How Can Messenger Bots Improve Sales & Conversions?

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How Can Messenger Bots Improve Sales, Conversion Rate & Retention?

lsoeCommerce chatbots have become the talk of the business in 2022. Businesses constantly look for new and innovative ways to increase sales, conversions, and retention Cart abandonment might happen for many reasons – either because something is missing in the eCommerce platform, your customer cannot complete the purchase in time, or there might be any other reason.

Many businesses struggle to increase the conversion rate and reduce cart abandonment. And the reasons could be anything from lack of communication and seamless customer experience to no quick sales flow system. Chatbots in e-commerce help you decrease cart abandonment and improve the retention rate. It can effectively provide an enhanced customer experience with product assistance, easy navigation, and quick checkout.


How Can eCommerce Chatbots Increase Sales and Conversion Rates?

Chatbots can boost your sales as it allows you to streamline your chat flow. There’s no need to manage a call center for your customers. Your chatbot can respond within milliseconds and provide appropriate answers to customer queries. It can be used for personalized recommendations, quick navigation through the website, and building trust.

Following are the ways through which chatbots can increase business results:

   1. Chatbots help to Confirm Orders And Track Shipping

Chatbots can help confirm orders by sending an order confirmation email after successfully placing an order. It also keeps track of the order status with shipping details, which helps provide post-purchase services.  Shipping and tracking is a hectic job that requires time and effort. But chatbots reduce all those efforts to mere seconds by helping businesses track orders using fewer resources.

Usually, customers complain about order status, shipping issues, or delivery time. They want to do everything in one click. Chatbots provide round-the-clock assistance to your clients by providing them with instant solutions to all their problems, no matter how quickly they get out of the website.

Example: Zalando – a leading fashion retailer.

Zalando uses Chatbots to provide post-purchase services like product returns, refunding, cancellation, and exchange.

Zalando Lounge Chatbot

Zalando Lounge Chatbot

Their chatbot can handle 70% of customer queries around fashion, footwear, accessories, and personal styling. The case study of Zalando shows chatbots can help businesses to increase conversions and hence, revenue.

   2. Chatbots Can Help to Reduce Cart Abandonment

The abandoned cart problem is a common issue that eCommerce websites are facing to get into the struggle of increasing sales conversions. It is known that cart abandonment is a usual practice among online shoppers as they have to go through the registration process before completing an order.

In order to reduce cart abandonment, chatbots can help navigate users to different categories of products without any hassle. The point is that when users are looking for other products on your page, and they can’t navigate to different categories, they leave without purchasing.

Chatbots can prevent such situations by helping to navigate users to different categories and buying pages. It gives online shoppers the power to easily navigate your website and enhance their purchasing experiences in your store.





As you can see from the example above, chatbots can easily help customers resolve their questions for different service product categories quickly. Chatbots can even turn customer questions into sales opportunities and help in increasing sales conversions.

    3. Boosts Repeat Businesses And Minimizes Churn Rate

As we all know, churn rate is one of the major concerns for eCommerce businesses. It means that if your customer is shopping on your website but not coming back to order the next time, you are losing one of your customers – which reduces business revenue and ROI.  But it’s an equally important thing that how do you retain those customers who buy from you once or twice? 

Repeat purchasing is a strong indicator that there’s no churn in the future. Chatbots take care of this problem by reminding users about their purchase history and previous order details via email or SMS alerts, which leads to an increase in the retention rate.  It also leads to a higher clientele base and increased referrals which helps businesses cut overhead costs like call center management fees and money spent on social advertisements.

   4. Messenger Bots help to Provide Information

In order to increase sales of a product or service, you have to engage your customers in different ways. To increase sales conversions, you can use messenger bots to provide users with detailed information about your product.  Clepher’s friendly chatbots have a lot of personalization features to understand your customers and provide them with specific information about the products they are looking for.

This strategy keeps them engaged and increases the chances of conversion. Machine Learning done by chatbots helps them understand customer needs and provide personalized results based on their needs.


Jasper's Market Chatbot

Jasper’s Market Chatbot

Check out how Jasper’s Market helps customers answer the three most important questions without having them wait for a customer service representative. It reduces the chances of cart abandonment and helps in increasing sales conversions.

   5. Provide Remarkable User Experience and a High Satisfaction Rate

Chatbots help businesses increase conversions by providing a remarkable user experience and high customer satisfaction rates. Using chatbots for customer support services, companies can offer better product information and faster solutions to them than humans. 

One cannot ignore that chatbots are intelligent enough to resolve issues within seconds without any human intervention, which eventually results in increased sales conversions. Sometimes when customers reach out to you on messenger to resolve an issue, they are annoyed, upset, and nervous. 

Clepher has developed a unique and out-of-the-box strategy to reduce customer stress and provide a remarkable user experience via its chatbots.


Now, if you reach out to the brand to resolve an issue, and you receive such a personalized response, won’t it increase your company’s brand image?

Clepher Chatbot

Clepher Chatbot

That’s what Clepher does for hundreds of brands through its chatbots. This strategy makes customers feel special, but it also increases sales conversions. Imagine how stressful it would be for your customer rep to handle such customers who are already under stress? That’s when you have to be sincere and considerate towards your clients.

   6. Increases Sales Conversions And Revenue

Sales conversions and revenue depend on the quality of leads and how well they’re nurtured. To boost your sales, nurturing high-quality leads is a must. 

Chatbots can convert those visitors who are just entering your website into potential buyers by providing them with information about products as per their needs and interests.

Chatbots can increase sales conversions and help increase average order value (AOV) because chatbots allow businesses to identify what customers want through conversation with them, which ultimately increases the customer’s satisfaction level.

  7. Chatbots Build Stellar Customer Service

We all know that customer service plays an important role in the success of eCommerce websites, and chatbots can help you to do so. In fact, customers prefer messenger bots to get their queries resolved. In a survey about customer service, 47% of the customers shop items via bots.

Messenger bots can also integrate with CRM systems to serve customers round the clock 24/7. Empathy and responsiveness are two qualities that cannot be taught but learned by human interaction. That’s why Chatbots are the best option to provide customers with instant service and respond to their queries quickly.

Do you know why Domino’s has worldwide popularity and customers can’t stop talking about them? Of course, the first thing is their excellent pizza flavors, but their ultra-responsive customer service gives them an edge over other pizza shops.

Domino's Pizza Chatbot

Domino’s Pizza Chatbot


Dominos’s messenger bots can address customers’ issues in just 4 steps. It is the perfect way to provide customers with quick service, keep them engaged and increase sales conversions.

Domino's Pizza Order

Domino’s Pizza Order

It doesn’t end here; it even guides to the size of your pizza and more information on order tracking, new order, and so on.

   8. Customers can be Acquired and Retained Better

When chatbots are implemented, more customers can be acquired and retained better. Through the implementation of chatbots, more sales leads can be generated, which means that it assists marketers in connecting with more prospective customers. 

Furthermore, through chatbots, companies can retain more existing customers (through customer service interactions) who might otherwise churn out due to an unsatisfactory customer service experience.  The point is to make the customer and client experience as easy and simple as possible (saves them time and makes them happy, which leads to more sales and referrals).

   9. Help Businesses Transfer Customer Requests to Customer Service Specialists

By integrating chatbots with your customer service department, you can instantly maintain their engagement and instantly transfer requests to your customer service specialists.  This can help you increase sales conversions by providing immediate assistance to customers while browsing your website.

If the bot doesn’t understand your requirement properly, it will forward your request to the customer service department. This way, you can maintain your customers’ satisfaction and increase sales conversions.


Hoas Chatbot - How may I help?

Hoas Chatbot – How may I help?

Hoas Chatbot - Transfer to CSR

Hoas Chatbot – Transfer to CSR

The screenshots are from HOAS (The Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region). The bot Helmi helps customers find their new home and helps them throughout the house search process. But if it can’t detect the users’ requirements correctly, it will forward the message to the customer service department. That’s what makes it worth a shot for businesses looking to increase sales conversions.

The idea is to know your customer’s requirements and provide them with the best services. You can use chatbots to make this possible by accurately detecting your customers’ needs and providing them with relevant information about your product.  This can help you increase sales conversions and build a strong brand image in the market.

Check another example of Panda Docs. The bot gives you all the available details and lets you know whether they can fulfill your requirements or not. It asks you questions, understands your requirements, and shows you options. This way, they can easily assist customers looking for specific products. But along with this information, it asks if you have not found what you are looking for; it connects with their customer service department and forwards the requests.



PandaBot - Connect to Expert

PandaBot – Connect to Expert

By doing so, they are increasing sales conversions and customer satisfaction simultaneously.

   10. Chatbots Automate Sales Process

You won’t believe it, but it’s true! With the introduction of chatbots in your messenger, the sales numbers will increase exponentially. Chatbots can help lead generation by providing relevant business prospects/customers with all the required information. Not only this, but they can also provide information about your social media presence to help you get more business and increase sales conversions.

They can make suggestions based on customers’ business requirements and transform them into potential customers. Why should customers wait to do business when they can start right away? It will save you time and increase sales conversions and revenue.


Snaptravel chatbot

Snaptravel chatbot

Snaptravel Hotel Deals

Snaptravel Hotel Deals


Snaptravel has automated its sales process to get maximum conversions. They also provided them with all the relevant information instead of waiting for hotel prospects to call. The idea is to provide all the relevant information and potential business prospects about your product without wasting time. Chatbots can help you achieve this by automating the sales process and increasing sales conversions.

Bottom Line: Messenger Bots – More Sales and Better Retention

Messenger bots are the next big thing in the digital marketing world. They can help you increase sales conversions, retention, and revenue by providing immediate assistance to customers while browsing your website.

Businesses are beginning to realize the benefits of chatbots for their business and increasing sales conversions. They can make suggestions based on customers’ business requirements and transform them into potential customers. This way, you can maintain your customers’ satisfaction and increase sales conversions.


Use a Clepher Chatbot to Improve Sales and Retention


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