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Facebook Messenger bots are the next frontier in marketing. It offers a lot more success in delivery of a message than either texting or emails. In this article, we want to explore Chatbots on Facebook Messenger as a marketing tool. We’ll also look at how a chatbot for Facebook Messenger can help to grow your business.

Neil Patel, SEO legend, tells a story on his blog about friends who shared their metrics for a Facebook Messenger chatbot campaign.

They got a whopping 88% open rate and a 56% click-through rate. 

The good news? These results are not exclusively for friends of legends. Nope! These results are typical for Facebook Messenger. In fact, it’s one of the few frontiers in digital marketing that isn’t saturated. 

Where are Chatbots on Facebook Messenger now?

As far as chatbots on Facebook Messenger goes, there are only about 400,000 of them. Despite over 2 billion people using Facebook month in month out.

Most companies haven’t started (or even know about) Facebook Messenger marketing. There are only a few companies that have figured out how to do it well.

What is a Facebook Messenger chatbot?

On its basis, a chatbot is a computer program that responds to questions from customers. Combine that with FB Messenger, and you got a 24/7 (sales) assistant! 

The best thing? They are and can be used by every type of business. You see chatbots from retail to services to finance, and in niches, you’ve never heard of before. 

A chatbot for Facebook Messenger is programmed to respond to certain keywords with certain responses. For example, if you ask a chatbot, “Where’s my package?” it uses your name and email address to locate your package and tracking number. A bot can show you a live image of the shipping company’s website in Messenger. Or will shoot you out to the site to see where your package is. 

It does everything from answering questions to helping someone make a hotel reservation. 

How does Facebook Messenger Chatbot marketing work?

When someone interacts with your chatbot on Facebook Messenger, they become a subscriber. And, you use Messenger the same way you use email or text messaging.

Create marketing sequences

Direct marketing messages to everyone’s Facebook Messenger accounts. These can be structured very much like an email series. You can use images, links, videos, and more.

Build a sales funnel

Once the customer has expressed interest, design a sales funnel that will move them through the stages of the process… from discovery to purchase. It’s all done within Messenger, an app that most people have on their phones.

Share content

Send people ebooks, articles, or videos right through Facebook Messenger. Unlike email or text messaging, large files like videos, live directly in the Messenger messages. And we all know video helps with the sale! 

Automated conversations

At its most basic, a chatbot on Facebook Messenger acts as a customer service portal. Where the customer asks questions and gets answers. It’s all built around keywords and answers that you provide.

Building the “Chatbot on Facebook Messenger experience”…

There are few limitations to what you can do on Messenger. Here’s a sample scenario for a landing page designer.

  1. The customer sees the “Contact Me” button on a website or on the Facebook page.
  2. They click the button, and it opens Facebook Messenger. 
  3. The bot responds, “Hi, I’m Peter the Landing Page Guy’s helper. What can I help you with?”
  4. The customer responds: “How much does it cost to have a landing page built?”
  5. “The prices vary based on what you need. Here’s a list of all the possible functions and pages you might want. Please click all that you would like. You’ll be able to remove some later if you’d like.”
  6. The bot puts up a list of items that can be added to a landing page. It won’t be everything, but it is the most popular function. It can include contact forms, videos, and much more.
  7. The customer clicks everything they want.
  8. The bot returns a price. “Great! Everything you want will cost $2,750. You can even pay it in three payments over six weeks. Does that sound good?”
  9. It offers the person the option of paying right away, doing financing, or changing the structure to reduce the price.
  10. If the customer asks an unusual question like, “Can you build it in Russian and Tagalog?” the bot replies with, “Let me reach out to Peter and see if he can help you with that.”
  11. At that point, the chatbot notifies “Peter” (or whoever is in charge of customer service). And the customer gets the answer. 

The World is your Oyster?

You can have the chatbot do, what you want it to do. Everything from getting the customer’s logo uploaded to accepting payment. Or even applying for business credit, it can all be done in Messenger. In fact, that’s what’s most impressive about chatbots on Facebook Messenger… it can handle almost every type of form, document, and interaction.

Now, what is also cool is that the above example is for a landing page designer. But, on its basis, chatbots are asking and answering questions. A conversation if you will. Conversations happen in any industry. Therefor a chatbot on Facebook Messenger is for every industry. This means in your industry too! 

Nurturing with a chatbot on Messenger

Creating a nurturing series is simple. A nurturing series is a set of messages sent to clients overtime to keep a relationship growing. Up to now, this has been done via email. Facebook Messenger makes it more accessible.

Billions of people are on Facebook. Every one of them has a Messenger. As soon as they sign up with you, send them messages that help to grow your relationship. This includes sharing free content, discounts, even jokes or cartoons. 

Done well, this helps customers learn about you and what you’re like to do business with. 

The best part of this function is you can do it months ahead. Schedule messages to be delivered at a specific time. Segment your audience so you can reach the right people with the right message.

Banner Blindness and Email Fatigue

Most of us have banner blindness, and the first of us are seeing; email fatigue. We just don’t see them anymore, just like we can ignore TV commercials and billboards nowadays. 

Since Messenger marketing and chatbots are so new, people aren’t ignoring them. In fact, they respond to them better than any other digital marketing tool available. Why? Because you have a direct link to your prospect’s phone?

Try it. Use Clepher to build your chatbot and start your Messenger marketing. See how powerful it is for yourself

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