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What is Facebook Chatbot? And what is a Facebook Chatbot Builder? Well, a chatbot is a software that’s designed to simulate (text-based) real-time conversations. A bot communicates with a user via text-based applications, websites, apps, messaging applications. Now, Facebook offers its own Messenger Chatbot API. If coded properly, a bot can then communicate with your subscribers. Luckily, you don’t have to learn how to do any kind of programming. Because due to Clepher, you only need to be creative… Let us worry about the tech stuff. 

That said, the brand Messenger is synonymous with Facebook. So keep in mind that when we talk about Facebook bots, we also talk about Messenger chatbots or Messenger bots. And before we start, note that from a business’s perspective, we can think of a Facebook bot as an assistant. This assistant can then converse with your audience. You, as a user, can set up various responses according to what your subscriber types or selects in the chat. As a result… you get a fast, more effective, and cost-efficient way to engage via Facebook Messenger.

How Clepher’s Facebook Chatbot Builder Works

Facebook offers its own API so you can create our own bot from scratch. They also showcase some useful sample bots you can take inspiration from. But, to use this native API and unlock its potential is something else. I mean, you need to be a developer to even begin making sense of it. The learning curve is relatively steep… and you need to know at least a bit of programming, especially Node.js

But, this is where we come in. Clepher, in a nutshell, acts as a bridge between you, the user, and Facebook API. We handle the technical aspects and programming. One of the ways we do this is by providing you with a visual, drag-and-drop builder that is intuitive and easy to use.

With Clepher, you can create your Facebook chatbot without any coding at all. What’s cool is that, in the beginning, you are accompanied by our step-by-step wizard. This wizard will hold your hand until you master the basics, and your bot is operational.

Using our Facebook chatbot creator, you can create a Messenger bot in a matter of minutes. This bot can respond to user actions with answers, qualifying questions, GIFs, and more. 

The benefit of Clepher’s Facebook chatbot builder doesn’t stop with ease of use. We also provide 7 different capture tools to generate leads. And if you want, it automatically puts users in different segments. This helps to personalize your messages even further! 

Why a Facebook Chatbot is Important?

So, why should you actually invest in a Facebook Chatbot Builder? Isn’t Facebook a declining platform? Wouldn’t it be better to invest in email or other social media marketing instead?

To be honest, those are very common concerns. But, there are several reasons why a FB Messenger chatbot deserves your attention:

  • Messenger currently has over 1.3 billion active users in February 2020. A lot of people use Messenger to communicate with others and businesses.
  • 21% of consumers feel bots are the easiest way to communicate with businesses. This is from a study back in 2017, and we can expect it to be even bigger today. 
  • 72% of Messenger users are confirmed to have purchased goods/services online
  • 40% of surveyed customers, according to Hubspot’s study, didn’t care whether it’s a bot or a human on the chat. What matters is that they can get a fast and accurate answer.
  • At the moment, Messenger is the most engaging platform with an average of 82% in open rates
  • 4 to 10 times higher CTR compared to email marketing
  • 20% faster response time compared to traditional messaging

Implementation Examples of Facebook Chatbot Creator For your Business

There are various benefits to using a Facebook chatbot creator to build high-performance bots. Here are a few examples:

Better UX and interactivity

While Messenger is limited in interactivity compared to what you can do on a website… This is power. Simplicity over complexity. And if you need more bells and whistles… We can use Messenger’s Webview feature to display products… or even provide an interactive experience. This is where users can “try” the product before buying, for instance, via AR. This is actually done by Sephora on Messenger. And it can effectively boost engagement and conversion rates. 

Faster and Better Customer service

One of the biggest benefits of chatbots is better customer service. We can assist customers looking for information… or products in real-time, handle presale questions, and so on. There are virtually endless ways we can use chatbots to improve customer service.

Collect Feedback and Personalize Offers

Chatbots can gather a lot of user data in real-time during any conversation. In turn, bots can use this data to personalize offers. For example, by recommending specific products based on their purchase history. The native Facebook API doesn’t give you this feature. But Clepher can. It automatically segments users and sends more personalized messages.

Lead Generation and Automatically Qualify Leads

A well-written chatbot script can be useful in capturing and qualifying leads. We offer 7 different capture tools to generate leads. And with our Facebook chatbot builder, you can set up qualifying questions to segment incoming prospects.

Encouraging Conversions

Bots are even effective in closing the deal. Again, with features like web views and others… Messenger bots can sell directly on the chat interface. Then use a Webview to display the checkout page. With Clepher’s Facebook Chatbot builder, you can also set up a Live Chat to allow a human sales rep to take over whenever required.

Customer Loyalty Program

While it’s not a complete replacement to a full-fledged customer loyalty program… Clepher can put loyal customers into a different segment. You can then use this to deliver custom-tailored messages and present exclusive benefits.

There are many more ways you can put in place Messenger bot to help various areas of your business. Figure out various aspects of your business where the incorporation of a chatbot can help.

Businesses That Benefit From a Facebook Chatbot Builder

Any business wanting to engage with their customers can find benefits from using bots. But, a Facebook chatbot can benefit some industries more than the others, namely:


eCommerce businesses are the best sector that can benefit from chatbots. From automated selling to product recommendation to optimizing conversions… there are many ways chatbots can help grow an eCommerce business.


Businesses that rely on appointments and reservations. Think of restaurants, dentists, spas, and so on… They can use bots to automate and streamline reservations and customer service.


Any businesses implementing content marketing can benefit from a chatbot. A Messenger bot can effectively send notifications for new blog posts, videos, podcasts, and more to generate more traffic.

Travel and Hospitality

Chatbots can easily book flights, buses, and hotels directly from the chat interface.

Best Practices of Facebook Chatbot Builder

Here are some best practices and tips you can try as you use a Facebook Chatbot creator to build your bots:

Use and Experiment

Try engaging with various Messenger bots from many different brands—-big and small—. This is the best approach, so you can really understand chatbot use cases. Imitate those that work well and understand their weaknesses so you can fix them yourself. You can also subscribe to different Facebook groups and “play” with the chatbots.

Don’t try to fool users and fake that your chatbot is human.

They can tell. In fact, it’s better to make it very obvious that it is a bot and design the whole chat process on empathy. Say something like “Hello, I am a chatbot” or give it an obviously robot-sounding name.

Underpromise and overdeliver

That is set the expectations right. Let your users really understand what the chatbot’s purpose and what it can do (and can’t do). Let it say something like, “Hi, I’m your CleverBot, and I am here to help you choose the best product on this site.”

Predict possible mistakes

In general, provide buttons when you can and minimize the need for the users to type anything. When it’s not possible, expect misspellings and make sure the bot can understand these mistyped words. Think about the most common mistakes that potentially can happen and create a countermeasure. 

Hold the customers’ hands.

Make sure to ensure the whole process is as easy as possible. Don’t use more than three buttons, and if you use any forms, don’t include too many fields.

Be honest about limitations.

When the user asks something, the chatbot is not programmed to answer, be honest with it. Then, give them buttons to go back to the main menu or to contact a human representative instead.

Make sure the chatbot is aligned with your brand.

That is, ensure the chatbot can convey the right message according to your brand’s tone. Use images, GIFs, and emojis to deliver the right message that is relevant to your brand’s communication style.

Provide a clear way to leave the chat.

Always give a clear path for people to leave the chat anytime they want. 

Benefits of Facebook Chatbots

Below are some of the most important benefits your business can get after implementing your Messenger chatbot:

1. Higher CTA and Conversion

According to this study, people are (at least) 3.5x more likely to open a Messenger chat rather than an email. This is quite obvious because, with Messenger chats, we assume that there is less commitment involved (although that’s not always the case). 

Also, chatbots are smarter and more interactive. Because nowadays there are bots where we don’t even need to type anything… (there are buttons for virtually anything). Also, don’t forget that we can also use Facebook sponsored ads with Messenger. This is where we can combine the ads with your chatbot.

2. More Efficient Customer Support

With chatbots, you can provide 24/7 customer support without spending more money on human representatives. Chatbots don’t need to sleep and can handle a lot of conversations at the same time. Human customer service, but can only handle one customer at any time.

3. Automatically Identify and Qualify Prospects

Chatbots can automatically identify a prospect’s needs and can ask qualifying questions like “what is your available budget?”. The chatbot can then direct qualified prospects to a sales rep. This ensures the valuable time of your sales team is only used on the highest-quality leads.

4. Re-engage Prospects With Personalized Messages

Bots are very effective at retaining data. They can then use this information to more effectively engage with prospects. This means that Messenger bots can provide the right content to the right target at the right time. Like, reminding people about a product they recently searched for… (you’ll be surprised how effective this is in stimulating purchase intent). With this, a chatbot can effectively maximize conversion rates and grow your revenue.

Why Clepher Is The Best Facebook Chatbot Builder

Clepher is committed to offering a much better app. Much better compared to other Facebook chatbot creator products out there. Here are some unique value propositions:

  • Intuitive step-by-step wizard to create your Messenger bot within minutes
  • This is the easiest to use drag and drop Facebook chatbot builder. You can create captivating flows using Clepher’s Flow Composer
  • 7 Different Capture tools to generate new prospects and subscribers
  • Integration with various popular tools. From ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, CampaignMonitor, MailChimp, Amazon, Shopify, and more
  • Send multiple types of messages:
    • Text
    • Images and GIFs
    • Videos
    • Files and documents
    • List items and forms
    • Carousel messages
  • Behavioral Segmentation, you can tag different users based on what they see and click on. Then, Clepher will automatically segment users based on these tags.
  • Automatically detect words that your users type and respond as required
  • Live chatbot testing feature and A/B split test
  • Facebook Webhooks integration, plug everything you want inside your chatbot. Limitless customizability.

The best thing? This is just scratching the tip! 

End Words

A Facebook chatbot builder can provide an easy and intuitive way to create a Messenger bot. Usually, it just takes a matter of minutes to create one. A Messenger bot can effectively engage with your target audience. I.E., it can capture and qualify leads… But also, improve conversions, among many more other potent benefits.

The Facebook chatbot builder by we created offers the easiest solution to build bots. A bot is about providing a better, more streamlined experience for your customers. And Clepher will be there to help you achieve that goal. That said. Don’t hesitate to give Clepher’s Facebook chatbot creator a try. We’re looking forward to seeing what you will create.

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