How to Create a Facebook Messenger Bot?

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As you know, Artificial Intelligence, or A.I., is nowadays some sort of a buzzword. But, true A.I. is something we’re yet to experience. But, when it’s here, a Facebook Messenger bot is not going to be exempt from this technology. Already bots are incredibly all-round “mini-services”. And to be honest, these bots sure have become a critical part of any digital marketing strategy. Besides, when set up in the right way… bots can aid the prospect in responding to questions and fulfill various tasks. 

And some say that very soon, they may even replace email marketing, mobile applications… and also customer care agents. But, these are topics for another time. In this article, we’re going to dig a bit deeper into the Facebook Messenger bot. Now, even though these bots may seem to be intimidating at first glance. With the right preparation… bot will cut back your expenses and boost your income. Bold claim? I beg to differ!

Read this article that helps you understand how bots work. You’ll also learn a bit more about their benefits and how you can create a Facebook messenger chatbot. Let’s dive in!

So, What is a Facebook Messenger Bot?

On the surface, a chatbot, or bot, is an automated messaging program that can use A.I. to communicate with people. Or use technology like a decision tree. Now, a Facebook messenger bot uses the latter and lives in the messenger platform. The plus side of this is that it allows for easy entry and direct communication with customers. It’s also easier to control. So, with the Facebook messenger bot, you don’t have to worry waiting for a customer care agent to answer your call. A prospect or customer can type any message they like, and in return, they get a fast response. Generally, bots are a responsive and accessible time-saver.

Okay, But… How Do Bots Work?

If we strip them down to the core… Chatbots come in two varieties. There are those chatbots that use “A.I.” and those that work based on rules… like the earlier mentioned decision tree. While the bots that will work based on rules tend to be more limited than the ones that use A.I., it’s the best option right now. And this is for the reason that they can only reply to particular commands. That’s why these kinds of bots will need a good deal of programming to remain an efficient tool. Unless you use a tool like Clepher. (wink wink)

That said, though. The fact decision tree-based bots are easier to maintain right now us also because “true A.I.” is not there yet… But, the bots that use A.I. tend to be more dynamic as they can reply to language and don’t need specific commands. These chatbot tools can learn from the chats they have with different persons. As a result, they can help in carrying out a variety of tasks. This doesn’t mean it comes without challenges.

Alright, What Are The Challenges of A.I.

Like mentioned before, real A.I. in bots is something that’s still not there. But, the ever-evolving tech presents a challenge. See, despite the fact you have to be a whizz to create a bot with A.I., you’ll have to ensure it has functioning features… On top of that, an A.I. bot must remain professional all the time. And right now, A.I. doesn’t have some sort of quality check that controls this. 

I mean, just watch these 2 Google Home bots go wrong. At one point, one bot states the world would be better off with fewer humans. On which the other replies to send Earth back into the abyss. 

So, do you want that type of A.I. working for your business? My guess is you don’t want that.

The Best Option Right Now is a Facebook Messenger Bot 

Using a Facebook Messenger Bot for your business comes with some cool benefits. First of all, there is a low hurdle to entry for both you and your audience. The Facebook Messenger app is used by almost 70% of app users. This means it’s ranking third amongst the most used applications! Wowzers! 

Besides, it’s not only meant for group conversations amongst family and friends. Businesses make use of it too. Each month, people more than 2 billion messages over the Facebook Messenger app. Now, this is not the case for other mobile applications. Did you know that more than 70% will delete an app within 2 months? Messenger does not have this problem as it’s needed to run the chat on Facebook. 

What’s cool is that creating a bot is much cheaper than building a mobile application too. And, of course, there’s no learning curve. Your customers, or prospects, don’t have to “learn the app”.

The other advantage of using a Facebook Messenger bot is that it’s still wide open. Bots are relatively new, which implies much less competition.

A Facebook Messenger bot Breakdown

See some of the fantastic things bots can do for you:

Connect with your audience directly

According to a survey by HeadlinerLabs people are 3.5x less likely to open a marketing email than a FB message. That’s huge! And did you know that subscribers can just respond by clicking on a CTA button? They don’t have to type, this means they will move further down your marketing funnel. Retention is much higher. Also, Facebook has Click-to-Messenger and Sponsored Ads… Allowing you to go directly to your ideal client. These ads can be sent to any person who has been in contact with your page. So, this implies that you now have a subscriber list. Yes, you can use these ads together with your bot and hone-in on great-intent clients.

Save your time and cash on customer support service.

Usually, customers expect a customer care service that is available 24 hours 7 days a week. No one likes waiting or being put on hold. On top of that, most customers have a tendency to raise similar queries time and again. A bot can not only respond instantly, but it can answer 80% of those easy-to-answer questions. For the 20% that does need human attention… your support agent can now overdeliver as it’s no pre-occupied by answering nonsense.

Qualify Leads with your bot.

Consider that your bot meets and talks with potential customers or prospects if you will. You should start by asking questions. Because by asking questions, it can help you understand what their needs are. The answers they give you allow you to segment your prospects. This, in turn, helps your sales team to talk only with the hottest leads first! Putting the focus back where it should be!

Automated Sales with your chatbot. 

Provided they have a good sales script, bots can do the selling. Also, drop-off rates are less compared to that of an old-school ad-to-webpage pipeline.

Re-engaging clients

Bots can keep customer data handy, plus you can make use of the data to go the extra mile. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars in advertising expenses… a bot is capable of reaching out itself. And it can do so by providing the right content at the right time. 

How you can use Facebook Messenger bot to Boost Business.

Here’s some ways you can use Facebook Messenger chatbots to boost business:

Improve customer service

Offering an exceptional is the first and obvious way you can enhance your conversion rates. Besides, this will set you apart from the competition. As you create your Facebook Messenger bot, ensure you consider the various FAQs sent to your company. Afterward, you ought to offer a way for people to find answers to the given questions. The best way you can achieve this is by providing many choice answers.

Create brand awareness

Make use of your messenger bot by letting your audience know the services you offer. The best time to do this? Probably when you’re interacting with prospects who recently came into your brand’s circle of influence. This is when a bot one of the best means through which you can capture attention. As long as you convey your brand in a way that appeals to your prospects… you’ll be moving people down to your sales funnel.

Urge people to visit your page

So, once you’ve established a relationship with your customer, perhaps by providing customer service… Or by creating brand awareness, the next step is to direct your audience to your product pages. A tip? You should do it in a none-salesy way. To be honest, I think it’s of the essence you don’t make it have a sales tone. Make it feel natural and chatty. A well-organized chatbot will do wonders for your business.

Getting Ready to Create your Bot

Before you begin creating your bot, you’ll have to set the objectives and expectations. You don’t have to work and complete an all-round chatbot. Instead, you can choose to focus on creating a bot that has a few features first… but features that function correctly and do the job. 

How to Create your Bot

You can find online many different tools that you can use in creating your chatbot. But, the best tool is obviously Clepher (Okay, I may be a bit biased!). Our tool offers you the ability to set up your bot and connect it to Facebook. What’s cool is that there’s no programming knowledge needed. And you simply register through your Facebook account. As soon as you’ve finished creating a free account, you can start building your bot. Here is a breakdown of some essential strategies and tips you ought to keep in mind when creating your chatbot:

Get an uncommon name.

You must make sure you give your bot a unique name that is well-defined. This will help it stand out; hence users will be able to connect with your bot easily. They will just have to run a quick search, which is made more accessible by having a distinct name.

Provide users with suggestions on how they can start

If there is one thing people find strange about bots is their interface… Rather than having a site full of CTAs, a person will see an empty screen. So, this means you need to help by creating automatic prompts. This way, your bot can provide customers with the options to get started.

Get a natural conversation flow.

You should make sure your bot has a natural chat flow. This makes the process more efficient for prospects and customers. And so, they can easily ask questions and receive responses all the way through the chat. 

Pro tip: You must always have a human on hand. Even as the automated chats are amazingly responsive and fast… they can not replace the human relationship… yet. So, your customers should be to have the choice, during the chat, to connect with a human.

Make your chatbot smart with uncomplicated technology.

Keep in mind your chatbot will be the new face of the business. For this reason, you should try to make it sound cool while being to the point and clear! You can achieve this by using short phrases and being to the point. Using complex grammar can make counter your good intention… and worse, your prospect or customers gets lost by the chatbot. Remember, the ultimate goal here is saving the customers time delivering support. And to qualify the lead fast if you’re looking to see if the prospect is a fit.

Tips for creating Facebook Messenger bot messages:

Some tips to take into account when creating your Facebook Messenger bot:

1. Use emojis, images or GIFs

Messenger bots ought to be a bit informal that other means of communication. The use of emojis reduces the need for using many words. Plus, it’s making the experience more enjoyable. The inclusion of GIFs and images also makes the chat feel more authentic. It’s also another, and may I add… fun, way to set yourself apart. But, if you were to add some humor, you can do so, but be careful. Because one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

2. Apply breaks – between – messages

Don’t use huge blocks of text or overload customers with so many messages one after the other. The best way to have your bot talk is by using text breaks in your chat. All you need to do is to make it seem like a normal chat, some two or three seconds between messages. It’s easy to do with Clepher. You do this by using the delay function in Clepher.

3. Don’t disclose all the features at once

Chatbots can have a wide variety of functions. Still, you must ensure you don’t reveal all the features at the same time. Showing all of them at once can overwhelm clients. Or, you can establish a flow that guides the prospect through the bot and gets to see all the features gradually.

4. Optimize and Maintain your Bot.

Like any other digital marketing channel… bots too should be optimized and monitored to enhance performance. After building your bot, though, add it to your FB strategy and marketing timetable. Seeing as your Facebook Messenger bot has all the apps, email, and customer service features… you must treat it like the one-off beast it is. And keeping it up to date, making it relevant to the times… Makes conversions soar too.

By creating your FB Messenger bot, you change how clients relate with your brand. This will further boost your client contentment. Plus, it’s an easy way to monetize your social media platforms altogether. Take into account the various tips described in this article… and you’ll be sure to create a bot that is consistent with your brand and one that depicts your business. And a fun fact? You don’t need to be chatbot professional to get started.

Get your feet wet! 

The only way to get a true taste of Facebook Messenger bots is by giving us a try… And if we don’t “WOW” you within 5 minutes of trying… I guess bots are not for you. Either way, you only have to gain. You join the best bot platform in the world, or you first shelf it… For now. 

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