Module 1.4: Clepher Key Benefits

In this video, you discover some of the key benefits of Clepher.

About this Video

In this video, you discover some of the Key Benefits of Clepher. The list, as seen in the video, is derived from surveying customers and team members. We asked them what they value most.

Of course, this doesn't mean that Clepher stops there, far from it! Because Clepher has multiple other cool features in place. To get a quick scoop on some of these other cool features, be sure to check out the items under the "Links" section.

That said, we've also uploaded these Overview Videos on our YouTube channel here.



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Module 1: Conversational Marketing & Chatbots

In this module, you discover what to expect from this entire FREE video training, you learn what a chatbot is, and why conversational marketing on Messenger is a must for any business these days.

Module 2: Getting Started with Clepher

In this module, you discover the chatbot basics, this is where we explain the basics and teach you how to set up a simple chatbot as well. It’s an important step as a chatbot needs to function on its basis.

Module 3: Setting Up Your Chatbot for Lead Generation

In this module, you’re about to discover how to set up your Messenger chatbot for lead generation. We’ll integrate an autoresponder, we create the Flow for capturing the email address, plus we create a Lead Magnet Delivery Flow.

Module 4: Growing your Subscribers with Capture Tools

In this module, you discover how to add Clepher to your current marketing strategy by setting up capture tools, in some cases, it's as easy as copy and pasting a simple line of code on to your web pages.

Module 5: Generate Leads with Click-to-Messenger Ads

In this module, you discover how to generate more traffic to your chatbot by setting up your Click-to-Messenger Ad and pointing it to your Lead Magnet Flow

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