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Want to integrate with your chatbot? And get the ability to integrate with over 200 other third-party applications? You’re in luck! The Integration is now live. The Triggers, and actions, and everything else are managed via This means you can now connect to your account to Clepher. Then on, you find the Clepher App, from where you can create the most epic connections to other third-party tools. You can create a FREE account here.

Integrate with these Supported Triggers Events

Although we see a lot of ways we can have trigger an event, we want to start off with – what we believe are – the 2 most important Trigger Events. For now, you can choose between these 2 Trigger Events:

Trigger Event(s) Description
New Subscriber This triggers a scenario when a (new) person subscribes to your chatbot on Messenger. Note that this triggers only for new subscribers. Meaning that, in most cases, it can trigger only once per subscriber. Only if a person unsubscribes, then subscribes again, will make this event trigger again.v
New Tagged Subscriber This triggers a scenario if a tag gets added to a subscriber. This Trigger Event happens when a tag is added automatically through Flows, or when it’s added manually to subscribers individually, or in bulk.

Perform Actions through

When connected to, you can use the connection in multiple scenarios. The possibilities really are next to limitless. That said though, we start to give you the ability to do the following with

Supported Actions(s) Description
Send Flow Programmatically Send a Flow to your subscriber
Send Card Programmatically Send a specific Card to your subscriber
Add Tag Add a Tag to your subscriber
Detach Tag Remove a Tag from your subscriber
Set Custom Field Set a Custom Field in your subscriber’s profile.
Unset Custom Field Set a Custom Field in your subscriber’s profile

Search Steps through

Clepher integration lets you perform search steps in order to enable you to fetch your subscribers from other apps. Two search steps are currently supported:

Supported Actions(s) Description
Search By Profile ID Lets you fetch a subscriber using their Profile ID.
Search By Profile Evidence Lets you fetch a subscriber by providing any custom field value attached to the subscriber. For example the value of Custom Field type email; a subscriber’s email address.

Forward Data through

Of course, you can forward subscriber data you have collected inside Clepher to as well. You can then further process to over 2000 other third-party tools. We start by giving you the ability to send these over:

Supported Actions(s) Description
First Name Forward the First Name of the subscriber to
Last Name Forward the Last Name of the subscriber to
Gender Forward the Gender of the subscriber to
Tag(s) Forward the Tags belonging to subscriber to
Custom Field(s) Forward the Custom Fields belonging to subscriber to
Profile ID Forward the subscriber’s Profile ID to
Profile Picture Forward the subscriber’s Profile Picture URL to

Instant Webhooks with

The integration supports instant webhooks. This means you don’t have to wait for to do a check each and every 5 to 15 minutes, only to send data over in batches. With the webhook approach, and when Clepher is the first in the scenario, it’s Clepher sending the data immediately, where can immediately pick up and follow your scenario. This eliminates waiting times and delays completely.

Great, right? I can’t wait to see what you think. So, now that you can integrate, how will you use it? Let us know the comments below.

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