How Facebook Messenger Bots Help Generate Leads

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The Internet is still growing day-in-day-out. As a result, so is Facebook Messenger with their bots. Every kind of market aims to tap into this BIG audience. And with social media being a big part of the online world… it’s the main reason lead-gen services try to convert traffic in prospective customers. 

And while the “go-to” method still seems to be a funnel, or a landing page if you will. This marketing method doesn’t convert as much traffic as it used to do. But, with chatbots emerging and rising on the scene. I beg to differ. 

In this article, we touch upon why Messenger bots are essential. In summary, it’s because Facebook (boasting 2.37 billion MAUs) should be used to capture leads. With this massive audience, integrating chatbots to generate leads is the smart thing to do. 

Why Facebook Messenger?

Messenger is an instant messaging application, developed and owned by Facebook since 2011. It enables users on the social media platform to communicate via messaging. And since its conception, Messenger has had enormous potential. Especially when it comes to the conversion of potential customers.

Through chatbots, it eliminates the need for landing pages. Messenger provides a much easier way for a prospect to fill out forms. Plus, it allows for far better customer support. And with Messenger, you can now cut out, requiring users to opt-in with their email! Yet, we do recommend to always ask for their email, as some point in the sequence. 

That said, though. Reaching out to prospects on this Messenger is much more comfortable. Because without the need for contact information… you still have an instant communication line with your prospect. And having a direct line of communication enables you to foster better relations!

What is a Chatbot?

A Chatbot is an automated piece of software. It’s built on the principles of A.I., which can be used to interact with prospects or customers. Chatbots have feats that simulate written speech in a human-like way.

Some chatbots also learn with each interaction they make with the prospects. Thank Machine Learning for that. 

These sophisticated bots can process the text sent by users through a ‘parsing’ process. Which allows them to analyze the text by making use of a complex set of algorithms. A series of responses can then be inferred to provide a conversational experience. Like how humans converse. 

But, rest assured. Most bosts today, though, don’t have Machine Learning or NLP. Nope, they are simple QnA bots that get the job done. 

Because when it comes to generating leads, you want a simple way of doing things. Plus, marketers today already make use of chatbots. They have them answering questions, give automated responses, and provide excellent customer service. 

What if you combine them?

You can make use of your bots to make to build your brand awareness by letting the people know what it is you can do for them. But, they very efficient when it comes to capturing, qualifying, and converting leads.

By making sure customers get instant feedback – while browsing your offer – they can make a better decision if they will be making a purchase. Today, this “immediate customer service” is essential to increasing your conversions. And it gives a competitive edge over other competitors present in the market. 

These bots can be tailored to have a customized experience that the users can easily relate to. In the end, every business needs to foster a relationship with their customers. Bots can also be used to gather user data, which they then can process and learn from. 

Better conversions and more sales can be attained through Messenger chatbots. Because you’re able to reach more of your audience through an “on-stand-by” medium. The use of bots also reduces workload. While your staff’s focus is on essential issues, your bot is answering the easy questions.

Benefits over Landing Pages

A landing page is a marketing tool every business already makes use of. But, making use of Bots lets you stand out. Facebook Messenger bots make you look innovative and new. Software like this is what gives you an edge in the market. 

And because everyone knows how to use a Messaging App, let alone Messenger. There’s no learning curve for customers. Moreover, the U.I. is more interactive than the traditional landing pages.

It’s 100% certain questions will pop-up within the mind of prospects. And what better way to address them than a personalized bot that doesn’t need your attention. 

Landing pages still work. But, they lack a lot of interaction apart from the Call to Actions (CTAs). And some prospects, I.E., hot prospects, may lack the patience to start at the beginning of a funnel. Scaring them off while they had their credit card in hand! 

How to Build a Facebook Messenger Bot?

You can always opt to code one yourself. But that’s a hassle. To build and use bots on F.B. Messenger for lead-gen, we recommend Clepher. We allow you to create your bots with no programming experience. 

Once you’re logged in, you choose the Facebook page you want to link your chatbot. From there, it’s easy.

A basic chatbot is set up in minutes. You either:

  1. Install a chatbot template, and have a fully working bot, or… 
  2. Start with a Welcome Message and Default Reply to cover the basics first. 

Using your Facebook Messenger Bots to generate leads

As soon as you have a chatbot on Facebook Messenger, the first step to take is to come up with a good campaign. A campaign that works well with gaining new fresh leads and customers for your brand. Now, a personalized campaign is a proven concept that works for lead gen businesses. And a chatbot on Messenger can help you address people by their name to make it personal fast. 

You should strive for something that sets you apart from your competition. Today, a bot will do. But, in a few years, everyone will have a bot. This means you should already strive for a special kind of bot. I mean, basic questions, like what you’re selling or the service you want to offer, are quite remarkable. You can immediately capture the attention or interest of the prospects. But, did you think about the tonality of your bot? If you can give it a personality that’s in line with your brand, it goes a long way! 

Keep in mind it will be a tedious process to get the prospect talking with your bot if they don’t have fun, or see the value. Market research on your target audience applies here too. Especially if you want to make the chatbot campaign a success. 

A target audience refers to the people you wish to convert into lasting customers. First, you collect and analyze the data on them. This allows you to discover how you can better advertise your products to them. Demographics can be used to categorize your audience. As a result, you then understand how they think, as well as what they might want/need. 

The next thing is to decide which stage of your sale funnel the bot will be directing the prospects to. By analyzing the structure of your sales process, identifying bottlenecks, and fixing them… Should get you going in the right direction.

It’s these “bottlenecks” where you can use bots to optimize. For instance, you can use prompts to recapture the prospects’ attention. It may seem like a small factor, but it’s beneficial when it comes to increasing your conversions. 

You should also make use of the full bot potential in other departments of your brand. Like, instant communication for your customer service. By giving prospects and customers answers much faster will keep them getting back to you. 

Final Thoughts on Generating Leads with Messenger Bots

A well-organized bot helps to determine whether the whole process will be useful or not. So, it’s essential to create your bot with extreme diligence to get those high conversions you’re after. 

Messenger chatbots seem advanced, but they’re quite simple to integrate into your sales process. The use of Facebook Messenger bot tools like Clepher makes building them fun and simple. 

Chatbots streamlines a company’s marketing and sales process. It also boosts the customer satisfaction rate. Because it can answer simple questions fast. 

Our platform can even analyze how effective your chatbots are. It can identify points in the customer journey, which can be improved. Different lead-gen strategies should be used to create a remarkable customer experience. 

Making use of chatbots is an efficient way to connect with existing and new prospects. Chatbots can operate 24/7 as well as handle many users all at once. This allows you (and your team) to focus on other aspects of your marketing efforts. 

Moreover, Clepher enables any business to take advantage of the bot benefits. It allows easy creation of chatbots. Seamless automation of business processes. Real-time capture of customer data and customer engagement. 

The future of business is A.I., and chatbots are the leading solutions.

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