How Chatbot Marketing Helps Businesses Succeed

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With the rise of social media usage and online messaging, chatbot marketing is also evolving. It proves that through bots, brands are way more accessible for people across the globe. Plus, by using these social media messaging applications… business owners can easily install an incredibly responsive automated chatbot for a better shopping experience.

In fact, over 1.3 Billion people in the world use Facebook Messenger every month. Between you and me? You’d be silly not to take advantage of that! And because the market for business products and services is growing astronomically in the online digital world… (Thanks COVID!)… It’s one of the reasons why adding a marketing suite like Clepher makes sense. Because with it, you can create effective Facebook Messenger chatbots. 

Look, if you’re not familiar with bots… then know these bots provide tons of value to both the business and their customers. Not convinced? Alright, luckily we got this article here to do just that; showing you how chatbots are a must for your business! See, in this article, we’re looking at how chatbot marketing proved beneficial for some of the world’s BIGGEST companies. But, we do have another goal!

In fact, the goal of is this article is 2 fold:

  1. If you don’t have a bot: Getting you excited to try out Clepher. So you can experience the power of Facebook Messenger chatbots first-hand.
  2. If you have already have a bot: A chance to review your chatbot. To see what you have implemented is still delivering at peak performance.

Alrighty, let’s dig in!

Chatbot Marketing Success Stories

Before we dive into some of these chatbot success stories, let me ask you a question:

Did you know that recently… More people are claiming they’re far more likely to buy the products and services from a company when they can interact with it through chat or messaging? Well, they are! Plus, this data point is a great discovery. And it should already get you primed to get at least some sort of live chat going on your site. But with new opportunities come new problems. See, it also means it’s challenging for companies when they ONLY have human agents. Support desks are quick to be flooded, or they deliver low-quality responses… And this can actually hurt the business more than it can do good.

With the help of Chatbot Marketing Automation… Audiences belonging to different regions, having other requirements and various budget constraints, etc. can be catered to with super-efficient and effective responses right away. Which boosts the interest and leads to a better conversion rate. According to research, approximately 40 million businesses are active monthly on Facebook. Out of these businesses, only 300,000 are actually using chatbots. They use it to make their sales effective and more efficient. And, a shameless plug… With the help of Clepher, you can become one of these successful businesses too. 

To give you a taste of what benefits chatbot marketing can bring to your business, find a small list of success stories below. These businesses used bot automation as a tool for marketing their products and services.

1. Taxbot Chatbot Marketing

Taxbot is a digital tax assistant based in Australia. With the help of Taxbot, people can pay their basic taxes online with ease. This bot allows people to get their queries about taxes and payment methods answered. As well as online digital payment options for paying their taxes more straightforwardly. This is the Taxbot success story:

How did it improve the taxing system?

When it comes to basic tax collection, either people aren’t aware of the tax system or don’t have accessible payment options. This is why the total tax collection was less than adequate before Taxbot arrived in Australia. But, with the creation of a virtual tax chatbot assistant. There were massive increases in tax collection. As well as the taxpayer’s understanding of the tax system. And query handling through Facebook Messenger. With the help of Taxbot taking use of the individual information of the residents of Australia from ATO… people don’t need to hire professional accountants to file their tax returns anymore. All they need to do is communicate with the virtual assistant and be guided right through filing the tax return—all without facing any problems or crashes.

Increase in Conversions 

From the introductory conversation rate when it comes to tax collection… The ads featuring Taxbot provided an increase of a whopping 10%! This just shows you how much a virtual chatbot assistant does for a business.

Answering Queries through Taxbot

According to a study done after the campaign, almost 92% of taxpayers’ questions were answered automatically and efficiently! All answered by Taxbot without needing any real human help. As you can imagine, this makes the whole process of tax return filing exceptionally easy! 

Easy Tax Returns

With the help of an easy interface and proper guidance through the entire tax return process… Taxbot allows users to file their tax returns without any kind of complex activities. This is proven because about 99% of the tax returns filed through Taxbot are automated. Using a smart, automated chatbot, the tax return filing process for the Australian Tax Office became much more straightforward. This goes to show how successful Chatbot Marketing truly is.

2. Pizza Hut Chatbot Marketing

Pizza Hut, everyone’s favorite pizza chain, right? Well, Pizza Hut doesn’t hold back when it comes to chatbot marketing, either. With the help of a personalized chatbot on Facebook Messenger… you can order different pizzas and ask questions. You can even reorder your favorite pizzas and do many other cool things as well. Since there are 260 million new chats initiated every day on Facebook Messenger… With the help of a bot, Pizza Hut increased the number of new customers chatting with their business. 

How did the Pizza Gut chatbot improve marketing?

Well, in comparison to Pizza hut marketing before and after their Messenger chatbot creation… there’s a huge difference in customer experience and ordering food. Ordering food can still be done using the phone. But, customer support without the help of an automated chatbot remains incredibly difficult.

Pizza Hut utilizes their “AI” chatbot to answer all the related queries of customers. By doing this, they’re making the customer experience easier and more effective. As a result, it’s helping customers order faster as well. Because they don’t have to download another application to do this.

Winning the Competition

According to surveyors, Pizza hut has finally taken over Domino’s when it comes to sales and expanse. They state it’s mainly due to their Chatbot Campaigns. Pizza hut and Domino’s have been neck to neck when ordering experience and quality of food for a long time. That is why Pizza hut, realizing the need for a new UI, created a Facebook Messenger chatbot. And this made the entire customer service experience vastly better than their competitors.

Multiple Option Availability

The interface of Pizza hut’s Messenger Chatbot is impressive – to say the least. It actually allows you to choose from a specialized menu of items. Plus, you can even make special requests and pay right from the chatbot. This gives a sense of care and value to customers, which other companies cannot provide.

This shows how great of an impact a chatbot and automation had on the sales and audience of Pizza Hut. 

3. eBay’s Chatbot Marketing

The perfect example of a successful company using chatbot marketing is the eCommerce website… eBay. eBay uses a marketing chatbot known as the eBay Shopbot. This bot offers incredible buying ease to shoppers. All they need to do is specify what they need and whatever it is they need. And Shopbot will showcase the items you need depending upon the price of your choice. Cool, right?

How did it improve eBay’s marketing?

Before eBay’s Shopbot, eBay’s impact in the e-commerce market was substantial but not as much. The searching interface wasn’t optimal for buyers. And people generally found using eBay very difficult actually. So, eBay decided to come up with a Facebook Messenger chatbot. This chatbot alerted users about a particular bid’s ending time to get their best bid in.

Shopbot also helps users find everything they need for the price they’re looking for. This has helped eBay become much more popular and well-known. According to sources… eBay Shopbot increased user questioning and searching tendencies about 3 times more than a typical eBay user.

Incredible Ease of Use

With the help of the unique ‘AI’ integration, Shopbot works with… Every Facebook Messenger user can search for the particular item they’re looking for. They do it WITHOUT having to go through the problematic searching methods… or complex tag system of eBay. This ease of use makes eBay’s Shopbot one of the best chatbot marketing systems of all time. 

Ebay’s story is perhaps more of a success than others. This because of the realization the company’s ownership went through. They knew they had to make things easier and more accessible to customers. So, through the use of a chatbot, eBay tackled this problem and created a positive solution.

4. Burberry’s Chatbot Marketing

We’ve talked about the success stories of different brands; let’s talk about a clothing brand as well. Burberry is one of the oldest clothing brands in existence. But, with recent technological advancements, Burberry has evolved their chatbot as well.

How has it helped their market?

Before the arrival of their Messenger chatbot in 2016, customers faced difficulty knowing about Burberry’s collections, live events, and queries. Because the live support they had at the time couldn’t offer 24/7 services to every company.

To deal with this problem, they needed a more advanced solution. That’s when Burberry decided to create a chatbot on Messenger. This Facebook Messenger bot slowly evolved. In fact, the bot received upgrades over time to address not only the queries of customers… But also to provide them with data about the new collections and events planned. And when you don’t want to talk with a bot? You could still also be guided to chat with a Burberry agent in an instant…. without any delay or clashing timings.

Ecommerce Accessibility

Burberry is a premium luxury clothing brand… Buying their products off of eCommerce websites is not ideal. That is why the Burberry chatbot on Messenger helps a lot more when it comes to customer knowledge. By improving customer knowledge, they managed to increase sales volume.

Alright, with the last success story out of the way. And all these different bot automation marketing success stories… It should give you a good idea. A good idea on how chatbots could benefit your business marketing and automation, that is! with that said, let’s end this article on a good note by talking ‘Clepher’.

Why Choose Clepher for Chatbot Marketing over Others?

Clepher is the best chatbot builder for Facebook Messenger existing right now. With the accessibility for all kinds of business, effective chatbot creation, and user-friendly templates to choose from… Clepher is the perfect bot marketing suite.

Reasons? I hear ya! Of course, there are many different reasons why you should prefer dealing with Clepher… Especially when it comes to customized chatbot creation. So, to give you a taste, here are some reasons why you should choose us as your business’s chatbot creator.

1. Pricing

When it comes to price… you might have seen other chatbot building apps charge a lot for very basic chatbots. Well, not us. At Clepher, we know what you need. We understand that any business has financial constraints. So we’re going to make you a proper chatbot that your customers will love interacting with for a much better price than our competitors.

2. Customer Support

We’re boasting some pretty high support ratings. How? Well, our chatbot is answering around 80% of simple questions. This allows our support team to amp up the quality of the other 20%’ responses. For example, with the help of our own chatbot, you can ask for pricing and plans. Or you can talk about building a chatbot for your company. You can even “Connect with a Human”, right there on the spot, connecting with live support if you need it. We’ve got a saying over at Clever; “People come for the bots, they stay for the support!” Check out the Support Hall of Fame here!

3. Amazing Templates

We offer a wide variety of unique templates, 200+ done for you templates, to be exact. This means we’re the only service online right now, giving so many templates for free. Each template comes with 30 Flows and a couple of bonus workflows. And to stay on the topic of Flows, we’re now gradually shifting into DFY Flows. Meaning Done For You Flows, you can install in your Clepher chatbot with just the click of a button. 

4. Integrations

Clepher (“CM”) is the most integrated chatbot out there. In fact, when it comes to integrations, CM blows the competition out of the water. We’ve got a bunch of native integrations you can see on this page right here. As well as integrations that word directly with Zapier and Integromat… Allowing you to connect to over 2,000 other applications.

5. Personalized Chatbots

If you prefer, you can use personalization tags. This allows your bot to address prospects and customers by their first name right from the get-go. A great way to get attention. Especially when you integrate it with a tool such as Nifty Images. Using the said tool, you can manipulate images with these personalization tags. It’s really cool; just try our chatbot here, and you’ll see me holding a blackboard with your name.

6. Effective Marketing

Our chatbots provide means for effective marketing. Not only because they can communicate with customers instantly. But also to learn from experiences. This way, they address different questions and generate many alternate responses. This is great! Because bots are more efficient in large-scale responses than their human counterparts.

Final Thoughts

Chatbot marketing is one of the most important and useful ways of marketing… Especially now, in the modern digital and online world. So, if you want your business company to succeed, getting a chatbot will be the right decision for you. Check out its benefits and review the success stories. You will be surprised at how effective it really is. 

That said… I hope you can take inspiration from the success stories of the companies mentioned in this article… and how they completely changed their course of action with Chatbot Automation. Now, you’re up. So, are you choosing Clepher? Time to put your business on the road to success with a Facebook Messenger chatbot.

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