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The smartest business owners and entrepreneurs use templates in their business to pre-format tasks they are working on. Over at Clepher, we recognized this early on. That’s why we took it upon ourselves to create the most amazing chatbot templates for our customers. These Messenger chatbot templates will make your life in creating chatbots easier. 

I.E. Let’s say you need a chatbot for a photography business. Simply search, and install the Photography Template on your chatbot. Change some minor things, like; business address or opening hours… Perhaps change the photos, and you’re good to go! 

Savvy as you are, reading this, you already know the #1 benefit. That #1 benefit of course is that it will enable you to build your chatbot, or the chatbot for your clients, way faster instead of starting from scratch. Clepher has over 230 templates in the database. The Clepher team, in cooperation with the Clepher community, built the templates for you. 

That said, let’s take a look at some of these incredible Messenger chatbot templates!

Clepher Chatbot Templates Highlights

Look, you’ve just learned that you can gain a massive advantage over your competition by using bot templates. Because by leveraging these chatbot templates, you can whip out chatbots for your business and your clients’ businesses in mere minutes! Simply put, creating your Messenger chatbot with a chatbot template is just way easier than without. 

In this section of this article, we’re going to highlight some of our favorite bot templates:

Restaurant Chatbot

The Restaurant Chatbot Template

Why do restaurants even need chatbots, right? Next to cooking and prepping the most memorable dishes, restaurateurs need to market their business as well. They must work to improve sales and make sure their restaurant is packed each evening. Restaurant owners have to make sure their customer engagement is top-notch as well. You would not believe how many time I messaged a restaurant on Facebook… only to get a reply back after a week, and in some cases not at all. Well, a lot! The thing is, I get it. Owning a restaurant is a busy life. But, with a chatbot fighting on their side, they can automate that side of the business… And so, the owners can keep continuing what they do best. And they have a chatbot to help get the restaurant more customers automatically. 

Important Flows inside this Template: 

  • Reserve a Table (cool with Calendar integration)
  • Opening Hours
  • What’s on the Menu? 

Read more about the Restaurant Chatbot Template.

Health & Beauty Store Chatbot

The Health & Beauty Store Chatbot Template

Gone are the days where people had to visit the store in-person to try new products. A Health and Beauty store in today’s world has its entire catalog showing inside Messenger chatbot. Although they’re good at it, chatbots can do more than merely answering questions nowadays. Chatbots can actually help with the purchase decision of the customer. For example, bots can match a customer’s skin tone and health woes and direct them to the right products. If you combine your bot with AI, the bot can collect customer data, profile, and preferences. They use this to determine what development in the collection matches a specific customer. Or, you can keep it simple. Let’s say a customer is asking what the best product is for sensitive skin? Or, what if they’re inquiring about what the best product is for acne-prone skin? By simply adding the right keyword triggers, a chatbot will reply with the correct answer instantly.

Important Flows inside this Template: 

  • Maps & Direction 
  • Opening Hours
  • Booking a Shuttle

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Camping Equipment Store Template

The Camping Equipment Store Chatbot Template

Online shopping for camping equipment is easy for customers. Yet, it can be a stressful job for the business owner behind the shop. See, eCommerce business owners have access to many different channels online. And, ideally, they would like to sell their products via all of these channels. But, managing all those channels as a sole entrepreneur is just a time-consuming, tedious job. To top that off, when it comes to camping equipment, customers tend to have many questions and do prefer a hands-on kinda visit.

The perfect Camping Equipment Store chatbot would be an informative chatbot giving tips and tricks and showcases the items customers are looking for that can be used. Of course, the chatbot should by giving the option to buy… But also invite them to come over to the store. If the bot did the job correctly, it’s not only making sales… But the customers coming to the store should have little to no questions and are more likely to close on a higher ticket sale. And they’re more likely to add additional items in their basket too. 

Important Flows inside this Template: 

  • Maps & Direction 
  • Store Items
  • Camping Tips and Tricks 

Read more about the Camping Equipment Store Chatbot Template.

Airport Shuttle Service Chatbot

The Airport Shuttle Chatbot Template

In a pre-covid world, airport shuttles could be seen everywhere near and around an airport. The shuttles basically took you to or around airports with your heavy luggage. As more and more people discovered the many airport shuttle services out there, the owners behind these services were looking to streamline the process. Then Covid-19 hit, airports were being closed left and right, and they’re still not functioning on the level before this pandemic broke out.

However, the perfect time to prepare for the storm that’s yet to come. Once the world will return back to normal, and it will, a streamlined process for airport shuttles is needed. Think of the airport shuttle services’ frontline employees having access to the chatbot conversations… In a semi-automated way, someone in need of a shuttle can order one via the bot, only to get connected with the right employee.

Important Flows inside this Template: 

  • Maps & Direction 
  • Opening Hours
  • Booking a Shuttle 

Read more about the Airport Shuttle Service Chatbot Template.

Multi-Level Marketing chatbot

The Multi-level Marketing Chatbot Template

Multi-level marketing is a promising way to do business. Yet, one of the biggest hurdles that MLMs face is looking for people to join the venture. Funnily enough, most companies that lean on this structure can’t keep running without new people coming in. Thanks to the Internet, it is now easier to prospect people. Before, marketers and networks had to call people or go door-to-door to offer the business opportunities manually. Plus, the inability to educate new people joining the business from time to time is a trap many multi-level marketers fall into. Likewise, in network marketing, the power of duplication needs to have the emphasis.

Chatbots are useful in these areas. They have the potential to automate looking for prospects. Instead of manually reaching out to every person, chatbots will do the messaging for you. Keeping them up-to-date with the information they need to learn is also more comfortable. Instead of messaging them with what they should know one by one, chatbots can update them. You can customize and change content as you build the chatbot. You can also arrange the flow of the conversation. Let them get updates on their smartphones or tablets, like how you dream of connecting with them.

Important Flows inside this Template: 

  • About Us
  • Services Education
  • Booking a Call or Meeting

Read more about the Multi-level Marketing Chatbot Template.

How to Install a Chatbot Template using Clepher

Once you find yourself on the Page Level of your chatbot, it’s actually quite easy to get things going.

  • You simply choose your desired template from the database, hover over it with your mouse, and Click “Discover”.

  • A window will pop-up, with a preview and an install button. Click on “Install”.
    • You can preview the Template by clicking on Preview
    • You can choose what to install by ticking, or unticking, the checkboxes

  • After clicking “Install” Clepher will prepare everything – the screen gets dark.
    • It will then Install the Template on your Page.

  • Allow for few seconds to Install the Template
    • A”Congratulations!” screen pops up, indicating you successfully installed the Template.

Easy, right? If you want to know more about templates, check it out here.

More Chatbot Template Highlights?

In our upcoming blog posts, we will highlight more chatbot templates, these include:

  • Order a cake chatbot
  • Photographer chatbot
  • Art gallery chatbot
  • Advertising agency chatbot
  • Wedding planner chatbot
  • Life coach chatbot
  • Occupational therapy center chatbot
  • Therapy center chatbot
  • Insurance agency chatbot 
  • Car repair chatbot, and so much more

Why Clepher? 

Chatbots can both simulate and stimulate conversations with users. And, in the on-demand society we live in today, we business owners want to give people what they want when they want it… Without sacrificing the quality of customer service, of course. 

It’s probably one of the reasons why Microsoft chief executive officer Satya Nadella stated, “Bots are the new apps.” He said this during a nearly three-hour keynote speech. It detailed his vision of human interaction with machines in the years to come. He stated, “It’s technology that’s inevitable. People-to-people conversations, people-to-digital assistants, people-to-bots, and even digital assistants-to-bots. This is the world you’re going to get to see in the years to come.”

Are chatbots a must-have? For sure. Look, I might be a bit biased. But, bots are helping businesses left and right to serve their customers fast and with laser-targetted precision. The keyword is “fast” here… And that’s why we created these chatbot templates to help you set up shop, not next month, not next week, not tomorrow… But today.

Clepher is your way to jump on board with this inevitable change that’s already happening right now… Plus, with the chatbot templates we offer over at Clepher for free, anyone can create a Messenger chatbot for their business in no time flat. Clepher offers a drag-and-drop visual builder anyone can use without any difficulty. It passed the ‘mom-test’ after all. 

So, isn’t it time to propel your business to higher heights already? Try us out, RISK-FREE, and get your bot on with Clepher’s chatbot templates.

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