7 BIG Companies Taking Advantage of Chatbot AIs

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Facebook Messenger first implemented chatbots in May 2016. Their chatbot “AI Technology” pretty much changed how businesses connect with their customers. Many companies today are now using chatbots in or outside Messenger. They use it as a way to automate processes and improve efficiency. Users are liking it, as it also improves efficiency on their end. The use of chatbots differs, however. Some may use it to take orders, while others may use it to help customers pick outfits. If you’re curious about how companies are using chatbot AI to improve their brand image, keep on reading to see success stories.

7 Companies That Implemented a Chatbot AI:

1. Starbucks

Looking to get your Starbucks fix? Not to worry; it’s a chatbot AI will help you with that. Through the bot, Starbucks aims to cater to the customer through digital services. The bot comes in the Starbucks My Barista app. You can place an order via voice through Alexa or by messaging it. It can take personalized orders and then tell you of the total. You can pay through the bot itself using the linked credit cards or even gift cards. If you’re feeling generous, you can even tip. When your order is ready, the bot will message you. You don’t even have to wait in the store for your drink.

The chatbot also learns through its interactions with you. It can remember your favorite drink, for example, and get a general idea of your preferences. The more you order, the more it learns about you. The app and chatbot will allow the company to fulfill its commitment to fast and great service. These can help Starbucks manage more orders while delivering the same kind of service expected with physical interactions.

They allow people to order ahead. Customers will then receive their order once they arrive at the Starbucks store of their choice – no more falling in line and risking arriving late to work. Customers will also be able to do errands or make more meaningful use of their time.

2. Sephora

Sephora was one of the first retail stores to use messaging bots. Currently, it has a built-in chatbot in Facebook Messenger. It first launched, on Kik, which is a Canadian messaging app. The brand aims to improve customer experience by extending to the apps people use often. The bots make it easy to interact with Sephora, and they can even solve your problems. On Messenger, it has a bot called Sephora Assistant. As its name suggests, it helps customers book makeup appointments. You can make a reservation in as little as three steps, although it gives you other options. You can, for instance, elect to talk to a human representative instead.

You can also try on looks using the app by selecting this option. It allows you to try on lipstick shades, eyeliner, and such by superimposing them on your face. It brings up the camera on selfie mode so you can see what you look like with your makeup of choice. This is a technology called augmented reality, in which virtual elements go side by side with reality on the screen. If you like how the product looks on your face, you can proceed to buy the product on Sephora’s website.

On Kik, Sephora’s bot has quite a few more functions. You can get makeup tips and tutorials through the Kik bot or you can read product reviews right on the app. You can even answer a quiz so the bot can get to know you better. It’s the perfect shopping assistant you can access at your fingertips. Type in any product name and it will bring up the reviews and rating of the product.

3. H&M

H&M aims to be your personal stylist with its bot on Kik. You only have to answer its questions and it will attempt to build an outfit for you.

You can tell it your preference – Men’s or Women’s – so it can give you choices of clothing. Its next questions are to get to know you better, such as making you choose between two clothing styles. It will also ask you to classify your style, whether it’s Casual, Boho, Classic, and so on. Once it has a pretty good grasp of your style, it will give you a whole outfit complete with accessories and shoes. It shows you the total price for all the pieces. You can opt to buy the whole ensemble by clicking it. It will then redirect you to the H&M website so you can complete the transaction.

If it’s not to your taste, it will show you a different outfit. You don’t even have to buy them. You can also save and share the outfits as you please. It also serves as an inspiration so you can replicate it with what you have in your closet. All in all, it’s great for lazy nights when you can’t bother to think of an outfit. On the other hand, it’s also great for special occasions or date nights when you don’t know where to start. You can even bring it to your group chat so you and your friends can deliberate on outfits together.

It’s not too groundbreaking for an AI chatbot. Still, it does the job of extending H&M’s reach into your fingertips. It positions the brand as friendly and approachable.

4. Lyft

It’s pretty easy to use Lyft’s app, how can a chatbot further help? For one, it can help you book a ride with Lyft without even lifting a finger. You can use the Lyft Alexa Skill on Amazon Echo via voice command. You can also chat with Lyft if you don’t feel like using the app. It has bots on Facebook Messenger and Slack, so it will be easy to hail a ride without navigating to the app.

You can simply press the car icon and get matched with nearby Lyft drivers. The chatbot then gives you updates, like the license plate and the car’s make and model. It also lets you know when the driver is on their way to you. Lyft’s integration with Messenger and Slack also has the added benefit of letting the group know where you’re headed. You can always find help through the Messenger chatbot, as well. In Slack, all you need to do is type the command /Lyft in any channel. This brings up a bunch of keywords you can use to do the associated action.

Lyft’s philosophy is to be where their customers are. They’re making it true in the digital space, as well.  Seeing as how Messenger has over 1.3 billion monthly users, it seems that integrating with it is the right choice.

5. Amtrak

If Amtrak’s Julie seems familiar to you, that might be because you first met her as the voice behind 1-800-USA-RAIL. Now, Julie is helping people through chat. This is a smart move as the majority of Americans prefer chatting over calling. About 2/3rds of consumers are ready to switch to a business that offers texting as a communication channel.

With Julie, Amtrak will be able to attend to these customers efficiently. That’s because it can serve every Amtrak.com visitor at the same time. Customers don’t have to wait anymore to get into a live chat. The chatbot AI uses natural language, so you can talk with it as you would a person. It will be able to understand the question or response. As an alternative, you can type in a phrase or keyword and it will redirect you to the relevant page.

Julie can help you book rail travel by stating where you want to go. It can walk you through the booking process with pre-filled forms and scheduling. It can even do more than book your rail travel. It can also help with hotel and car reservations.

Of course, Julie can provide useful information, such as what items you can bring with you on the train. It can also give you details about the route, station, and more. If you’re a member or you’re curious about the Amtrak Guest Rewards program, Julie can help you with that, as well. Julie comes off as smart and polite, so you know you’re in good hands. This translates to Amtrak as a whole, as you must trust them as a transportation option for you.

6. Marriott International Hotel

Marriott proves you can provide top-notch hospitality even with the use of bots. The bot allowed for an added point of engagement, one that customers feel more comfortable in. It simplifies the guests’ stay and removes friction through automation. This also allows Marriott to save on costs and better their services.

Aloft Hotels introduced Chatbotlr in 2017 as the next evolution of Botlr, its robotic butler service in 2014. Guests can use the chatbot through Facebook Messenger and Slack. Chatbotlr uses natural language and machine learning. That’s to say that the more guests use it, the smarter it gets.

Pre-stay, Marriott Rewards Members can research and book their travels through the bot. Customers can also use the suggestions from the bot to plan their trip. During the stay, guests can use Chatbotlr to request for items or services, get information about the hotel, get some music, or even listen to the brand’s playlist. They can use it to request a wake-up call or anything they would normally have to call the front desk for.

The best of all is that guests can use the bot even while they’re not on the property. It saves time for both the guests and the hotel, boosting customer satisfaction.

7. Lemonade Insurance

The insurance industry also has a use for chatbots, as evidenced by Lemonade’s Maya. With Maya, you can get renter’s insurance in under a couple of minutes. It walks you through a series of questions you can easily answer. Based on your answers, it can craft a personalized policy for you. In the end, it shows you the price and your coverage. You can even ask it any question you have, and it will give you a helpful answer. It will also give you prompt confirmation emails.

Signing you up to a renter’s insurance isn’t the only task Maya can do, though. Looking to get compensation from your insurance? It can also help you get paid in around three minutes. What makes Maya stand out, though, is that the exchange feels authentic. It feels like a conversation you would have with a person. Some would even describe the AI as charismatic and funny. This gives Lemonade an edge in customer service. People who chatted with the bot will feel more at ease with the brand as they can associate the pleasant experience with Lemonade. This builds trust, loyalty, and overall a good relationship with the customer.

Should Your Company Use Chatbot AI?

Chatbots are efficient for both customers and companies. Customers don’t have to wait around for a human representative. And, companies don’t have to worry about lacking manpower. However, chatbots are still pretty limited – even the advanced ones we have today. They won’t be able to answer complicated questions, and if the consumer’s concerns are pretty specific, a bot won’t be of help.

If your company is one that needs to be hands-on with its customers, a chatbot may not be a good idea. It may only leave your customers frustrated, which paints your brand in a bad light On the other hand, chatbots are the way to go if you know how to make it work for you. They can help you with taking reservations, personalizing promotions, booking, and so on.

Keep in mind, though, that even when a chatbot will save you a lot of money, it’s still expensive to have a developer make one. Unless… Unless you use a chatbot creation and marketing suite like Clepher.

Get the Right Chatbot AI for Your Business

You need to find the right chatbot AI for your business if you want to make it work. The good news is that chatbots now come in various shapes and sizes. You’ll find one or two that will suit the processes of your business. If you need more information, don’t hesitate to check us out today.

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