Integrate ConstantContact With Your Messenger Chatbot

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Want to integrate ConstantContact in your chatbot? You’re in luck! The ConstantContact Integration is now live. This means you can now add your ConstantContact API details inside the Integration Manager on Page Level. Then on the Flow Composer, you find the ConstantContact Card. And from there, you drag ‘n drop your self a powerful automation with your favorite autoresponder.

Integrate ConstantContact with these Supported Actions

We start off this new Integration with 5 different Actions. Which is getting you most of the capabilities you need in order to make a good connection with your favorite autoresponder. But, we keep a close eye on any other API hooks! For now, you can:

Action(s) Description
Create Contact Creates a new contact in ConstantContact
Update Contact Updates an existing contact in ConstantContact.
Delete Contact Deletes an existing contact in ConstantContact.
Create Contact in List Adds an existing contact into any list in ConstantContact. However, if the contact does not yet exist, a new contact will be created, and then added to the list.
Delete Contact from List Unsubscribes a contact from a list in ConstantContact.

Integrate ConstantContact with these Supported Fields

Want subscriber data like Email Address, Phone Number, Tags, Custom Fields and more to integrate with ConstantContact? Simply fill out a couple of fields, point ‘n click a couple of times… and data is transferred over to your favorite autoresponder in a heartbeat. Here’s a small overview of what you can send over:

Supported Field(s) Description
Email Address This is the Custom Field you use to store subscriber’s email addresses in which you can send over
First Name Their Facebook First Name is automatically forwarded to ConstantContact
Last Name Their Facebook Last Name is automatically forwarded to ConstantContact
Phone Number A Phone Number can be set to any created, or updated, ConstantContact contact from Clepher.
Tags You can send tags to ConstantContact contact too.
Custom Fields Custom Fields can be passed manually from Clepher to ConstantContact as key, value pairs.

Final Thoughts

Great, right? I can’t wait to see what you think. So, now that you can integrate ConstantContact, how will you use it? Let us know the comments below.

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