6 Ways Facebook Chatbots Help Engage Customers

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Ready to engage customers with a Facebook Messenger chatbot yet? See, chatbots can provide an excellent opportunity for business owners marketers to engage customers. And this alone should be more than enough reason as to why it’s an important tool to consider adding to your marketing mix. Another reason is that Facebook Chatbots are increasingly changing how consumers engage with brands. Oh, and by the way, hundreds of thousands of Facebook Messenger Chatbots are active in today’s market. And they’re active on a messaging platform with more than 2.3 billion monthly active users worldwide, including the many users on Facebook Messenger. To put it straight, Facebook Messenger is the ideal way to engage your online customer base.

So, ready to dive in? In this article, we’re looking at how other companies have successfully leveraged these engaging Facebook Messenger chatbots for successful results.

Kindred Bravely

Kindred Bravely is a Family Brands company. They make products for parents and children, such as clothing, furniture, and more. Like many businesses these days, Kindred Bravely offers an engaging customer experience through their Facebook Messenger Chatbot. The chatbot can offer recommendations on what to do next or answer any questions that customers may have about Kindred’s product line.

The chatbot is powered by artificial intelligence, so the more you talk to it and answer questions, the better its conversational capabilities become. On top of that, Kindred Bravely’s Facebook Messenger Chatbot also has human monitoring behind every message sent out if there are any problems. The company did this because they want their customers to always know they have someone on their side who can help them when needed.

Renee Ferrell-Holland at Kindred Bravely said:

“We’re using technology responsibly, it allows us to be available 24/7, 365 days a year.”

In addition to providing customer service around the clock without having employees on-call or hiring new staff members with shifts, these types of chatbots also help companies like Kindred Bravely appear more human. The company did this because they want their customers to always know they have someone on their side who can help them when needed.

What can we learn from this?

If you’re looking to connect with your audience in a meaningful way over messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, adding this technology into your marketing strategy could be just what the doctor ordered! With so much data available at all times through this type of chatbot, it’ll show you how best to engage potential new audiences who are most likely interested.

The Prepared Performer

Molly, the Prepared Performer.

Molly, the Prepared Performer.

A case study posted by Molly Mahoney shows on how she used a Facebook Messenger chatbot to make her Facebook Live more engaging, and by doing so, reach 1 million organic users. Molly’s goal was to use the chatbot as an additional way for her followers to interact with her content live. She found that many of her users said they would have missed out on watching her live stream if not for the chatbot’s ability to keep them up-to-date through notifications when things were happening in the broadcast be interested in.

Alongside this being helpful for those who can’t always watch every moment or don’t want their timelines cluttered with posts, it also made the live experience more interactive for those who were watching.

Look, Molly is just one example of how companies use chatbots to engage customers with their businesses. And it’s in line with the future predictions made by the predecessor of Facebook’s head of Messenger, Stan Chudnovsky; David Marcus. He’s saying these bots on Messenger hold even more tremendous potential as they continue to be adapted more and more; he thinks when they get more intelligent, more clever, and more personal… We should see people using chatbots more.

What can we learn from this?

The goal of the chatbot used in Molly’s campaign was to engage followers. And we know from case studies like Molly’s live stream that it can also help make the experience more interactive for those who are already tuned in. Or, what about when a Facebook Live event isn’t happening or when it’s being rescheduled? Chatbots offer an easy way to stay on top of the situation and through them. And so, you’re able to keep your followers up to date by notifying them through your chatbot. And of course, stating the obvious here, a chatbot can be used to engage people more and increase attendance on your Facebook Lives, webinars, and more.

Kaimana Jerky is Using an Engaging FAQ Chatbot

Text Book FAQ Chatbot!

Text Book FAQ Chatbot!

Kaimana Jerky has a chatbot that is programmed to answer questions about their products and the company. It can be described as an “informational chatbot”. The best part? Their FAQ section probably includes many popular queries like “How much salt in Hawaiian jerky?”.

The idea behind using this specific FAQ approach for conversations is simplicity. It’s an easy way for businesses to communicate with their customers without navigation/interaction barriers associated with traditional websites or apps. And how could it not? All users have the same interface! This makes things easier not only for those browsing our site but also for us as business owners who want to make them happy!

Here are some of our favorite features for this type of chatbot:

  • Easy access to FAQs for customers wanting more information
  • Customization of our customer experience with customizable menus
  • Personalized responses to specific requests.
  • Straightforward navigation so it’s easy to find what you need
  • Live Human chat available at all times (including weekends)

What can we learn from this?

Why is having a FAQ section in your chatbot such a good idea? When people look for more information about your product on your website that’s not mainly featured on the product page, they tend to a chat widget on the page to ask more questions. This is important because the correct answers can eliminate any objections a customer has before purchasing your product. An engaging chatbot on Facebook Messenger, featured in a widget on your website, can help with this. Plus, next to 24/7 service bots offers, the best thing is that your customer can get the information they need in a few seconds.

How Much Bot

How Much Bot is a chatbot promoting simple video training. The training the chatbot forwards you to teaches you how to create an automated quoting bot to get more clients. And while you might think, “Is that all it really is?”, I want to invite you to look a little bit deeper. Because this chatbot is exciting for a couple of reasons.

First, this chatbot gives us one of the first signs of video training and membership sites being delivered entirely inside a chatbot conversation on Facebook Messenger. What’s really cool is that we actually predicted this years ago, and that’s why we created a chatbot Flow out of it that helps distribute training content through your chatbot on Facebook Messenger.

And secondly, it’s a great example of how to generate on autopilot for your business! When we dissect this chatbot, a formula appears. First, he delivers value while showcasing your expertise. Then, he captures the contact information from the lead for a later follow-up by himself or his sales team.

Plus, the chatbot’s primary goal is to make the buying process as quick and easy for customers as possible. It does this by offering a lot of clarity upfront on pricing: This way, people who want in-depth coaching on the matter or want to hire the company to build they are presenting in the video course to know what they need to pay to get it done.

Oh, and if they decide against purchasing anything at all, the conversational experience still made them feel like someone actually listened to what they had to say! Hell, they might’ve even bought at a later time because the first time around they connected with the bot, the timing might not have been right.

What can we learn from this?

You can use an engaging Facebook Messenger chatbot to build authority in your industry, and you do this by increasing the Know, Like, and Trust factor, showing off your skill-set, your expertise, and giving out value first before you even begin selling. In this example, it was really cool that it was all done simultaneously; Value First, Demonstrating Skill, Qualifying the lead, and asking for the sale. Moreover, customers want (read: need) to know, like, and trust you before they buy anything.

Next to what the How Much bot did, Facebook chatbots help build these 3 factors as well. They do this by providing a conversational interface that customers can have real conversations with. When a person is interacting with a brand, whether it’s live, through video, or a persona on a chatbot, it makes them feel like someone is listening even though no one is at all. At least, not at that exact moment.

The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) is one of the world’s most recognized publishers, and they use engaging Facebook Messenger bots to deliver news related to business, finance, or economics. To start a conversation with their bot, initiates are asked if they want daily updates on any of those categories. If they don’t, the chatbot will ask them to specify their interest.

The Wall Street Journal Bot is Used for nurturing

The Wall Street Journal Bot is Used for nurturing

The Wall Street Journal has a mix of automated and human-powered boats that deliver information in different ways. One is designed for people interested in specific stocks; another automatically provides business news headlines from around the world with WSJ’s perspective on each story; yet another interacts via text messages about finance-related topics like 401k plans asset allocation strategies.

Wall Street Journal offers an opportunity for customer service right within Facebook Messenger without cluttering up a smartphone screen and preventing customers from reaching other essential features (e.g., contacts). The more personal interaction you have with your customers through messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, the greater the chance you’ll be able to nurture a customer relationship and retain that customer for the long haul.

What can we learn from this?

Use an engaging Facebook Messenger Chatbot to nurture customer relationships. They do this by providing a personalized experience for customers who may not want to contact customer service via phone. Or customers that simply prefer bite-sized quick consumable information. Moreover, nurturing customer relationships is important because the more personal interaction you have with your customers, the greater the chance you’ll retain them for a longer time. This is important for companies that want to grow their customer base and reduce costs simultaneously.

Ebay Shopbot

A Personalized Ebay Shopping Experience via Chatbots

A Personalized Ebay Shopping Experience via Chatbots

Savvy as you are, you know that we owe a lot to Facebook Messenger. Some experts call this new reality we’re about to witness “Conversational Commerce”. Conversational Commerce meaning the intersection of shopping and messaging apps. And for a great example, look no further than the eBay ShopBot! ShopBot allows customers to browse, search for items and even find new stores. And with just a few clicks or taps, they’ll be able to buy it from eBay (or one of its partners) without ever leaving Facebook Messenger. The process is as easy as sending pictures back and forth—no typing required!

The Shopbot uses artificial intelligence (AI) bots that check prices, provide recommendations based on previously purchased products, offer personalized shopping suggestions throughout the day, all in real-time while you’re chatting with them via Facebook Messenger. It allows customers to shop quickly by browsing categories like fashion, home goods, and electronics-giving shoppers more options than looking through regular website pages.

Example: “Hey ShopBot! I need a new pair of running shoes.” 

A list will pop up with your previous purchases and other recommended items for runners, such as apparel or gift. This is great because it’s personalizing the shopping experience for each customer, so they don’t have to spend time sorting through store pages.

What can we learn from this?

People feel more comfortable when they are given a customized experience tailored for their needs. Instead of having one general voice speaking back at them. Using personalization in a chatbot experience can help customers feel way more comfortable with you. Chatbots are constantly in contact with people, gathering a bunch of data in the process, you’d be a fool not to capitalize on this. Chatbots can also get more information on people who seem interested in your company or product but aren’t ready yet. Personalization is the way to move forward. And doing this through an engaging Facebook Messenger chatbot means walking the next-generation marketing and customer service path.


Chatbots are making their way into every aspect of our lives now. And Facebook Messenger chatbots are no exception! The chatbots offer business owners, marketers, retailers, entrepreneurs, and so much more people an opportunity to provide personalized service 24/7, 365 days a year… without having employees manning live chats around the clock.

And for those who are lucky enough to have a chatbot set up already, it can be used to get more information on people who seem interested in your company or product. Your chatbot is your best friend and most trusted ally when it comes to qualifying these leads. And sending only the hottest leads over to you or your sales team.

Top it off with some personalization. It’s the future of marketing anyways, so get in front of your competition already, will you? Do this through an engaging Facebook Messenger chatbot, and you walk the path of next-generation marketing and customer service. Your customers will thank you for doing this!

That said, if you don’t have a chatbot on Facebook Messenger yet, or if you’re simply looking to switch to a more reliable chatbot creation and marketing suite, then Clepher is for you.

In a nutshell, what Clepher does is to help you create, optimize and market your business using Facebook Messenger chatbots. It’s the perfect choice for any business that wants an easy way to increase conversion rates and boost sales while reducing costs and resources on the other end. For many small and medium businesses on this planet, it has become an absolute necessity. As it helps them to grow much faster.

We want this for you too. Give Clepher a try today.

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