Integrate VeriPhone With Your Messenger Chatbot

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Want to integrate VeriPhone in your chatbot? You’re in luck! The VeriPhone Integration is now live. This means you can now add your VeriPhone API details inside the Integration Manager on Page Level. Then on the Flow Composer, you find the VeriPhone Card. And from there, you drag ‘n drop your self a powerful automation for your phone number verification needs!.

Integrate VeriPhone with these Supported Actions

We start off this new Integration with 1 Action. With this action, you should already get the ability to make a good connection with your favorite Phone Number Validation platform. We keep a close eye on any other API hooks! For now, you can:

Action(s) Description
Validate Phone Number Checks if the Phone Number that was submitted is in fact a legitimate Phone Number.

Integrate VeriPhone with these Supported Fields

To validate the submitted Phone Number you can use a static phone number or a dynamic phone number value that’s used with a Custom Field of type Phone. From within in the VeriPhone card, after choosing your account and action, you simply choose the Custom Field that’s being used for capturing Phone Numbers:

Supported Field(s) Description
Phone Number You forward any Custom Field of the type Phone here, the Custom Field you use to store subscriber’s Phone Numbers in. This is the subscriber’s Phone Number that will be checked by VeriPhone.

How Does The VeriPhone Integration Work?

The Phone Number from a Messenger subscriber is requested using the Ask for Phone Number card. The Phone Number is sent to VeriPhone. After VeriPhone has done its magic, Clepher gets a response and learns whether the Phone Number that was submitted is either valid or invalid. Now, to give you full control of your Flows, we give you 2 connectors, respectively; True or False. This is where you can decide what needs to happen next.

Please note: The Ask for Phone Number card already had a validation action. It basically is checking whether the Phone Number follows the correct numeric format, meaning it could not accept any other values that did not resemble a Phone Number. Now, with VeriPhone, you can go a level deeper and check if the submitted Phone Number truly exists. By focussing on getting the only the Phone Numbers that are real, you increase open rates and avoid penalties to your delivery given by services like Twilio, Vonage, etc.

Final Thoughts

Great, right? I can’t wait to see what you think. So, now that you can integrate VeriPhone , how will you use it? Let us know the comments below.

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