5 Industry Leaders & 5 Fun Facebook Messenger Chatbots

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Have you been considering Facebook chatbots in your marketing? If you do, let me give you a tip. See, whenever I’m in consideration mode, I always tend to look at companies doing it right. For example, in recent years, email marketing was the channel that provided the best ROI. So, I tended to the best email marketers and see how they were pulling it off. For years, email was one of the best ways for brands to invest your marketing dollars. But, like many successful marketing vehicles, email marketing became overcrowded. The same phenomenon is happening with Facebook. Now, the Facebook news feed favors friends’ posts over those of brands. But, marketers are overcoming this shift in focus with Facebook Messenger chatbots. These chatbots boost consumer engagement. Today, consumers’ Facebook inboxes are replacing their email inboxes.

To learn more about how industry leaders are having fun with the Facebook Messenger bots, read on:

5 Fun Facebook Chatbot Use Cases

Whole Foods

Whole Foods has found a way to make engaging with their brand more enjoyable. The Whole Foods bot connects users with cooking inspirations, recipes, and products. Through the Whole Foods Facebook messenger bot, users can select filters and options. The Facebook chatbot makes it easy for users to find recipes and products. The bot walks users through a series of prompts. Once a user has provided enough responses… the bot will deliver a resource link to the Whole Foods website.

As it turns out, this practice works better than relying on organic traffic. The Whole Foods messenger bot delivers traffic that originates from where people spend most of their time… on their smartphones! The Whole Foods bot then engages users with conversational language. Furthermore, it allows users to take shortcuts using emojis. If, for instance, someone wants a pizza recipe, they’d send a pizza emoji to the Whole Foods bot. Like magic, the Whole Foods bot will then respond with a link to a pizza recipe. Cool, right?

In the future, Whole Foods plans to add more advanced features to the Facebook chat messenger bot. For example, they plan to allow users to find deals, products, and recipes right in the bot interface. Meanwhile, consumers are already having plenty of fun finding culinary information quickly.


DuoLingo Chatbot Approach

DuoLingo Chatbot Approach

Duolingo is a popular language-learning application. It transforms learning a new language into a fun game. One of the biggest challenges when learning a new language is… speaking in another tongue out loud! When practicing alone, language learners most likely miss out on invaluable conversational skills.

Also… many people are embarrassed to try to practice an unknown language with a native speaker. Still, many Duolingo users requested a way to practice languages within the app. The company attempted pairing native speakers with people who tried to learn the language. But, people seemed afraid to talk to each other.

Enter the Duolingo chatbot. The Duolingo chatbot enables people to practice what they learn. Duolingo matches their bot with peoples’ different personalities and learning styles. Most importantly, their bot is conversational and friendly. People can now practice with Duolingo 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Furthermore, they can practice with any available character that they desire. So far, the Duolingo practice bot successfully helps users practice conversational language learning… until they’re confident enough to speak their new tongue in-person.

Duolingo’s chatbot solves a major pain point for consumers. What’s more, it’s made learning a new language less stressful and more fun.


The Hipmunk platform allows consumers to search for travel deals. Many people use it to book flights, hotel rooms, rental cars, and vacation packages. To make the process easier, Hipmunk created the “Hello chatbots.” The Hello chatbots integrate easily with platforms such as Facebook. They use users’ locations to figure out their starting point. The bot then uses that information to send consumers great travel deals. The Hipmunk bots are relatively straightforward but clever.

Hipmunk’s Hello chatbots cut the need to hunt down information on various travel sites. They make the process more convenient by doing everything within the Messenger app. The fun part is that Hello chatbots enable people to plan their trips with friends. For instance, users can chat with their friends in one window. All while looking up flight information in another window.

Also, Hello bots use a conversational, friendly tone when engaging with consumers. They mimic the casual experience of talking to a live travel agent or a friend. The friendly nature of the Hello bots has served Hipmunk well. Ultimately, it’s led to increased engagement.


The TechCrunch AI chatbot delivers the content that you want and when you want it. For example, you can choose the number of times that the TechCrunch bot sends you information. You can also choose the type of content it sends. I.E., you can opt to receive trending stories or articles from specific authors. But, the cool part of the TechCrunch bot is its enhanced personalization. TechCrunch bot learns from your consumption habits. It tracks the articles that you read and later serves up similar content.

As a result, TechCrunch bot only sends the content that readers enjoy. The chatbot has created a positive brand connection for TechCrunch. Thanks to the Facebook chatbot, TechCrunch now drives increased traffic to its website. Today, there’s more information online than any one person could ever read. The TechCrunch bot allows you to spend less time looking for good content. And more time reading interesting articles.

NatGeo Genius

The NatGeo Genius chatbot promotes the National Geographic TV show Genius. The show chronicles the lives of famous figures. Think of figures such as Pablo Picasso and Albert Einstein. To kick off the series, NatGeo showcased the NatGeo Genius chatbot. It enabled users to chat with the voice of the featured genius. National Geographic did an Albert Einstein promotion before the show aired. They connected users who clicked on the Genius chatbot link to “Einstein.”

As it turns out, Einstein doesn’t take too many things seriously. One of its favorite things it does is to serenade users with jokes. But, people could also ask the NatGeo Einstein chatbot personal and professional questions. NatGeo officials expressed that they wanted a conversational chatbot. A bot that made people feel like they were speaking to Albert Einstein.

Their planning paid off. The NatGeo Einstein chatbot created an immersive experience for users. It enabled Genius fans to connect with the star of the show and discover content organically. NatGeo uses several channels for marketing their new series. But, the Einstein bot was the only one providing an intimate and human-like experience. The Messenger bot enabled NatGeo to connect with consumers more intensely than other marketing channels.

What Is an “AI Chatbot”?

Several technologies can drive these kinds of advanced, conversational robots. The technologies include:

These technologies enable bots to process data. This allows them to respond to all kinds of requests (they’re not like task-oriented bots). These aren’t a single-purpose program that typically performs a single function. Task-oriented chatbots do use NLP technology. But, they make very little use of machine learning. Or, conversational chatbots are data-driven and predictive. They’re much more sophisticated compared to task-oriented chatbots. They’re contextually aware and understand natural language.

Furthermore, conversational chatbots make fair use of what’s under the hood. For example, they leverage machine learning to learn as they engage with users. Conversational bots also use predictive intelligence. As well as analytics to personalize their engagement with users. They check information from user profiles as well as their past behavior. Over time, they learn users’ preferences. But, conversational chatbots do more than track and analyze intent. They can also start a conversation. The latest bots are data-driven, predictive, and getting closer to the human experience every day.

Growing Your Business With a Facebook Chatbot

Human talent is expensive. Likewise, bleeding-edge technology can burn a hole in your pocket. For a fraction of the cost, however, AI-powered chatbots can pick up the slack. Companies field a massive amount of necessary troubleshooting messages every day. These issues are relatively easy to resolve. But, they can prove time-consuming. Today, people want answers—and they want them now. Chatbots can provide your customers with the instant gratification that they crave. You can also use them for personalized promotions and other marketing initiatives. Providing this feature can prove very beneficial for your enterprise. Bots enable you to answer customer questions immediately, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What’s more, chatbot technology is ever-evolving. Once you set up your chatbot… you’ll enjoy the benefits of developers’ never-ending efforts to improve the tech. As time passes, chatbots will find more ways to serve your business. Chatbots make easy work easier. Because there’s no lengthy teaching involved. And they need no maintenance! Except for the introduction of new information. The rest happens with regular updates. Best of all, chatbots can work unceasingly with no breaks. They’re available whenever your customers may have a need.

Immediate responses will improve your customer service operation. Can you think about the last time that you had a problem with a service? Nothing’s more frustrating than wanting to resolve an issue only to find out you must wait for a return call! Chatbots end this problem. If they can’t provide your customers with needed information… they can immediately connect them with the right resource, a Live Chat agent.

The Tech Behind the Bot

What still works the best are chatbots using a decision tree. Think of a path of questions and answers you think customers might ask. Primed with the right fail-safe in place, like; forwarding to a human resource when needed… is Aabot that handles your customers well! And that’s a winning strategy.

Today, you can have a chatbot pop up and assist customers as soon as they navigate your website or Facebook Page. And developers continually come up with new ways to empower bots to meet consumer needs. Also, chatbot tech is scalable! It provides a convenient and effective engagement between brands and consumers. Furthermore… It connects with consumers where they spend most of their time. Right on their smartphones!

Chatbots are great at taking over repetitive tasks. But, even sophisticated chatbots have their limits. Sometimes, the answer to a consumer query is too complicated for chatbots to manage. But, this still doesn’t stop chatbots. They’ll use whatever data the user has provided to connect them to the right live resource.

Your Very Own Facebook Chatbot?

Despite the underlying tech… ‘programming’ a chatbot yourself doesn’t need the skills of a rocket scientist. Setting up a chatbot for your business is fast and easy. Over at Clepher, we made it easy for nearly anyone to program a bot using no-code interfaces. In a relatively short time, you have your conversational chatbot up and running. It can help to boost your business and slash your advertising cost significantly. Best of all, Clepher works great out-of-the-box. We immediately provide you with features that help you grow your business quickly. Even though it’s relatively simple to set up a chatbot, you don’t have to go it alone. We’re a top-notch service provider giving you 24-hour support, any day of the week.

Getting Started With Facebook Messenger Chatbot

Now that you know more about the Facebook chatbot, all you need is a stellar service provider. Clepher makes it easy for you to set up a conversational chatbot. Our drag-and-drop Flow Composer makes getting started fast and straightforward. In about an hour, you can set up a powerful tool that will help you boost your bottom line.

Our Clever Engagement features will help you reach your ideal buyers. Furthermore, you can improve the performance of your organization with in-depth analytics. Clepher empowers you to provide customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It’s an easy way to deploy Facebook messenger marketing. With Clepher, you can pave the road toward success. We invite you to learn more about the Clepher Facebook app. If you have questions, connect with us online.

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