Guide to Digital Customer Engagement: Definition, Strategies, Tools, Example, Importance

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Digital customer engagement is important. Customers who contact your business online might do so through various channels. Live chats, email, Chabot, and other social media platforms are multiple ways for customers to connect with you to solve queries and even show you how much they like your product or service.

But are you sure that you get all the emails, messages, or other opportunities to reach out to your customers? How are you making sure that you not only respond to their emails but also proactively build business awareness to the customers over these platforms?

Here, we’ll provide a complete guide to digital customer engagement, including strategies to improve it, examples, and tools to enhance it to fulfill your business needs and goals. So, let’s dive into it.

What is Digital Customer Engagement?

Customer engagement refers to the process of connecting with customers and expected buyers and, most importantly, building brand awareness. The basic goal of customer engagement is to drive organic and loyal customers and improve and maintain long-term brand loyalty. Usually, there are two types of customer enhancement: general customer engagement and digital customer engagement.

Difference between General Customer Engagement and Digital Customer Engagement

Engagement starts in the moment the customer first sees your brand, and then the customer engagement journey starts.

Offline customer engagement often aims to improve customer experience and strategies in brick-and-mortar stores. In digital customer engagement, you try to interact with customers in previously mentioned social channels.

The main difference between general and digital customer engagement is the channel/mode in which it occurs. General customer engagement applies to all kinds of engagement, including digital engagement channels.

On the other hand, digital customer engagement should be part of your strategy for driving your customer’s attention across digital channels. This digital channel that marketer probably use to reach their customers include;

  • Social media channels include Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, etc.
  • Organic search
  • Brand website
  • Affiliate marketing
  • SMS
  • Mobile notifications
  • Display advertising
  • Paid search
  • Chabot
  • Webinar
  • Customer care service channels

Each channel will require a different approach, but your digital customer engagement approach should contribute to a general digital experience that is required.

Customer Engagement through Omnichannel and Multichannel

Omnichannel and multichannel are two different terms. Multichannel engagement indicates that you’re trying to connect customers across various channels. That’s it.

Conversely, Omnichannel is a next-level strategy that combines the customer support context and buying journey across non-digital and digital channels.

Omnichannel usually refers to a blend of online and physical engagement, particularly in banking, retail, and other upright companies connecting with customers at physical locations. It also means unifying various channels, such as video and voice, specifically as interacted customer journeys become more significant.

7 Key Digital Customer Engagement Strategies

The right digital engagement strategy permits businesses to build solid customer relationships, drive quick growth, and improve customer satisfaction. Companies can stay competitive in this fast-paced remote landscape and guarantee an exceptional and seamless customer experience with the following practical strategies;

  1. Omnichannel Approach

An Omnichannel approach ensures that customers have a memorable experience across multiple channels, such as email, phone calls, chat, or other social media platforms.

Such presence allows customers to switch between channels without removing context and advertises constant branding and messaging across all touch points. This strategy can improve overall customer engagement and satisfaction and decrease response times.

  1. Social Media Platforms

Multiple social media channels allow novel opportunities for consumer engagement, spread updates, and inspect honest reviews. Businesses can build brand loyalty, solve customer issues, and explain their dedication to customer services when interacting with customers on social media platforms.

  1. Personalization Strategy

Personalization strategy includes customizing interactions according to the customer’s preferences, history, and habits. It can also involve providing personalized products, content, or recommendations on the website.

For example, offering location-based products or services tailored to the consumer’s location or special offers depending on their past purchase history can lead to higher customer experience and satisfaction, build long-term loyalty, and improve conversion rates.

  1. Interactive Chabot

Chabot can offer immediate consumer assistance via AI-powered interactions. They can perform daily tasks, including booking appointments, offering product recommendations, and answering frequently asked questions.

Chabot, like Clepher, improves the customer’s experience and decreases the staff’s workload by letting them focus on trickier tasks.

  1. Customer Reviews and Surveys

Collecting customer reviews via surveys, feedback, digital forums, and social monitoring is vital for considering customer pain points and improving customer service support. It can help evaluate customer satisfaction, identify improvement areas, and plan further engagement strategies.

  1. Proactive Interaction

Interacting with customers via social media, email, or notifications can help keep them engaged and informed. This can include notifying customers about upcoming products, delivering order updates, and sharing other relevant information.

Proactive communication assists in building loyalty, decreasing the chances of issues arising, and strengthening trustworthy relationships with customers.

  1. Analyze Customer’s Data

Continuous data analysis can help optimize patterns and trend strategies and identify areas for improvement. It may include analysing customer reviews, tracking key performance indicators, or inspecting customer habits.

 Further, continuous data analysis helps businesses optimize their strategies, enable them to make more informed decisions and reshape their digital engagement strategies for desired outcomes.

Digital Customer Engagement Tools

Here’s the detailed list of Digital Customer engagement tools;

  • Digital self-service
  • Social media
  • Chabot like Clepher
  • Co-browsing
  • Video, text, audio or chat
  • Messaging platforms, including WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Twitter DM, or Google’s Business Messages
  • Virtual coach
  • AI-powered case-based reasoning
  • Sales advisor
  • Collaborative browsing
  • Virtual assistant automation
  • Conversational AI

3 Practical Examples of Digital Customer Engagements

Here, we mention the examples of digital customer engagement of most-trending brands to explain how to interact with the customer across digital channels.

Nike’s NikePlus Membership Program: This program is displayed on their digital app, which offers rewards for workouts done, provides personalized early approach links, and promotions with customized Apple Music and Playlist.

Spotify’s “Made for You” feature: This unique feature blends the latest songs in a similar style to the customer’s existing taste.

Goldsmiths Live Chat: This jewelry brand offers live chat with voice and video for a personalized, next-level shopping experience.

How to Boost ROI with Digital Customer Engagement Strategies?

Track and inspect the benefits of investing in digital customer engagement strategies to increase your ROI.

Increased customer loyalty and profits

80% of the profit earned from 20% of your existing customers is reported by Pareto Principle. Even by connecting with a few customers across social channels, you can increase your ROI.

 According to Bain and Company, only a 5% increase in customer retention can boost your profit to 25%. Investing in the growth of your customer engagement generation on multiple digital channels can increase the notable outcomes and increase the loyalty of existing customers.

Higher visibility and competitiveness

Digital engagement strategies help you achieve higher visibility on various social channels and organic searches. The more customers search for you, the more they engage with your products, often suggest you to others, and tap on your advertising posts, and the more visible and competitive you become in the market.

By executing the right digital engagement strategy, you’ll be more visible in the public eye and able to encourage more responses from your genuine customers.

Highly effective customer journey

For example, customer is looking for a wristwatch brand. Their journey may start with searching on Google, but an effective paid advertisement for your product will take them to your brand website, which may put them on the buying journey.

Your existing customers are more likely to see your post, which puts them on your social media channel and into your buying cart for purchase. Thus, you can effectively target customers and manage the customer-engaging journey with an authentic data-led strategy.

Positive feedback and recommendations

About 81% of customers rely on recommendations from family and friends, specifically over business suggestions. You can offer a forum for customers to share their buying experience with others by encouraging them to engage in digital channels. Their customer satisfaction takes to higher visible recommendations and feedback to increase sales.

Digital Customer Engagement Solution: Improve Customer Service with Clepher

Clepher is a perfect digital engagement solution that offers a wide suite of features built to improve customer service across various channels. Our Chabot solution engages customers on the channels of their own choice, using AI-powered automation features and providing personalized features to offer a seamless customer experience.

With the right tool, businesses can build long-lasting customer relationships and achieve quick digital customer experience. This solution lets contact centers optimize their enraging process and achieve remarkable customer experiences.

Final Verdict

In short, easier digital interactions drive high customer engagement volume. So, plan an effective customer engagement platform strategy and choose a good engagement tool to build loyal and long-term relationships with your customers. Here, we describe a complete guide to Digital customer engagement with definitions, key strategies, tools, examples, and importance. We hope you find it helpful in your business.

Use chatbots for more digital customer engagement.

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