Meaning of the Dotted Circle Instagram DM – Guide to Vanish Mode

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A blog post about the vanish mode in Instagram

You might use Instagram DM regularly. For the most part, its interface is pretty straightforward. You see all the chats, online people, and other sections, like Message Requests.

However, one sign that is unusual for many users is the dotted circle on Instagram.

Many people think it is a relatively newer feature and don’t understand what it means. If you notice a chat with this icon, you will see a notification like “Messages will disappear.”

In short, the dotted circle represents the Vanish mode feature on Instagram. What is it, how does it work, and how can you enable it? Let’s find out everything!

Ultimate Guide on Vanish Mode Instagram: Dotted Circle?

The Meaning of Dotted Circle on Instagram DM and What is Vanish Mode?

The dotted circle on a chat shows that the user has turned on vanish mode on Instagram. To get a clearer picture, we must understand what this feature means.

Vanish Mode is a feature on the Instagram app and web that was added in 2020. It allows users to send disappearing messages, such as texts, images, videos, or GIFs. Users with the dotted circle mean their messages will automatically disappear once seen. Moreover, leaving the chat will delete the messages sent in vanish mode.

Another thing to note is that it is not a permanent feature. You can turn it on, send some messages, and turn it off. The best part is that the messages sent in vanish mode will automatically delete once it is turned off. Thus, it is a feature that adds an extra layer of safety and privacy for Instagram users.

What is Vanish Mode on Messenger and Instagram? IPVanish

How to Enable Vanish Mode on Instagram?

To use vanish mode on Instagram, you have to turn it on. The following steps will guide you through this simple process. But first, you should update your Instagram application. If you have an iPhone, go to the App Store. Android users should open the Play Store and look for the installed apps. Scroll down until you see Instagram, and tap it. Now, you will see the button to Update it on the app’s page.

You will see the Open button if the Instagram app is already updated. Update or open the app according to your specifications. Want to know how it works? Then, follow the steps below!

  1. Log into your Instagram account by entering your username and password.
  2. Next, head to the Instagram DMs section.
  3. Open any chat that you want to exchange disappearing messages with.
  4. Then, swipe up from the bottom of the chat to turn on vanish mode.
  5. Now, you can try to send a message in vanish mode.

How to Use Vanish Mode on Instagram

You’ll also see the “🤫” emojis going up in the chat. A “You turned on vanish mode” notification will appear at the top. Also, the chat will turn into dark mode, regardless of your app’s preferences. These signs can confirm that you have entered the vanish mode on Instagram.

Things to Know About Dotted Circle Instagram DM

Now, you will know what it means when you see the dotted circle on Instagram direct message. However, that’s not it. There are a few things to know about Instagram’s vanish mode. Let’s look at that:

  • You can not send message requests in vanish mode.
  • A person can take a screenshot of messages, images or videos sent in the vanish mode.
  • If the chat is in vanish mode, you can not copy or forward its messages.
  • Viewing messages via notifications is also turned off in the vanish mode.
  • This mode is only available for one-on-one messaging. Hence, you can not activate it in a group chat.
  • You can turn off the vanish mode by swiping up the chat again.
  • This feature is only available for Instagram messaging. Hence, a vanished chat on Instagram can not communicate in Facebook Messenger.
  • Some business or professional accounts may not allow you to use the dotted circle feature when messaging them, as they might be using powerful chatbots for conversations.
  • The platform will notify the other party when you turn on vanish mode in Instagram chat.
  • The message sent in vanish mode will be gone when you close the chat window. When you open the message, you will not see it again.
  • If you see a dotted circle activated by the other party, you can not disable it. The only thing to do is request them to turn off the vanish mode.
  • You can know if someone has activated the vanish mode by the dotted circle beside their name in the DM section.

Why Can’t I Use the Dotted Circle on Instagram?

Instagram might not allow you to use the dotted circle for some reason. Here’s why this feature might not work and some solutions.

  • Using an Outdated App: As mentioned earlier, it is best to update your app before you’ll be able to use this feature.
  • Restricted by Other Party: If the receiver is a professional account, they might have restricted vanish mode. In that case, you can’t use it when messaging them.
  • App Problems: Try clearing your app cache, restarting it, and reinstalling it.
  • Account Problems: The last resort is to contact Instagram support. You’re to fill out a form that includes your basic information and occurring problems.

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How do we know we’ve entered the vanish mode?

Sometimes, you can mistakenly swipe up the chat and activate the vanish mode, even if you’re not willing to do it. In that case, you will see the notification on top saying, “You have entered vanish mode.” Plus, the chat window will turn dark, representing the vanish mode.

Is vanish mode a good feature?

Vanish mode on Instagram is a new feature compared to the existing ones. For the most part, it is a helpful feature to keep messages secure and upgrade the user experience.

Why can’t I get vanish mode on Instagram Messenger?

Click the messenger icon at the top right corner of the DM section. There, open a chat and activate the vanish mode.

Final Thoughts

And that brings us to the end of this detailed guide on Instagram’s vanish mode. You can always enable it when sending some sensitive messages. Even though it may have some limitations, it can make your chat more private. Plus, it is easy to turn on, use, and turn off. Most people use this feature to prevent their sensitive information from being saved in the chat. You can also utilize this benefit by using the vanish mode. But if you want assistance managing your dozens of chats, let Clepher handle it!

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