On Which Messenger App Will You Create A Chatbot?

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If you’re still in doubt on which Messenger App, or Messaging App, you want to create your chatbot, I got the answer for you. But before we dive in, let’s first find out the reason why Messaging Apps, in general, should have all your attention as a business, alright?

See, undoubtedly, there are more people online nowadays than ever before. And, of course, the Internet has changed the lives of people worldwide. The more mature it gets, the Internet keeps revolutionizing the communications systems we use today with many more advantages.

In almost everything we do, we turn online. We log in to Google when we want to find answers to our questions. Plus, people prefer ordering online because of the convenience they give, perhaps now, more than ever with the current pandemic going on. Not to mention that people just love to share their special moments on social media with their colleagues, friends, and family. Yup, life surely was different before the dawn of the Internet. If you wanted to read about the latest news, you had to buy the newspaper from the newsstand in the morning. Or, you will have to wait for the newscast to air later this evening.

Fast forward till today, in a few taps, you can read about the world’s latest events. And as of October 2020, we now have almost 5 billion (59% of the global population) people connected to the web. And with mobiles being responsible for most web traffic sessions,  54% of all web activity to be exact (and still growing rapidly!)  you can probably already see why Messenger Apps and chatbots are something to take note of.

Messenger Apps, That’s Where The People Are!

One of the most popular means of communication on the web nowadays are Messaging Apps, or Messenger apps if you will. Apps like Telegram, WhatsApp, Signal, and the most popular obviously being Facebook Messenger. Facebook Messenger is a one-stop platform where you can chat with colleagues, family, friends, and total strangers. And today, you can even call, with or without video. Plus, it’s supporting media like audio messages, file sharing, images, and video messages. And through the Messenger API, you can get it fully-integrated into CRM systems. messaging apps are your all-inclusive channel. It is whether you need to send a photo of a faulty product to the business, or you want to share photos of family moments with your loved ones. 

Messaging Apps and Chatbots are Great For Businesses

Messaging apps are giving customers the easier option to reach out to the business. The first advantage of messaging apps for businesses is unrestricted communication. Customers, for instance, can reach out to businesses privately via messaging apps. And, unlike SMS that often incurs fees, it’s free. Plus, when a business is using a chatbot, customers can also expect to receive timely responses. Which ultimately translates to happier customers and more revenue for the business.

Plus, unlike Twitter, where every customer could complain publicly. Facebook Messenger and other messaging apps provide a more private outlet to interact with customers. Thus, the business can offer help to customers while saving their brand. That said, Messaging apps with chatbots offer a lot of efficiencies. Messenger chatbots, for instance, respond automatically to customer requests via messaging. In turn, a chatbot will point the customer asking the question to accurate information available in a public knowledgebase – a glorified approach of self-help! 

More and more people are using messaging apps day-in and day-out. And the proof is in the pudding, right? See, when you wake up, this app notifies you about new messages – which you gladly check. Then, when you take your lunch break, you check your Messenger too. Right before going to bed, you use Messenger. Not to forget all the moments in-between. Guess what, entrepreneurs, your audience is doing the same thing. So, whether you are a marketer, or if you own a business, you ought to know that your audience and clients use messaging apps to interact.

So, shouldn’t you and your business be part of that conversation?

Some Cool Statistics on the usage of Messaging Apps: 

  • 8 out of 10 adults connected to the Internet use messaging apps. 
  • 9 out of 10 teens connected online use messaging apps, all-day and every day.
  • 7 out of 10 online customers are more likely to shop products with a business via messaging apps. 
  • 7 out of 10 paying customers would rather engage via Messaging apps. They prefer this over calling customer service.

We found out that over 98% of all businesses are not taking advantage of the statistics yet. Meaning, they are not reaching out to their customers via Messaging Apps. Which, in my honest opinion, is just stupid! Because all the traffic you could possibly want, is right there, in these messaging apps.

Using Messaging Apps & Chatbots

Know that today, your customers are expecting a quick response. We live in an on-demand society after all. We want everything instantly! Preferably yesterday. And when you have a chatbot on a messaging app, like Facebook Messenger, you can cater to that need. This way, your customer support team not only becomes automatically more efficient. But, your customers will love you for getting back to them that fast. It’s a win-win scenario!

Customers may also want to use Messenger to track a shipping date. Or, check the status of their product return. They may also use a messaging app to ask other questions or resolve issues. And using Facebook Messenger with a chatbot, your customers should have no difficulties in contacting support. They should be able to send their message to your bot without the hassles. And if your chatbot replies with images, emojis, or videos, you’ll quickly learn it’s very much appreciated by your customers.  Because these will enhance interaction with your customers to a more human-like interaction.

In this world where Facebook posts, instant messaging, and the increasing interest in Messenger chatbots are ruling our day, taking advantage of such innovations is the best way to usher your business to success. Millions of people send messages and use Facebook every day, whether on PC, tablet, mobile, and more. This takes you to the opportunity to interact with your customers anytime and anywhere.  

So yea, it’s the messaging app Messenger that should have your undivided attention. With its over 1.3 billion active users, why hesitate to start using your Messenger to its full potential with bots? I mean, did you know that 72% of people who use Messenger are confirmed, online buyers? Plus, it is the most engaging platform with an average of 82% open rates. Plus, it has 4 to 10 times higher Click-Through-Rates or CTRs compared to email. And, response time is 20% faster compared with traditional messaging. Look, I could go on and on with this list… But you get the point. Messenger and chatbots are hot!

And using chatbots on Messenger to your advantage will propel your business to better landscapes. The world’s biggest brands are using Messenger chatbots. They use this to increase their brand exposure and build their lists. They also use them to maximize sales and profits, as well as gain more leaders and customers… So, why aren’t you?

Build Your Chatbot With The Clepher App!

Looking for the best Messenger Chatbot platform that can facilitate your chatbot needs? Look no further! Because Clepher is it. Clephers offers a simple drag-and-drop platform that makes creating your Messenger chatbot super-duper easy. The chatbots created on Clepher have the power to gather customers’ insights and increase sales. These bots will help business owners, such as yourself, collect essential data from customers via automated conversations.

Another big benefit of a chatbot is that once you make them live, they are also present 24/7. Unlike you, your sales reps, or support agents… They don’t need sleep. As a result, it also saves your business money and resources. Furthermore, they can improve customer satisfaction. Chatbots can handle questions that humans will usually take time to address. Clepher features over 220+ chatbot templates that our team has professionally built in cooperation with the Clepher Community. Put merely, Clepher can turn more of your traffic into leads, and more of your leads into buyers. We offer effective strategies so you can convert more visitors into loyal customers. 

Of course, there are a ton more benefits to Clepher, which you can all read right here.

But, why not test it out for yourself? Risk-free?

Clepher Offers A 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee 

Join the many customers who prefer Clepher over any other chatbot building platform. And to it with confidence with our 30-day money-back guarantee. Yup, test it all for a month and see how these chatbots work for your business needs. And, even if you are not completely satisfied, not delighted 100%, or in doubt, you can simply contact our chatbot or helpful support staff. We are available 24/7, and we’re more than happy to provide you a full refund. It’s the best deal. Your risk-free access is waiting, get your full 30 days test-driving Clepher today.

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