How Facebook Messenger Chatbots Improve Conversions

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Chatbots Improve Conversions. No doubt about it. And with Facebook showing data, 61% of people in the UK messaged businesses in the last 3 months… And that 53% of people are more likely to interact with a company they can message directly… Or that more than 50% of people consider business messaging the modern way to communicate… It’s no wonder this has a positive effect on conversions. The novelty of Facebook Messenger bots may be wearing off.

But the stats don’t lie. See, my team shared with me a recent marketing campaign using Facebook Messenger. The metrics were (still) off the charts… 92% open rates and 58% click-through rates! This means those initial data sets in 2016 still hold true today in 2020. Look. Marketing without conversions is only talking. Of course, the entire point of marketing and advertising is conversion. You won’t be in business long if you aren’t converting anyone to a lead or a sale. Chatbots improve conversions with talk… conversation. In this article, we dive a bit deeper into the world of improving conversions with chatbots.

Why do Chatbots Improve Conversions so well?

First, a word on what “conversion” is. Conversion is moving a customer from a shopper to a buyer. It’s using marketing to convince people to become paying customers. It’s at the heart of every marketing activity.

There are a lot of reasons that Facebook Messenger converts so well. Here are a few big ones:

Everyone has Messenger. Over 1.3 billion people use Facebook messenger every day. That means it’s familiar to almost everyone that uses the internet. Familiarity breeds loyalty. If you’re going to buy something from someone, it’s a lot more relaxing if the platform is already familiar to you. It can be accessed easily on mobile devices. If you put a website-dependant chatbot on your site, it can only be accessed through your website. With a Messenger chatbot, it’s accessed through Facebook Messenger, an app that almost everyone already has on their phones.

Facebook Messenger has a high uptime record. Rather than relying on your website or hosting provider, it’s hosted on Facebook. They have a vested interest in making sure that Messenger is up all the time. It offers a lot of features that other chatbot platforms don’t. Because it’s hosted and created by Facebook, they have the resources to add a lot more features than most other designers. Facebook also adds features more quickly than anyone else. When a new feature is needed, it usually shows up on days instead of months.

Using a Facebook Messenger Chatbot to Convert

Facebook Messenger chatbots can convert customers using a standard, simple-to-use platform. Improving conversions is easy to do because you can plug it into your current system easily.

Here are a few examples of how chatbots help improve conversions:

Drive traffic

Your chatbot can drive customers to your product pages. The chatbot can pop up as a message that offers your customers a way to get straight to your products. This can happen at any time, day, or night. Since most people read messages on Messenger… you got a good chance, someone will take action vs. someone using email to convert customers.

Customer Service 

Using a Facebook chatbot, you can reach out to your potential customers to see if they’re ready to buy. You can provide customer service, such as offering to answer questions, sharing essential features, and guiding their purchasing decisions.

Brand awareness

Your chatbot can reach out to potential customers and share your brand with them. With Click-to-Messenger ads and marketing messages… you can convert prospects without the need for human interaction or activity.

Augmented reality

If you want the customers to envision your product in their lives, you can use augmented reality to show them what it would look like. Let your contacts see what their face will look like with your glasses on. Imagine sending a message that says, “Point your camera at your driveway and see what your new Porsche will look like sitting there.” Augmented reality can put images in your prospects’ minds. This is one of the most powerful conversion tools available.

Item Follow-up

The chatbot can follow-up with your prospects quickly. You can set it to reach to them with items that they expressed an interest in. This keeps their wants and needs on the top of their minds. They might not be ready to buy today, but they’ll be prepared to do it tomorrow or the day after.

Share broadcasts

Share live videos, recorded videos, even commercials directly with your prospects. This is like being able to target a TV commercial only to those interested in the product. The best part of this powerful tool is that you reach people who are already interested in your brand. You’re able to share powerful messages with them easily.


One of the great powers of Facebook Messenger chatbots is that it can be personalized. Every message can contain the person’s name, it knows their gender and other relevant personal information like location. This helps make the messages feel more customized and less like spam.

Start with the End in Mind

The key to using Facebook Messenger chatbots for conversions is to start with that goal in mind. Make sure that every automated interaction drives the prospect to purchase. This seems like a no-brainer, but too often, businesses will build their systems in a vacuum. For example, the FAQ chatbot won’t push the prospect to purchase. And I ask you why not? Try to get a CTA in there! I mean, if it’s your focus to use Messenger to make sales in every interaction… It’s only logical; you’ll have many more conversions quickly and easily.

That said if you’d like to discover how the 5 stages of awareness in conversions work bots… see this article here.

Getting Help

So can chatbots help you improve conversions? Yes. Yes, they do. But frankly, the path to conversions is a long one. And although a chatbot helps to make it shorter. It requires an understanding of how a chatbot is implemented in this process. And since Facebook adds new features nearly every month… it’s kinda important to understand how all those features can be applied to your specific situation. So, we recommend using a chatbot creator and marketing suite such as Clepher.

And if you do, you’re bound to increase conversion in no-time. You’re getting a professional company to help you build your chatbot, and it will save you a lot of time. Using “CM” increases the likelihood that your chatbot will convert prospects to customers. Many smaller companies try to do it alone or take shortcuts. There is much power in the Facebook Messenger chatbot that it can help an SME to grow quickly.

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