The Impact of a Messenger Chatbot in Various Industries

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So, how does a Messenger chatbot impact your company? In this article, we’ll find it out by looking at various industries and how they implemented a Messenger Chatbot. See, every day is there’s an opportunity to find and interact with new customers worldwide. Many big companies and organizations already went before you and seized the Messenger Chatbot opportunity. These chatbots on Messenger are now helping them reach out to customers. Ready to see what this fresh marketing and support channel did for others? Let’s dive in!

The Positive Impact of a Messenger Chatbot Per Industry

Let’s have a look at various industries and see how they are using chatbots.

How Messenger Bots Did Their Thing in the Football Industry

One of the big industries that have felt the impact of a Messenger chatbot after implementing it is the football industry. As we all know, football is the most popular sport in the world, garnering fans from all over the globe. Reaching out to these adoring fans by the football industry has never been easier after adopting Messenger as a channel. It has given the fans a fantastic platform that they can use to interact with their favorite clubs.

Manchester City and their Messenger Chatbot:

Manchester City is an English football club currently in the top-tier league. They were the first football club to launch their chatbot on Messenger. As a result, the interaction between their fans and relevant shareholders across the globe has increased rapidly. Direct news updates and live content are being uploaded directly to this site, and fans and shareholders alike get a chance to access them with ease. Customer service using this app has also improved as many fans can reach out to their club for comments or queries with ease.

Messenger Chatbot Impact in the Real estate industry

Another industry that has greatly benefited from using Messenger chatbots real estate. The company Intelligent Investor is one of the leading real estate companies globally has been using this channel to popularize their webinars. Since then, they have been registering a vast number of new registrants to their webinars with a super high attendance rate. They mention their attendance rate increased 2.5 times compared to using other traditional website landing pages.

Previously, clients who wanted to access these webinars had to website landing pages to submit their registrations. Over the years, they saw a steady decline in the number of registrations. This forced the company to look for other alternatives. They brought in a Messenger chatbot and in the hope, it would impact their bottom line. And it did! See, by introducing ads for these bot conversations to attract people to attend their webinars they enabled customers to access an interactive Messenger experience rather than the traditional landing page. To increase compatibility, the company designed it to be like their landing page.

What really added fuel to the fire is the fact that the company was also able to reach out to clients who had been locked out of the conversation… or had not finished up with the registration process via Messenger. A simple broadcast reminded these people to complete their registration, and so this turned into more attendees.

Messenger Bots in the Automotive industry?

Another industry to benefit from using Messenger in its operations in the automotive industry. Hyundai, one of the leading car manufacturers in Australia, has been using ads that connect with Messenger to generate and qualify leads in Australia. They managed to achieve a 27% less cost for every lead compared to previous lead generation campaigns. They have been using Messenger to reach out to customers for a long time now and have since wanted to find out if this platform would help them improve their awareness campaigns, engagements, and vehicle leads. The company was garnering leads with Facebook already and was seeking to boost its success by introducing Messenger into its operations.

The company incorporated ads that take you to Messenger, resulting in a digital lead generation feeling. Included in the ad was a clear action call that assisted clients know that they would be accessing a Messenger experience and not a website. Once the new clients accessed the lead generation experience, an inquiry of which specific model they preferred would be made to them by Messenger from the ad. Yes, it prompted Messenger to inquire about many other questions that people replied to using Quick Reply buttons. Less friction, because this would enable people to send their contact details quickly without having to type.

What’s cool is that they set up a condition, so whenever a new customer disliked the ad version, he/she would be redirected to the traditional website by Messenger, ending the conversation.

Messenger Chatbots in the Electronic industry

LG recorded a purchase increase of 4.3 times by conducting an enjoyable and interactive brand awareness program on Messenger… By requesting their customers to showcase their laundry fails. This campaign was for the LG TWIN WASH system. LG aimed to roll out a campaign of the machine’s main component, a single body with two washers that could operate simultaneously. The company targeted to spark conversations among prospective customers. And they did this by introducing a ‘Laundry Museum’ on Messenger.

LG first decided to create a teaser video to proudly display a sample of the most eye-catching laundry failures shown in the Laundry Museum. Basically, to give people the Messenger feeling first, before entering the conversation. Ads clicking to Messenger rolled out this clip to the viewers and requested them to share their own horrific experiences. To touch the target audience, LG preferred customers of ages between 29 to 54 years old and had some interest in various home appliances.

In the Messenger conversation, people could find the Laundry Consultant complete with augmented reality (AR). This was added in to create more interaction. Customers would then be asked some questions concerning their specific laundry horrors. The laundry consultant would advise them on carrying out their laundry correctly with the LG TWINWash. Using the camera on their phone, people could see for themselves the machine’s appearance and how it would appear in their respective homes, increasing their urge to buy it.

So what did the Messenger Chatbot do for LG?

After the consultant’s interaction, customers were provided with links to the website. The site contained more comprehensive information and promotions for the product. To convince customers more, the company hosted a giveaway ceremony using Messenger as well. Together with over 656 million reactions and attaining 124 million viewers, the company accumulated 457,000 encounters with its ads and 60,000 new subscribers in Messenger.

The awareness program in Messenger was conducted in 5 nations from October 2018 to December 2019. It turned out to be a success with the company achieving a 6.6% average increase in Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, and Latin America for its brand recall, a 2.1% average increase in the Asia Pacific, Europe/Middle East/Africa, Latin America for its message association and a boost in buying intent by 4.3 fold.

How Messenger Bots Impact the Clothing industry

Another company that has greatly benefited from using Messenger is the British lifestyle brand Crew Clothing. The company decided to welcome Facebook on board as its marketing partner when they saw the Messenger opportunity. This resulted in an amazing campaign! See, as customers initiated a conversation with the brand using Messenger, an animated figurine would guide them through several questions… Essentially qualifying the lead, which allowed for targeting the available product based on gender, price, and personal style. This approach made the buying process more flexible to customers.

During the initial stages of the month-long awareness program, the company furnished the ad to factor in Black Friday messaging, leading to a sparked increase in conversions. Incorporating some humor on its Christmas awareness program from November to December in the 2019 Christmas campaign boosted its engagement with its younger audiences. This, in turn, enabled the company to achieve 47% of Messenger experience talks that ended with the customer placing an order, return that was five-time the resources spent on the ad.

Another company that is living proof of the wonders of Clepher is Isbjörn. Based in Sweden, children’s outerwear brand embraced sales that accompany the winter holidays by incorporating Facebook and Messenger into their operations, resulting in a 50% reduction on the items that were being returned. Plus, a whopping increase in returns on money spent on the ad by 95 fold.

Final Thought on The Impact Messenger Bots Can Have

The above companies are just a few examples. There are many others who have benefited from incorporating Clepher into their day-to-day operations as well. So, after reading how Messenger chatbot is impacting all these industries, do you still doubt their power? Whether you do, don’t… Try out Clepher RISK-FREE today, and see how easy it is to get results.

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