrong ID or the job doesn’t exist, it will prompt them to try again. It’s that simple!

Check this screenshot:

Job Application Status Chatbot

This template is so useful! It helps you keep track of who applied for which job and quickly update them on the status of their application. The job application status chatbot saves you a lot of time and makes the application process more efficient.

Get this template now and manage job applications the easy way!

7) Customer Loyalty Chatbot Template:

Customer loyalty is essential for any business. Showing appreciation to your customers will help you build a strong and loyal following. This Customer Loyalty Chatbot template is designed to help businesses reward their customers and increase customer loyalty. You can use this chatbot to offer discounts, reward customers with points, and provide exclusive offers.

Usually, businesses need real people to handle loyalty programs; with this chatbot, they can automate and manage those efficiently. Users can enter a specific code, or a loyalty card number to get the benefits associated with it. In fact, once the code is redeemed, it can be updated in the Google sheet, so you don’t have to worry about loyalty codes being used multiple times.

Check this screenshot:

Loyalty Chatbot

Do you see how this chatbot can help businesses manage their customer loyalty program? It helps to reward customers and increase loyalty, and it saves you a lot of time.

Cool, isn’t it? Get this template and manage the loyalty program efficiently.

8) Order and Delivery Tracking:

What’s the most frustrating thing for customers when shopping online? Delivery and order tracking! You can use the Order and Delivery Tracking chatbot to help your customers easily track their orders. This template is designed to help businesses manage online orders and delivery tracking.

It will fetch the order information from a Google sheet and allow customers to check their order status. This means your customers don’t have to wait for someone to reply to their inquiries. They can just type in their order number and get the status of their order right away!

Check this screenshot:

Top 10 Chatbot Templates - Order And Delivery Tracking Chatbot

Order And Delivery Tracking Chatbot

This life-saver helps customers to track their orders in a simple and efficient way.

Get the template now and make your customers’ shopping experience smoother!

9) Pizza Ordering:

Do you want to make pizza ordering easier and faster? Look no further! Get the Pizza Ordering chatbot template now and make customers’ ordering process smooth and hassle-free.

This template is designed to help businesses streamline their pizza ordering process. It allows customers to order a pizza in just a few clicks. Users will be asked to type in their address and select the base and toppings for their pizza. Users can get options to either pick up their pizza or get it delivered to their address.

The chatbot will also ask them if they want to add any extras and then give them the total cost of their order. All the data is then forwarded to Google Sheets, where the order is processed. You can even customize the menu card with different toppings and sizes.

Check this screenshot:

Top 10 Chatbot Templates - Pizza Ordering Chatbot

Pizza Ordering Chatbot

This is one of the most convenient ways to order pizza. Get the template now and make your customers’ ordering process smoother.

10) Multiple Order Processing:

Do you know how difficult it is to keep track of multiple orders at once? For instance, when businesses give heavy discounts, customers buy multiple items. This Multiple Order Processing chatbot template is designed to help businesses manage multiple orders in an efficient way. Since the sheet allocates one complete row per order, businesses can easily track each order separately.

This chatbot will help customers easily place multiple orders by asking them questions about the item they want. The customer can select the desired item, add it to their cart and move on to the next item. Once the customer has added all the items to their cart, they can review and finalize their order. The data is then stored in the Google sheet and can be processed later.

Check this screenshot:

Top 10 Chatbot Templates - Multiple Order Processing Chatbot

Multiple Order Processing Chatbot

This template is very cool as it makes it easier for businesses to manage multiple orders. Get the template now and make your customers’ shopping experience smoother!

So, these are the 10 amazing chatbot templates you can get to help your business manage customer queries, loyalty programs, order tracking, pizza ordering, and multiple orders. Try them now and make your customers’ experience smoother and faster.

Why did I pick all these specially selected chatbot templates?

I picked these bot templates because they are designed to help businesses in different aspects. They are designed for customer support queries, loyalty programs, order tracking, and multiple orders. All these templates are easy to customize and integrate with your existing business systems. With all these powerful features, you can make your customers’ experience smoother and faster.

So what are you waiting for? Get these lead-generation chatbot templates from Clepher and improve your customers’ experience.

Get inspired with these Top 10 Chatbots


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