Top 8 AI Tools for Business (Tried and Tested!)

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Admit it, the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made our lives easier and more efficient. Hundreds of powerful AI tools for business have emerged in the market, catering to different needs of businesses. But with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right AI tool for your business.

To further enhance your decision-making process, it’s essential to understand the key features and benefits of these generative AI tools. They range from automating mundane tasks, providing valuable insights through data analytics, and enhancing customer service with chatbots, to streamlining marketing strategies. You need to assess your business needs and goals to find the perfect AI tool for your company.

In this article, we have curated a list of the top 8 AI tools for business that you should consider using in your organization.

We will also discuss their features, benefits, and use cases so you can decide which one is the best fit for each aspect of your business.

How We Selected the Top 8 Best AI Tools for Business

Before diving into the list, let’s understand our selection process. We analyzed various factors like features, user reviews, pricing plans, customer support, and overall performance to come up with this list of top AI tools for business problems. We also considered their popularity and reliability in the market to ensure that you get the best recommendations.

1) Clepher AI Chatbot

AI chatbots are the leading trend in customer service and have been proven to increase customer satisfaction and retention. Clepher is a groundbreaking Chatbot Creator & Marketing suite meticulously crafted for Facebook Messenger and Instagram. Acting as a versatile toolkit, Clepher empowers users to wield the power of Conversational Marketing on a grand scale. With its dynamic chatbots proven to enhance reach, drive conversions, reduce ad spend, and significantly boost profits, Clepher revolutionizes the way businesses engage with their audience.

Why Chatbots are Leading the Way in Customer Service?

  • Competitive Landscape: Competition is fierce. The number of advertisers on platforms like Facebook and Instagram has doubled in just a year, making it crowded and challenging to stand out.
  • Declining Engagement: Open rates for emails are plummeting as inboxes become increasingly inundated. Gmail’s unsubscribing feature and the changes in iOS 15 further complicate email marketing efforts.
  • Risks with Ads: Advertising comes with its own set of risks. With the advent of iOS 14 and changes in advertising policies, traditional strategies like Detailed Interest Targeting and Lookalike Audiences aren’t yielding the same results.
  • Messaging Apps Take the Lead: The landscape is shifting. Messaging apps have overtaken social networks in popularity, with a projected 4.2 billion users by 2024, making them the prime location for connecting with audiences and by communicating in natural language.
  • The Logic Behind Messaging Apps: The statistics speak for themselves. Messaging apps have become ingrained in daily life for billions of people, from waking up to going to bed, presenting an unparalleled opportunity for businesses to engage directly with their audience. It works as an ai writing assistant for brands.
  • Audience Preference: The audience has spoken. The majority of adults and teens are connected to messaging apps throughout the day, and a significant portion prefers messaging over other forms of communication with businesses by using natural language.

Why Choose Clepher?

Getting started with Clepher is a breeze, requiring just four simple steps:

  • Create: Dive into the Clepher dashboard and access intuitive tools designed to streamline chatbot creation. With a user-friendly step-by-step wizard, even newcomers to chatbot development can swiftly set up profitable campaigns.
  • Automate: Clepher simplifies automation with its intuitive interface, enabling users to effortlessly deploy chatbots and streamline processes. Through drag-and-drop functionality, users can craft powerful chatbots with ease, accelerating their marketing efforts.
  • Capture: Utilize Clepher’s robust growth tools, such as the Chat widget, to seamlessly capture subscribers. By leveraging these tools effectively, users can expand their subscriber base and enhance engagement with their audience by using ai and machine learning technology.
  • Engage: Engage with subscribers and deliver captivating messages effortlessly through Clepher. Personalized messages can be sent, nurturing leads and fostering meaningful interactions that drive results.

Clepher caters to users of all levels:

  • Accessible to All: Whether you’re a novice or an experienced entrepreneur, Clepher provides tools and resources tailored to your needs, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.
  • Integration Flexibility: Clepher seamlessly integrates with popular tools like auto-responders, webinars, and eCommerce platforms, offering users to create unparalleled flexibility and compatibility with existing workflows.
  • Scalability: With Clepher, scalability is never an issue. Users can build bots for unlimited pages and accounts, and send out unlimited broadcasts, empowering them to expand their reach and drive results without constraints by using machine learning algorithms.
  • Real Results: Clepher’s innovative features and capabilities have led to remarkable success stories, including quadrupling profits and achieving remarkable ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).
  • Customer Testimonials: Our satisfied clientele enthusiastically share their success stories, highlighting Clepher’s instrumental role in driving business growth and success. It will help you create a seamless experience with your customers.

The features and benefits of Clepher are a testament to why it is one of the top AI tools for businesses. Its versatility, ease of use, and proven results make it an invaluable asset for any organization looking to enhance its marketing efforts and engage with its audience on a deeper level.

With Clepher’s advanced chatbot technology, businesses can streamline communication, boost conversions, and ultimately drive profits. It is a game-changer in the world of AI tools for businesses, and we highly recommend it to anyone looking to stay ahead of the curve and achieve success in their marketing efforts.  So, give Clepher a try today and see the results for yourself!

2) Pictory

Pictory is one of our favorite AI models video generators, and for good reason. This innovative platform is revolutionizing the way content creators bring their stories to life. Craft high-quality videos with ease, thanks to Pictory’s user-friendly interface and  AI technology.

With Pictory, accessibility is key. You don’t need any prior experience in video editing or design to create stunning videos. Simply provide a script or article, and let Pictory do the rest. Whether it’s for your personal blog or business, Pictory has you covered.

One of the standout features of Pictory is its cloud-based platform, which ensures compatibility with any computer. This means you can work on your videos from anywhere, at any time. It’s never been easier to create eye-catching video content that will engage and captivate your audience.

You can even use Pictory to edit existing videos, using text-based editing for webinars, podcasts, Zoom recordings, and more. It’s a convenient and efficient way to enhance your content and take it to the next level.

But that’s not all – Pictory also offers the ability to create shareable video highlight reels. These are perfect for creating trailers or sharing short clips on social media, helping you to promote your brand and reach a wider audience.

Following are some essential features of Pictory:

Generate Shorts

You can easily create short videos from longer ones with Pictory, helping you to repurpose content and reach a wider audience.

Generative Videos Effortlessly

With Pictory’s AI technology, creating videos has never been easier. It automatically creates background music, stock footage, and voiceovers to match your script or article.

Blog-to-Video Workflow Editor

Pictory offers an impressive blog-to-video workflow editor, making it easy to turn your written ai content generation into visually appealing videos.

Automatic Caption Generator

Save time and effort by using Pictory’s automatic caption generator. You can choose to have captions on or off, making your videos accessible to all viewers.

You see? Pictory is not just your average video generator. It’s a comprehensive platform that offers everything you need to create professional, engaging videos in no time. So why wait? Give Pictory a try and see the results for yourself!  So, if you’re looking to elevate your content creation game and engage your audience like never before, Pictory is definitely worth checking out.

3) Midjourney

Midjourney is a revolutionary AI image generation tool that has made creating digital images easier and faster. It is a Discord-based bot that uses advanced algorithms to create images based on text commands.

It is perfect for artists, designers, and anyone looking to explore their creativity. With Midjourney, you can easily create images of dragons breathing fire, alien spaceships, dancing kittens, or anything else you can imagine. The possibilities are endless.

This revolutionary tool is constantly evolving and improving its algorithms to intiate even more realistic and high-quality images. It is currently in version 5.2 and has a large community of users who contribute to its development.

Unlike other AI image generation tools, it doesn’t have an app and works exclusively on Discord chat. This allows for easy accessibility and interaction with other artists. What we as artists value the most is feedback and collaboration.

Midjourney provides just that with its thriving community of artists from all over the world. You can join different channels to share your art, get feedback, and collaborate with like-minded individuals.

Now, let’s see how Midjourney works and how you can start creating amazing images with this game-changing tool.

How to Use Midjourney?

It’s as simple as creating a Discord account and joining the Midjourney server. You can use your browser or the Discord app for this. Here are the steps to get started:

  1. Create a Discord account if you don’t have one already.
  2. Join the Midjourney server by clicking on this link.
  3. Once you’re on the server, read the guidelines and rules to ensure a smooth experience for everyone.
  4. Use the command “!help” to get a list of all available commands.
  5. Enter your desired prompt and watch as Midjourney creates an image for you.
  6. You can also add parameters such as color, style, and size to customize your image further. This is how ai serves you in creating high quality images within one click.

Writing Midjourney Prompts

To get the best results from Midjourney, it’s important to write creative and detailed prompts. Here are some tips to keep in mind while writing a prompt:

  • Describe in detail: Be as descriptive as possible when writing your prompt. Use adjectives and specific details to help Midjourney understand what you want. You can also write some effective prompts using ChatGPT and Jasper AI writing tools.
  • Be concise: Keep your prompt under 40 words to avoid it being ignored by Midjourney.
  • Use the negative prompt: If you want a specific element excluded from your image, use the “no” or “-” symbol before that element in your prompt.
  • Try the creative tag: For more out-of-the-box images, use the “creative” tag in your prompt. This will allow Midjourney to have more creative freedom in generating your image.
  • Use a prompt generator: If you’re struggling to come up with a prompt, try using an  AI-powered prompt generator for inspiration. This AI is an ai- powered technology that make things easy for you while using AI chatbots.

If your prompt is accepted, Midjourney will generate an image and send it to you in the chat. You can then download or share the image as you please.

4) Synthesys – The Future of Video Creation

Synthesys is not just another AI-powered video generator. It is a revolutionary tool that has taken video creation to a whole new level. With its advanced technology and user-friendly interface, anyone can now create high-quality videos in minutes. Gone are the days of hiring expensive video production companies or struggling to find the right voiceover talent for your project. Synthesys has made it possible for anyone to produce professional-looking videos with just a few clicks.

What’s cool about Synthesys is that it offers a wide range of customizable options, making it perfect for various types of video content. Whether you need to create a sales video, eLearning module, social media post, or product description, Synthesys has got you covered.

But what sets Synthesys apart from other AI video generators is its impressive ai  voice generators capabilities. With  140+ languages and 254 unique styles to choose from, you can easily find the perfect voice for your video. And with its AI Image generator, creating visual representations of your ideas has never been easier.

Features of Synthesys:

Following are the features that make it a must-have tool for video creators:

  •  AI Voice Generation – Choose from 254 unique styles and 140+ languages to create the perfect voice for your video.
  • AI Video Generation – With just a few clicks, you can transform your script into a high-quality video with lip-syncing technology.
  • AI Image Generation – Bring your ideas to life by creating realistic images based on text inputs. Perfect for visualizing concepts and ideas.
  • Easy-to-use Interface – No technical skills or video production experience required. The user-friendly interface makes video creation a breeze.
  • Full Customization – From choosing an avatar to editing and rendering, Synthesys offers full customization options for your videos.

Pros of using Synthesys for video creation:

  • Over 300+ Humatars and voice styles to choose from
  • Saves time and money by eliminating the need for expensive video production services
  • User-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to create professional-looking videos
  • No camera or film crew needed, making it perfect for those who are camera shy
  • Full customization options allow you to personalize your videos according to your brand or project needs
  • Regular updates and improvements to ensure the best video creation experience for users.

With its advanced AI technology, Synthesys is truly the future of video creation. Whether you’re a content creator, marketer, or business owner, this tool can help you elevate your video game and stand out from the competition.

5) Luka

Logo design and branding are crucial components of establishing a company’s visual identity. But the process of creating a logo and developing an entire brand can be overwhelming and time consuming. This is where Looka comes in.

Looka is an AI-powered logo maker and brand guide builder that simplifies the process of creating a brand. With its advanced AI technology, Looka offers users a variety of logo options to choose from, making it easy for anyone to create a professional and unique logo for their brand.

One of the most appealing features of Looka is its wide range of logo choices. With just a few clicks, users can generate dozens of AI logo designs and select their favorite one. The logos can then be downloaded in high-quality SVG, PNG, and EPS formats.

In addition to logo design, Looka also offers branding options. Users can easily match their logo with brand colors and fonts to create a cohesive visual identity for their brand. This helps in creating a strong and consistent brand image that resonates with customers.

But Looka doesn’t stop at just logos and branding. It also provides more than 300 templates for various marketing collateral such as invoices, email signatures, and business cards. By applying their brand to these templates, users can easily create professional-looking materials without any design experience.

While Looka has many great features, one area that could be improved is its selection of basic icons. While the AI technology does offer a wide range of logo options, some may find them too simplistic. It would be beneficial for Looka to expand its icon library to include more complex and unique options.

Overall, Looka is a great option for businesses or individuals looking to create a professional brand with minimal effort. Its AI-powered logo maker, branding options, and marketing collateral templates make it a valuable tool in the world of design.

6) Bricabrac AI

Bricabrac AI has been praised for its ability to improve workflow efficiency and turn ideas into functional applications. However, like any tool, it also has some limitations that businesses should be aware of.

But first we will see what makes Bricabrac AI stand out from other AI software for businesses. One of its key features is its speed – it works quickly and allows users to see their ideas come to life in a short amount of time. This can be a huge advantage for businesses looking to streamline their processes and increase productivity.

Bricabrac AI is also a powerful and appreciated for its potential contribution to sales. With its ability to optimize workflows, businesses can deliver better products and services more efficiently, leading to increased customer satisfaction and potential growth in sales as an ai-powered analytics.

However, Bricabrac AI may not be the most user-friendly tool for those new to AI technology. It may take some time for businesses to get familiarized with the features and functions of the tool. It sometimes gets criticized for its heavy reliance on AI algorithms, which may not always work perfectly and can affect the overall performance and functionality of the tool.

Despite these limitations, Bricabrac AI remains a popular choice for businesses looking to incorporate AI into their processes. With its speed, optimization capabilities, and potential for sales growth, it is definitely worth considering for companies looking to stay ahead in the competitive business landscape. As with any tool, it is important for businesses to carefully assess their needs and how Bricabrac AI can best serve them before making a decision.

7) Illustroke

When we talk about AI tools for businesses, we often think of data analysis or automation software. However, with the rise of visual content and design in marketing, there is also a growing need for AI-powered design tools. Illustroke is one such tool that has been gaining popularity among designers and creative professionals.

You would be surprised at how much time and effort is required to create an eye-catching illustration. But with Illustroke, designers can easily generate unique illustrations – with or without color – in a matter of seconds. This not only saves time but also allows for more creative freedom and exploration.

One of the biggest advantages of Illustroke is that the generated images can be used commercially without any attribution required. This is a huge plus for businesses looking to incorporate visually appealing designs into their marketing materials or products.

For those looking to create illustrations in bulk, Illustroke also offers an API that can automatically generate multiple images with just one prompt or token. This can be a game-changer for companies with large design needs.

However, businesses need to keep in mind that Illustroke is a paid tool, with no free version available. While they do offer some free tokens for promotional purposes, businesses would have to purchase a plan for regular usage.

So, who is Illustroke best for? It is ideal for web designers, illustrators, and creative professionals looking to streamline their design process and create stunning illustrations with the help of AI. As always, it is important for businesses to assess their needs and budget before investing in any tool. But if you’re in need of captivating visual content, Illustroke could be a great addition to your design arsenal.

8) Eightify

This is our last tool and yet another AI-based application that aims to simplify video consumption, specifically on YouTube. Eightify utilizes ChatGPT technology to provide quick and efficient summaries of long videos, eliminating the need for users to watch the entire video themselves.

What keeps Eightify apart from other YouTube summary tools is its focus on extracting main ideas and key information, making it a valuable resource for businesses looking to save time and gather useful insights from videos.

It is also worth mentioning that Eightify offers a Chrome extension for easy access and provides three free summaries per week for videos under 30 minutes. This makes it an ideal tool for businesses with limited needs.

Aside from personal video consumption, Eightify also offers services geared towards online and entrepreneurship enterprises. With its cost-effective plans, businesses can access unlimited video summaries of any length, making it a versatile tool for diverse content needs.

One drawback of Eightify is its limited scope as it currently only works with YouTube videos. If your business uses video content on other platforms, this AI tool may not be the best fit for your needs. Nonetheless, Eightify remains a valuable resource for businesses looking to optimize time and gather essential information from YouTube videos.   Overall, Eightify is a noteworthy addition to the list of best AI tools for small businesses.  So why not give it a try and see how it can benefit your business?  With its efficient summarization technology, you may just find yourself saving time and gaining valuable insights like never before.

AI Tools for Business: FAQs

To wrap up our discussion on AI tools for small businesses, here are some frequently asked questions and their answers:

What are the best free AI tools?

All the tools we mentioned in this article have free versions or offer free trials, making them accessible to small businesses with limited budgets. Clepher, Midjourney, and Eightify are some of the best free AI tools available for businesses. However, keep in mind that most free versions have limited features and may not meet all your business needs.

Can I use AI tools without any technical knowledge?

Most AI tools are designed to be user-friendly and do not require extensive technical knowledge to operate. However, it is always helpful to have a basic understanding of AI and its applications to make the most out of these tools.

Are AI tools secure for businesses?

Businesses should always prioritize security when using any software or tool. It is recommended to thoroughly research the security measures implemented by an AI tool before incorporating it into your business operations. Look for privacy policies, data encryption, and other security measures to ensure the protection of your business data.

How can AI tools benefit my small business?

AI productivity tools can benefit small businesses in numerous ways, including automating tasks, improving efficiency and productivity, enhancing decision-making processes, and providing valuable insights. By incorporating AI into your business operations, you can save time and resources while gaining a competitive edge in the market.

Use AI tools and an AI chatbot for your business.

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