Facebook Messenger Rooms Are Here & It’s Glorious!

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Facebook announced a new feature for Messenger, called: Facebook Messenger Rooms. They did this just a couple of weeks after announcing the Facebook Messenger Desktop App. It seems they’re taking a go at Zoom with Messenger Rooms. Zoom has been camping with a lot of issues since COVID-19. They not only have problems in dealing with the massive influx of users but with privacy problems as well. The privacy issues made a lot of big enterprises leave the platform already.

So, what are these Messenger Rooms?

It seems like this is the perfect opportunity for Facebook to swoop in with their plans to expand its capabilities in video chat. Messenger Rooms is a tool for video chat, or virtual hangouts if you will. It can manage up to 50 people at once, and it allows your friends and colleagues to join whenever they feel like it. On a side note, Facebook is also increasing the capacity of WhatsApp’s video calls from 4 to 8 people. They are also adding video calls to Facebook Dating. As well as more cool live-streaming feats to both Instagram and Facebook

Next to Messenger Rooms The Zuck revealed all the new features in a live-steam on his Facebook Profile today. Zuckerberg mentioned in an interview with The Verge that they were going to release video features that are in line with the company’s shift toward creating better and more private messaging tools.

Facebook is making a move as COVID-19 has forced millions, if not billions, of people sitting at home. During this pandemic, people heavily rely on communicative tools like WhatsApp, Messenger, and Zoom. They use them for work, school, and TGIF parties (of which I’m supposed to be at one right now).

Other Features Next to Facebook Messenger Rooms

There were many more things announced in the live-stream on Mark’s Profile. But, over at Clever, we feel Messenger Rooms is the coolest thing that’s being released. It’s not live yet, though. The feature will be rolled out in the U.S. somewhere in the coming weeks first. Again, the call can hold up 50 people at once. The starter, or creator, of the Messenger Room, can specify where to make it an open room, or lock it. The latter prevents uninvited guests from hijacking a private meeting… something that happened with an exploit on Zoom. When the feature is live, you can start a room on Facebook and Messenger. Now, what’s cool is that you’ll be able to start one from Portal, Instagram, and WhatsApp too.

I can’t help but to think… is this a sign of unifying the platforms, and can we see bots happening on WhatsApp and Instagram soon as well? Perhaps, maybe! But, I digress… While you are in a Facebook Messenger Room, you can play with FB’s AR filters. Or, you can choose to go with a real-life background, or you swap it for a virtual one. Watch the video here to get a better idea:

Video Credit: Facebook.com

That said. Facebook Messenger Rooms will be made available today in every country in the world. This means where Facebook is available. You find in the Facebook and Messenger apps. Be sure to update it. If you don’t see it yet, wait for it to roll out to your country.

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