Chatbots in 2024: Top 19 Customer Service Chatbot Examples

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I could put hundreds of chatbot examples in the article, as chatbots have revolutionized online business by offering round-the-clock customer service with quick and logical responses. Recognizing this opportunity, top companies and brands designed their customized AI assistants and gave us the best chatbot examples.

If you have talked to a chatbot, you must have noticed that it still has room for improvement in mimicking human interactions perfectly. But, it does not mean they cannot help us in real-time.

Whether in healthcare, as late-night companions, financial assistants, or even aiding in real estate transactions, these versatile chatbots are at the forefront of helping humans navigate various domains.

In this article, we will discuss the best customer service chatbot examples and how the AI revolution is changing the dynamics of business.

List of the Best Chatbot Examples in 2024

In this modern world, every business has taken steps in the virtual world to use a website chatbot. With the help of AI, you can not only automate your responses but also design a whole chatbot.

Following is the list of the best Chatbot examples:

  1. Clepher
  2. Meena by Google
  3. Kuki – The AI Companion
  4. BlenderBot by Facebook
  5. Insomnotbot 3000 by Casper
  6. Freelance Chatbot
  7. Real Estate Chatbot
  8. Socratic Chatbot
  9. Roo: A Parent’s Assistant
  10. Erica by Bank of America
  11. Buoy: Healthcare Chatbot
  12. Woebot
  13. Domino’s Interactive Chatbot
  14. Taco Bell Chatbot
  15. Mya: Recruiting Assistant
  16. Ev-e by General Motors
  17. ChatGPT by OpenAI
  18. Alexa by Amazon
  19. Siri by Apple

Let’s look at these chatbot examples more elaboratively.


Why have online businesses started using chatbots? Yes, for the fastest customer service. But we also know that many things could go wrong with technology like that if it is not fully trained.

So, Clepher is making waves in customer service chatbots with their amazing features.

The competition is too high, and Clepher is ensuring it stays that way. It is one of the best conversational and most sophisticated chatbot examples. It has all the features a top-notch chatbot should have to quadruple profits and boost conversions.

Meena by Google

Google has taken NLP to the next level in the form of Meena. Meena is one of the most sophisticated conversational AI chatboxes. It can mimic human conversation swiftly enough to even respond to casual banters.

Meena is trained on 40 billion words monthly and 341 GB of text data on social media platforms. It can

  • Adapt its response tone according to user input
  • Navigate through various topics and respond to complex queries
  • Engage in nuanced and contextually rich conversations

Google gives all of these facts, so Meena has a chance of leniency. Users still have to test it and make the decision by themselves.

Kuki – The AI Companion

Need a friend? It can very well be Kuki. Formerly known as Mitsuku, Kuki is a 5 times Loebner Prize winner. It befriends humans in the metaverse and is also available on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, etc.

Kuki is believed to be the smartest AI chatbot. You will be surprised that over 5 million social media users have chatted with her. It uses the Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity (A.L.I.C.E.) database for swift responses.

BlenderBot by Facebook

The name might take your thoughts to the kitchen, but it reflects the bot’s ability to blend various conversational abilities. BlenderBot, designed by Facebook, is the most transparent bot. It even answers questions regarding Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook scandal regarding user privacy.

BlenderBot’s long-term memory feature helps it engage in multi-turn dialogues. So, if you want to hear a joke between serious questions, It has you covered.

Meta claims to be the smartest chatbot available. But this claim was paled in the Bot Battle when BlenderBot lost to Kuki after a two-week conversation.

Insomnobot 3000 by Casper

Casper sells sleep products. In a marketing campaign, the company created and launched a chatbot for insomniacs. The idea hit the mark, and Insomnobot 3000 gained millions of users.

So, what the bot does is text you when you are unable to sleep. It’s like a virtual night companion that stays with you all night long.

So, this AI bot campaigned for the company and became a friend to many.

Freelance Chatbot

Many freelancing websites, such as Fiverr, Guru, and Upwork, have integrated chatbots into their platforms to assist both buyers and sellers.

Source 2: Fiverr

Freelancers can benefit from these chatbots in many ways;

  • Onboard assistance
  • Job recommendations
  • Support and Troubleshooting
  • Client communication
  • Order management
  • Performance Insights

Real Estate Chatbots

AI technology is growing so fast that it has introduced itself in every other industry, including real estate. Chatbots are available for navigating restaurants and ordering food, finding hotels that complement your budget and booking rooms, buying airplane tickets, and purchasing or selling land/houses.

Source 3: LandBot

Real estate chatbots save time when looking for an individual’s ideal option by scanning all the options available in the area and giving filtered results.

Socratic Chatbot

Teachers cannot answer all the questions, and we know that well enough. So, again, AI steps forward to save the day. Socratic AI is an educational chatbot that helps students with their academic work.

Designed with machine learning and natural language processing, Socratic AI helps students instantly explain complex questions using simple, step-by-step methods.

Roo: A Parent’s Assistant

Sometimes, teenagers have questions that are awkward to answer and explain. Roo chatbot saves parents and counselors from such situations and acts as a parent’s assistant.

Source 4: Roo

Roo spreads sexual health awareness and answers questions that you may never ask from your parent, school counselor, or even a friend. It is there for you to solve your problems by simply answering your somewhat shady questions.

Erica by Bank of America

Erica is a virtual assistant chatbot for Bank of America. It is designed to give customers personalized banking experiences through conversational AI technology.

You can converse with this chatbot on Bank of America’s website or through a mobile phone app. It has multiple features, such as;

  • Conversational interface
  • Financial insights
  • Account management
  • Educational resources
  • Security and privacy

Erica makes you worry less about managing money and enjoy spending it on the luxuries you work hard to earn.

Buoy: Healthcare Chatbot

Healthcare has also dipped its feet into the water of chatbots. You are wrong if you think these chatbots can replace doctors. They are here to help you with the questions you have regarding your health and help you assess the situation.

Buoy is a chatbot that comes forward when you are physically feeling down. It can also assist a doctor in diagnosing a patient.

It is an AI tool that uses Millions of clinical records in databases. Compared to other healthcare chatbots, it self-learns through machine learning and gives the most accurate results.  A survey was conducted on the patients who used this bot and were also diagnosed by doctors—90% of the diagnosis results overlapped. The company ran the tests for this survey, so the claim may be slightly biased.


Woebot is also one of the healthcare chatbots, but it is specifically designed for your mental health. It offers you an automated cognitive behavioral therapy. There is no doubt that it is one of the best mental healthcare chatbot examples, but it is also true that these bots are trained to be kind. So, they agree with anything you say, including our little Woebot friend.

Woebot Health claims that this chatbot has guided 1.5 million people to get on a path to better mental well-being. You can get your hands on this bot on Google Play and help yourself without seeing a therapist.

Domino’s Interactive Chatbot

Domino’s interactive chatbot is the perfect example of customer service. Its simple and easy interface makes it stand out. Without calling the franchise branch in your area, you just have to make a couple of clicks on your phone, and your delicious pizza is on the way.

It is connected to Facebook Messenger so you can use it on any device. It keeps the history of your orders so that you may re-order the same meal again with this bot.

Taco Bell Chatbot

Nothing is better than enjoying your favorite meal while ensuring its nutritional value. Yes, the Taco Bell chatbot helps you find your best meal and provides nutritional information so you may eat what suits your taste buds and your health.

The food company has also ensured that the bot is trained to find nearby locations and access exclusive deals through a friendly and conversational interface.

Note: If you own a restaurant, getting a little help from AI might be the best idea for your customers to navigate through the menu, find the place, and order the food quickly. Contact Clepher to boost your food business.

Mya: Recruiting Assistant

Mya is a chatbot that helps you automate your interview. You can place your questions, and Mya filters the candidates you are looking for. This bot does 75% of the job and saves you time.

The question is, how does Mya use this magic?

  • Interacting with candidates via social media channels
  • Asks pre-screening questions
  • Provides application status updates
  • Guiding candidates
  • Evaluate and rank candidates

Mya and other HR chatbots have taken a significant workload from the companies’ HR departments.

Ev-e by General Motors

General Motors, a car manufacturing company, sought AI’s help to acquire talented people. Ev—e gives automated answers to candidates looking for jobs in the company. It has information about everything, such as open positions, company benefits, scheduled interviews, etc.

GM claims that this chatbot has reduced recruitment from 5 days to 29 minutes. It has also done the automated scheduling of 50,000 interviews in a year.

ChatGPT by OpenAI

ChatGPT is a widely used chatbot that helps users with various tasks. It is not specific to one inductor or category. Like Meena, it has information for almost every topic and can engage in meaningful conversation.

ChatGPT was trained through “unsupervised learning from language modeling.” OpenAI collected vast amounts of data from public sources on the Internet, such as articles, books, websites, and publicly available text.

Alexa by Amazon

Can we say Alexa is a chatbot? The answer is Yes. But it is not our conventional chatbot that takes input in the form of texts.

Alexa is a conversational AI tool by Amazon. It is trained to understand and respond to natural language questions and commands. Though its primary use is for smart home control by performing tasks such as turning lights on/off, playing music, setting alarms, etc, people also use it as a conversational companion for fun.

Siri by Apple

Siri also takes voice commands, just like Alexa, and yes, it is a chatbot. It is available on all iOS devices, i.e., Mcbook, iPhones, and iPads. It does not do random chats but rather does the tasks the user commands.

In comparison with Alexa, Siri has more users, even more than Google Assistant. Seeing the popularity of Apple products, there should be no doubt about this fact.

Final Thoughts

If you want to take your online business to the next level, AI chatbots are your companions on this journey. In this article, we have not just learned the names of the best chatbot examples. It shows us that chatbots have become a necessity for an online business unless you have an employee whose eyes are always on the screen and able to answer customer queries within seconds.

The chatbots are as much capable of helping a doctor as they are helping a student. They can help in your parenthood and also in booking a hotel room. There is no limit for these buddies. So, let’s ask Clepher to get a customized chatbot for your business and get it to the skies!

Use chatbots for customer service.

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