Click to Messenger Ads: A Simple Beginners Guide!

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As Facebook Messenger continues to grow, so do their advertising options. One of the most lucrative ways to get new leads and sales is through this new type of Ad called Click-to-Messenger Ads. These ads are highly effective because they work on the principle that people don’t have to leave Facebook. Because by clicking on these ads, they immediately engage in conversation with your brand or company on Messenger. This, obviously, makes it super easy for people to leave their email address, or purchase your product, right there from within the Messenger interface.

Click-to-Messenger Ads are a great way to create brand awareness and increase your leads and sales in a cool, fun, and creative way; plus, Click-to-Messenger Ads are super easy to make. We will take a closer look at how you can use Facebook’s Click-to-Messenger Ads in your marketing strategy in a bit. First, look at some of these examples of how brands are using these ads.

Quick Examples of Click-to-Messenger Ads Campaigns that did well: 

  • Burt’s Bees sends people to their chatbot on Messenger and offers them an exclusive coupon for signing up. They also encourage people to share the promo with five friends so they can get more discounts too.
  • Papa John’s had customers go to the Messenger conversation, have them enter their phone numbers, and then sent coupons right over as they did.
  • Taco Bell has focused on rewarding loyal fans only – instead of everyone who clicks through – with free taco offers or other food rewards.

Cool, right? The possibilities are endless. Ready to dive in a bit further? Let’s go!

So, What are Click-to-Messenger Ads?

Taking a look from afar, we see that Click-to-Messenger Ads function just like the standard conservative Facebook ads. Why? Because Click-to-Messenger Ads are the only type of Messenger ads viewable in the Newsfeeds of Facebook and Instagram. That said, it’s easy to implement a call to action (CTA) on these ads, which sends customers into your business’s Messenger chat.

Essentially, you can kinda compare the conversation inside Messenger with a landing page on your website. But, as an added bonus, people can chat with your bot and human representatives, asking questions about products and offers you’re advertising. In short, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Because by interacting with users from Instagram and users from Facebook, you can exponentially boost your company’s engagement reach.

The other awesome thing about Click-to-Messenger Ads? They’re personalized. You can customize the message you compose and send them to your desired audience! This is why most advertisers using these ads are seeing such an increase in their customer conversion rates – because they’ve found a way to identify, connect with, and wow potential customers on both Facebook and Instagram.

What Makes Click-to-Messenger Ads So Great For Businesses?

They are very cost-effective compared with other advertising platforms like traditional Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, or Google Adwords. As of writing this article, Click-to-Messenger Ads use about one-tenth of our budget because we only pay for clicks that lead to conversations – not impressions! And once you’re able to press costs, and you got your funnel pumping out profits… No one can stop you from doing this over and over again!

But that isn’t all! Because by designing these ads specifically for Messenger’s chatbots, we (and many other businesses) have seen significant boosts in conversions. The reason being is that now every click leads directly into a conversation where human or bot representatives can answer questions raised by users – without ever having to leave Messenger. This is especially great when you reach new people as they interact with you in an environment they know, like, and trust.

Why should you use CTM Ads?

Messenger Ads, namely Click-to-Messenger (CTM Ads, are really great for increasing your brand’s reach and enhancing customer interaction. We thought it would be cool to share some more reasons. So, here are 4 reasons why your business should use these Facebook Messenger ads.

1. Reach people faster with live chat

For many people, prospects, and customers in the modern world, chat is their preferred mode of customer service; they actually like this over calling, emailing, and the rest of the support channels. In short, in this day and age, we live in today, customers have come to expect quick response times from businesses. This principle is also expected when interacting with a company. And Click-to-Messenger Ads let you connect customers at a faster rate through a chatbot or live chat. These tools give your brand an edge over competitors and keep customers interested.

Pro Tip: Use chatbots in your Live Chats to guarantee quick replies.

2. CTM Ads Offer personalization

Get up close and personal through Click-to-Messenger Ads. These ads allow you to send personalized messages to subscribers. And with the Sponsored Messages, you put this all in overdrive, as you’re able to personalize even more to people who previously interacted with your chatbot. Click-to-Messenger Ads works like traditional Facebook and Instagram ads, but instead of pointing outside of Facebook or Instagram, they open a conversation! As a result, you’ll quickly increase audience engagement and brand recognition.

3. CTM Ads offers fantastic targeting.

Yup, these Ads provide business owners like yourself with the option to target audiences based on their geographic location. Similar to Facebook Ads, but ever tried it with messaging? This opens up a whole new market for people with brick-and-mortar shops! Click to Messenger ads quickly drive more traffic locally, and they increase your product sales this way. 

See, let’s say you own a restaurant; click-to-messenger ads (CTM Ads) can be utilized to target people who want to place an order with your restaurant via chat. Plus, you can easily send personalized messages with coupons and special offers on you have them as a subscriber. And the only thing you have to do is select your target audience or location when setting up your ad! Let your lovely chatting bot take care of the rest.

4. CTM Ads are great conversation starters.

The great thing about using these Ads is that businesses can have conversations with prospects before introducing them to their brand, services, and products. And savvy as you are, you know that when consumers are more aware of your brand and its offers, there’s a greater chance these leads will turn into paying customers! That’s why over at Clepher, we recommend using chatbots as a part of your sales funnel. And simply use Messenger bots to start a casual conversation with potential customers to build interest in your business before pitching a product. You know… Know, like, and trust!

How to set up Click-to-Messenger Ads

Creating a Click-to-Messenger Ad isn’t as tricky as it sounds, though. Scroll down, and watch the training video carefully, and you’ll have Messenger Ads running in no time.

What you need to set this “Click To Messenger Stuff” up:

  • An ad account on Facebook, each personal account has an ad account attached to it. But we recommend using a Business account.
  • A Clepher account to create the Flow you want to attach to the ad.
  • A role as an advertiser, or something higher, on a Facebook business page: You need this to set up the ad on Facebook and tie it to the Flow.

How to set up This Type of Ad?

We’ve got an entire module in our training dedicated to Messenger Ads; next to the over-the-shoulder video, there’s an overview video. Here’s that video:

See this video and other videos about Click to Messenger Ads on YouTube here.

Final Thoughts on Click to Messenger Ads?

If you’re looking for a great way to improve your brand’s reach, engagement, and interaction, then a Click-to-Messenger ad is a great tool to accomplish these goals, like many other marketing goals. Plus, A Click-to-Messenger ad campaign is not only cost-effective and efficient but is easy to set up and manage. 

Click-to-Messenger ads allow businesses to reach their target audiences personally, provide them with the information they need, and encourage interaction. It is one of the, if not the, most effective way right now for brands to get their message across in an engaging manner while maintaining credibility.

The future of Click-to-Messenger Ads? Messaging Apps are not going anywhere anytime soon – it’s all about marketing where your customers live! Over time we will see Facebook Messenger become more deeply embedded into our social networking experience, making now the perfect time for you to start implementing click-to-messenger ad campaigns. You want to be ahead of your competition, so this tool can help make that happen!

Plus, with the Instagram API (yes, we’ll be integrating that too) opening up slowly to the world… It’s just a matter of time before we see Click-to-Instagram-Direct Ads.

If you’re looking to get your game on with these types of ads, Clepher is the way to start. So, do yourself a solid, and give it a go RISK-FREE.

Get started with Clepher today!

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