Behavioral Segmentation with Chatbot Marketing

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Do you know about marketing with behavioral segmentation? It is one of the best ways to improve your business sales and gain more customers. It is a marketing strategy for many leading business organizations. Some even say it is the backbone of a successful business. If you want to run a successful result-driven business you should definitely give it a try. Majority of people who did say it is useful and very effective. 

So, in this article, we are going to share what is behavioral segmentation marketing is, and how useful it is for your business. Then, at the end, you will also find some success stories. Let’s dig in!

Let’s talk about Behavioral Segmentation first. 

It is a simple process of keeping your customers satisfied and loyal. At first, the customers are divided into suitable categories, segments if you will. It is done according to their needs, the type of products or services they ask for, etc. With this technique, it is easier to help out customers and attend their needs in person. If you understand your customers up close, it becomes easier to fulfill their needs. In the long run, you’ve got customers who are happy with your product. And some will come back to buy from again and again. This way, your business keeps running at a smooth pace. 

Unfortunately, even though any type of business segmentation is an effective method… Not only to understand and serve your customer better… But, also to make more sales… Many business owners simply do not apply them in their business.  A research carried out by Forrester said that 33% of the people find marketing segmentation an effective way to boost business. Most business owners like to rely on traditional methods like demographic and geographic. 

I am not saying that you should not use these methods. But, overtime segmentation techniques have evolved. So far, this technique has established many successful business organizations. And by using behavioral marketing segmentation, you get to be closer to your clients, so you can fulfill their demands. The result is a lively business with happy customers. 

Although there are other business strategies… business owners should focus on the most significant benefit. Why try different approaches if this one has proved itself the best for a while and a lot of other businesses too? 

Behavioral Segmentation Definition

In behavioral segmentation, you have to group customers according to their needs, demands, and so on. There are several ways to divide customers into the strategy. 

You can classify them with their profession, as well as their personal preferences. The behavior of the customer and the demand of the customer is taken into consideration as well. Other than this, there is nothing more to behavioral segmentation. The customers are divided according to their age, gender, location, preference, job, etc. 

When this data is considered, it becomes easier to deal with buyers and fulfill their needs. If you are closer to your customer, and you understand their needs, you can make better products for them. 

This way, they remain interested in your product, and they trust your business organization. A happy customer can give you a wealthy business. So, you need to let go of the previous methods and apply the new one in trend. 

4 types of Behavioral Segmentation

After putting your customers under different categories of these segments, if you will… it becomes easier to determine how to promote your products in each group. You may need to change your product to increase the rate of purchase. On top of that, you can use the knowledge from chatbots to give promotional offers to each group. If you provide free tea for coffee, there could be a group that prefers free chocolate for coffee. 

You have to prepare your business plan according to your customers. It is the only way to make sure your business grows successfully. There are different types of behavioral segmentation. Each type gives you a new way to approach potential customers, prepare a group, and advertise. Let us look at the types of behavioral segmentation and understand how they work. 

1. Purchase Behavior

You need to look for how your customers behave while buying your products. Are they confused while buying the product? What would make them buy it happily? Maybe you could add something extra to get them to buy your product without a doubt. 

It does not mean you will have to observe your customers all day. You can follow the below instructions as a guide for marketing;

  • What are the questions they ask about your product?
  • How many times did they buy products from you?
  • What is the information they check for before the sale?
  • Which buttons do they click on messenger chatbot?

After you find the answer to this question, you can separate them into a group. Then for your advertising campaign, you can set up a different email for specific groups. 

Since you know about each group, it will be easier to keep them happy with your products and continue marketing successfully. 

2. Customer loyalty

We have already mentioned the term loyal customers before in this article. They are the ones who buy your product and are happy about it. Among all the customers, they are the ones most likely to spread the news about your product. It is also easier for you to influence them to buy your new products. 

Usually, these customers are the gems of a business. A business owner needs to focus on these customers the most.

In most cases, it is easy to apply a marketing strategy with them. Since they like your product already, they will easily buy more from you. Hence, a business owner should nourish the relationship as much as they can. 

One of the best ways to encourage them is to make promotional offers. You can set a rewards program, they can gain recognition as your fan or get rewards for buying from you. 

Another way to keep them loyal is to arrange a referral program. In this plan, they will get rewards for referring your products or services to new customers. 

You can also set competitions for your customers. It will keep them interested in your products. Other similar programs can be made to keep loyal buyers happy.

If you get Facebook Messenger chatbots for marketing… it is easy to do behavioral marketing segmentation. They collect the info you need from the clients faster and arrange them to prepare a promotion plan. And, this way, you don’t have to really worry about how it goes, right? As the bot will deal with all the work for you! So, with little effort, you can keep your regular customers coming back to you.

3. Occasion

Some people tend to purchase products on a particular occasion. For example, a new year, Christmas, birthday, or weekends for fun and relaxation. A business owner can use occasional trends to boost his business. People also like to visit the pub after working hours for recreation. We can call that occasional behavior. Similarly to the previous method, a business strategy is developed to make a profit from this behavior. 

There are two types of occasional behavior: a.) universal, and b.) personal.

Now, if you focus on common patterns for marketing, it will be your downfall. Because by doing so, you can miss out on customers who are interested in your products.

For example, a few years back in 2012, there was a headline about a teenage girl buying baby products.  She was receiving coupons on baby products because she was pregnant. Now, this is an example of occasion-based behavioral segmentation marketing. 

Apart from that, by studying occasional behavior, you can raise sales for a particular time.

For example, Star Bucks get enough customers in the morning. So, they decided to give a free frappuccino offer in the afternoon. As a result, they get more customers at that time. 

Image Credit: Delish

You can help customers win offers by cross-selling or upsell, so they remain happy purchasing from you. 

4. Benefits needed

If someone buys a product, it means it has some value in their life. Why is that so? What is the main reason behind it? And how they are benefited? 

You can use this information to plan a marketing strategy as well. The same old classification of customers, depending on the answers to the question. After that, present an offer that gets them to buy the product. At present, many business organizations use this technique. Some common examples are furniture, clothing, automotive, etc. 

This type of behavioral marketing segmentation can be divided into five classes:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Product quality
  • Special features of the product
  • The actions of customers for your product
  • The benefit of purchasing the product

You can take lighting labels; for example, they use benefits marketing to sell their products.

Image Credit: Lightning Labels

Here, the quality of the products is used to gain the attention of clients. Products are enhanced with creativity to gain the upper hand on competitors. When someone interacts with their posts online, the chatbot gathers information about it. After that, they highlight the benefits and show ads to the person, so he buys the product immediately. By collecting information from chat sequence, Facebook ads, email, SMS, you can get new customers to buy your products fast.

Examples of behavioral segmentation

1. Bluesun hotel

The hotel had a remarketing campaign. They were aiming to benefit from behavioral segmentation marketing. For this, the marketer, Daniel Pikl, used chat messages to personalize customer service. They sent Facebook messages to the customer who didn’t visit the hotel for a year. A chatbot was used to ask questions to whoever clicked links in the email. Questions were asked to find out about their ideal holiday spots. After they answered all the questions, the information was gathered.

Now the hotel made changes to match with the ideal holiday. The changes were based on who is booking a room in the hotel. For example, if a couple wanted a romantic place for a holiday, they got an intimate room to spend time together. But, if a family was booking a place in the hotel, they got a room where families interact better. 

Now, when they are satisfied with the service, they shared the hotel name with family and friends. From here, Bluesun will get new customers, only those who click the link to know about it. If the visit to the hotel is satisfactory, they are likely to visit again in the future. Bluesun is prepared to take care of their customers, the next time they visit. Another similar example is a Croatian hotel. They use a messenger bot for marketing, and their business gained many advantages:

  • 300% less cost per lead
  • 14000+ messenger bot subscription
  • 17 times money return from ads
  • 9300+ warm leads

2. Jason Swenk’s chatbot funnel

Jason Swenk, an agency trainer, launched a Chabot funnel for his business. It costs $250.000+. He used behavioral segmentation to enhance his service sales. The chatbot used a lead magnet that draws people to Jason Swenk’s website. Here, the visitors had to go through a sequence of choices. Once they complete the sequence… the bot collected enough info about the visitors to put them under categories. Along with that, it is also easy to understand who is most impressed with the service. Only those will tend to buy service from Jason Swenk. 

After this process is over, Jason has the list of people who would buy his service. Then he sends them a voice note to ensure they can establish a deal with the client. This way, he eventually forms a business with a strong structure. He can continue doing this to get new clients with the help of chatbots. He didn’t pay for the ads displayed on the platform. Only the people who were interested in the service clicked on it to enter the sequence to his website. After that, the chatbot did it all, to make sure all these people buy service from Jason Swenk. 

Will you use Behavioral Segmentation in your Marketing Strategy today?

As you can see, behavioral segmentation gives you a better client understanding. Now, and perhaps more importantly… for improving business, you need to find out the ones who are interested in your product. Using a bot for behavioral segmentation helps you narrow down your target audience. It enables you to identify the people that will buy your product. Basically, you are not advertising to everyone. Nope! Rather only people who could become your loyal customers. 

And by using chatbots, you can keep making products that your customers want. The chatbot helps you run the business smoothly and keep things at a good pace. While you continue to make your business more awesome, day-in, day-out! Put behavioral segmentation to the test for your business with Clepher today!

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