Unlocking Success: The Top 13 Customer Engagement Tools for Business Growth in 2023

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A blog post about how to unlock success using the top customer engagement tools

Customers are the lifeblood of any business, and engaging with them is key to success. Whatever the size of your business, customer engagement is a vital part of success. In the year 2023, there will be new and innovative opportunities for businesses to interact with their customers. From AI chatbots to customer feedback tools, from social media to email marketing, the right customer engagement tools can help you to build relationships with your customers, improve customer service, and grow your business.

Our team has put together a list of the 13 best customer engagement tools for business growth in 2023. We will also highlight their purpose, and discuss the path to build strong bonds with customers in the digital age.

Benefits of Using Customer Engagement Tools

Customer engagement tools are like supercharged companions that help you navigate the vast ocean of customer interactions. It helps unlock valuable insights and drives your business to new heights.

Following are some of the top benefits of these tools:

  • The engagement tools offer marketing automation processes with which you can streamline and optimize your campaigns. This means using software and tools to automate repetitive tasks, such as sending emails or posting on social media. This not only saves time but also frees up resources that can be used for other important aspects of your business.
  • It is crucial to know how satisfied your customers are with your products or services. These tools help you determine customer satisfaction levels in real-time and promptly address any issues or concerns they may have. This helps you maintain a good relationship with your customers and ensure their continued satisfaction.
  • Building strong and lasting relationships with your customers is essential for business success. One way to achieve this is by promoting meaningful conversations with them through different communication channels, such as social media, email, or live chat. Chatbots play a vital role in this regard and help your brand establish trust and loyalty.
  • Feedback from your customers helps in improving your business. When you actively collect feedback, you can gain insights into what your customers like or dislike about your products or services. This feedback can guide you in making necessary improvements, addressing pain points, and enhancing the overall experience.
  • Involving your customers and boosting their engagement is key to securing their interest in your brand. You can frequently encourage customers to participate through contests, surveys, or interactive content. As a result, you can capture their attention and make them feel involved.

Best Customer Engagement Tools

Whether you have a website for your business, a profile on social media platforms, or some kind of mobile app, choosing the right user engagement tool is crucial. It reduces the hassle of customer service teams and provides multiple customer engagement strategies.

Following are some of the best customer engagement tools that you can choose from.

  1. Clepher

Clepher offers an automation tool that revolutionizes customer engagement by empowering numerous small businesses with the seamless integration of chatbots into their Instagram and Facebook profiles.

With the use of AI, Clepher enables businesses to automate their operations and create connections with their customers via active conversations. These intelligent bots are programmed to provide real-time responses so that the customers do not have to wait for human assistance.

Clepher’s customer engagement platform enables businesses to provide efficient and real-time customer support, engaging with customers on their preferred channels. For example, check the following Clepher’s Facebook chatbot that answers instantly to any queries that customers have.

Clepher Facebook automated chatbot

customer engagement tools

Since chatbots are available 24/7, they ensure businesses can engage with customers at any time. Whether it is late at night or during weekends, chatbots are always ready to assist. This accessibility enhances customer engagement and strengthens customer relationships.

Another example of quick responses is Clepher’s chatbot for a local nail salon and bakeshop. The chatbots are programmed to respond instantly to the customers’ inquiries and provide helpful information without any delay.

Clepher bakeshop automated chatbot template

The chatbots act as virtual assistants and guide us through the booking process, services, location, and more. This interactive engagement can promote a sense of convenience and reliability for customers, encouraging them to explore the offerings of the nail salon and bakeshop further.

Clepher nail salon automated chatbot template

  1. Hootsuite

It is a platform that helps businesses manage their social media presence and provide better customer service. Hootsuite brings together all the messages and comments from different social media networks into one place, so businesses don’t have to switch between multiple apps. This saves time and makes it easier to engage with customers.

Its main feature is the message inbox, where businesses can see all their messages from various social networks in a single view. Businesses can set up alerts to prioritizing urgent messages, use automated responses and saved replies for common questions, as well as collaborate with their team by tagging and assigning tasks.

It allows businesses to monitor and join conversations on social media about relevant topics. They can automate tasks, like suggesting replies or filtering messages, to save time. Hootsuite integrates with CRM systems to sync customer conversations and information which makes data management more efficient.

  1. SurveyMonkey

When it comes to choosing the right tools to increase user engagement, SurveyMonkey is a great choice. It is a tool that helps businesses collect valuable feedback from their customers quickly. SurveyMonkey is among the ideal feedback tools that let businesses conduct surveys regularly to know what their customers have to say about their experience.

Businesses can create various types of surveys, polls, quizzes, and more to engage with different audiences. The platform provides built-in survey templates and professionally written questions so that businesses ask the right questions to gather meaningful insights.

Personalization options, such as adding a progress bar, randomization, and scoring system, are also available to tailor surveys and quizzes to their customers’ needs. The analytics tools of SurveyMonkey enable businesses to gain a comprehensive understanding of the collected data.

It is worth noting that SurveyMonkey has a few drawbacks. For example, the editor can sometimes be glitchy, which may cause some inconvenience during the survey creation process. Moreover, while the platform offers an analytical dashboard, it may require further improvement to meet all business needs.

4. Mixpanel

This customer engagement tool revolutionizes user engagement for businesses, empowering them to elevate user interactions. Mixpanel has a decent set of features including in-depth insights into customer behavior, that can help make informed decisions based on data and deliver personalized experiences.

What makes it unique is its powerful analytics and reporting capabilities. Through detailed reports on user interactions, businesses can gain a comprehensive understanding of how users engage with their products or services.

Mixpanel’s ability to create retroactive funnels and cohorts is another noteworthy feature. This functionality enables businesses to determine drop-off points and successful conversions, which identifies the pain points and develops targeted strategies to enhance conversions and retention.

The limitless segmentation feature that this tool offers is superb to uncover hidden patterns and trends within a business’ user base. Mixpanel facilitates A/B testing, a vital tool for optimizing user engagement.

  1. Zendesk

A powerful customer engagement software, Zendesk is designed to reshape the way businesses interact with their customers. With its suite of innovative features, it empowers support agents and teams to provide exceptional personalized engagement and deliver outstanding customer experiences.

It boasts a ticket system, which enables support agents to efficiently manage and resolve customer inquiries. These tickets can be easily assigned, prioritized, and tracked, ensuring that every customer request receives the attention it deserves.

Zendesk’s user onboarding capabilities offer self-service tools that enable customers to find answers to their questions independently. Through knowledge bases, FAQs, and community forums, users can access a wealth of resources. Resulting in reduced reliance on support agents for basic inquiries.

The personalization options further increase customer engagement. Moreover, it enables businesses to send targeted push notifications and messages to customers based on their preferences and behaviors. This makes sure that customers receive relevant information and updates.

  1. Airship

Airship helps businesses engage with their customers and improve their mobile app experience. It provides various features to enhance customer communication, starting from when users first join the app to ongoing interaction and retention.

The most notable feature of Airship is its push notification capability. It allows businesses to send targeted messages and notifications to their customers for timely and relevant communication.

Airship also offers APIs for messaging, personalization, and audience management. These APIs lets businesses to customize their communication based on individual user preferences and behaviors. As a result, the customers are offered a more personalized and immersive experience.

The app comes with various engagement tools to create product walkthroughs and conduct experiments without the need for coding. Integration with popular tools like Zendesk improves customer support and service. Airship also prioritizes user data security through Transport Layer Security (TLS).

While Airship has many benefits, there are a few limitations to consider. A/B testing can be challenging since it requires careful implementation and testing methodologies. There may also be slight delays in performance when creating detailed and lengthy emails.

  1. Freshworks CRM

Transforming the way businesses handle customer relationships, Freshworks CRM is a cutting-edge platform that allows organizations to elevate their customer interactions. It gathers and analyzes user data and gives businesses valuable insights into their customers’ preferences and needs.

Being one of the top user engagement tools, it acts as a central hub that organizes data from various sources like customer interaction and transactions. Freshworks CRM offers tools to track and manage leads, contacts, deals, and accounts efficiently. It also allows users to automate repetitive tasks and streamline workflows to boost productivity.

Freshworks CRM incorporates intelligent automation and AI. It uses machine learning to analyze data and predict customer behavior. It is a vital tool for customer engagement that helps businesses build strong relationships, enhance satisfaction, and create loyal customers.

  1. HubSpot

This user engagement tool goes beyond traditional customer engagement solutions by providing a comprehensive suite of features designed to revolutionize the way customers interact. HubSpot facilitates customer engagement through its powerful lead generation.

Through forms, live chats, and chatbots, businesses can capture valuable customer information and initiate personalized conversations. The marketing automation features of this tool play a vital role in enhancing customer interaction. The automation of repetitive tasks and delivery of personalized content based on individual preferences and behaviors nurture the leads effectively.

Automated workflows enable timely follow-ups, email sequences, and relevant content recommendations. Furthermore, HubSpot’s analytics provide businesses with deep insights into customer behaviors and campaign performance. It helps to monitor website traffic, marketing campaigns, and customer interaction.

The advanced CRM that HubSpot’s Sales Hub offers is another significant contributor to better customer interactions. It provides a comprehensive view of the customer journey. This information promotes sales representatives to have meaningful conversations and increases the likelihood of closing deals faster.

  1. Salesforce

Salesforce is not just another customer engagement tool but a transformative solution that harnesses the power of AI, data management, and CRM to change the way businesses connect with their customers. With its unrivaled features and capabilities, Salesforce sets a new standard in customer engagement and stands out as the ultimate solution in the market.

With the seamless incorporation of AI, data management, and CRM functionalities, this tool lets businesses build meaningful connections with their customers. Salesforce provides customer-related information along with a holistic view of interactions, preferences, and history.

What sets Salesforce apart is its AI capabilities that allow businesses to automate various processes, increase productivity, and provide personalized engagements. Salesforce’s AI-powered workflows enable service teams to scale their operations and solve cases efficiently. In this way, faster issue resolution and heightened customer satisfaction are achieved.

Moreover, it also has AI-powered chatbots that bring personalized service to a whole new level by delivering quick answers across various channels while reducing costs for human employees. It also comes with a range of add-ons to enhance customer engagement.

For example, the Field Service add-on streamlines field operations and optimizes scheduling. Whereas, the Self-Service add-on makes it easier for the customers to find answers quickly on their own, reducing the workload on service agents. Salesforce’s integration with the popular collaboration tool Slack ensures efficient communication and instant access to the right people and information.

  1. Customer.io

Customer.io is a transformative automated messaging platform that revolutionizes customer engagement strategies. It encourages tech-savvy marketers with unparalleled control and flexibility to curate and dispatch data-driven messages across multiple channels. With capabilities to send emails, push notifications, in-app messages, and SMS, businesses can create personalized and impactful communication for their audience.

The platform’s intelligent logic allows marketers to precisely time their message delivery. They can employ features such as time delays, time windows, and user-triggered actions, ensuring that messages reach customers at the most opportune moments in their customer journey.

With the integration of existing apps such as CRMs, or CDP providers, customer.io effortlessly assimilates and leverages vast quantities of data. Businesses can create user records and align associated events, resulting in a personalized customer experience.

Marketers can create highly targeted audience segments as well based on user interactions, past behaviors, and other attributes. This enables them to deliver customized messages within specific timeframes, maximizing the relevance and impact of their communication.

Customer.io’s emphasis on metrics and analysis empowers marketers to measure the success of their campaigns. Businesses can evaluate the effectiveness of their campaigns, such as the completion of onboarding programs, plan upgrades, or reactivation of dormant accounts.

  1. Vero

Vero is a customer data platform that helps businesses deliver valuable experiences to their customers. It supports behavioral and transactional emails. It can help businesses build deeper connections with their customers by providing relevant content and offers.

For example, Vero can help a retail business send targeted emails to customers who have abandoned their shopping carts. This will encourage those buyers to complete their purchase with a personalized offer.

But Vero is not just limited to email campaigns. It also offers campaign segmentation, lead management, and landing page creation, among other features. With such engagement tools, businesses can create customized CTAs and conduct A/B testing to optimize their marketing efforts.

A prominent benefit of Vero is its integration capabilities, which allow businesses to connect with other systems and platforms such as Segment, Google Sheets, and Zapier. This can help streamline workflows and ensure that customer data is synced across multiple channels.

  1. GetFeedback

GetFeedback is the bridge that connects businesses with their customers on a deeper level. It empowers them to listen, understand, and act upon the voice of their customers. With its unparalleled customization, advanced analytics, and unwavering dedication to customer engagement, GetFeedback becomes the catalyst that propels businesses toward unrivaled success.

What makes GetFeedback unique from other tools is its ability to transcend the boundaries of traditional surveys. With its intuitive drag-and-drop editor, companies can effortlessly create surveys that resonate with their brand’s identity and capture the essence of their unique business requirements.

It also understands that customers are not confined to a single channel, so it equips businesses with the power to catch them wherever they roam. Be it web, mobile, or even in-app experiences, GetFeedback ensures that a business never misses an opportunity to gather valuable insights from its customers.

Speaking of insights, GetFeedback’s advanced targeting capabilities are a game-changer. No more spraying surveys haphazardly across the entire customer base. With surgical precision, they can display surveys exclusively to the customers who matter most.

  1. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is like a personal assistant solely dedicated to revolutionizing the sales process and skyrocketing customer engagement for businesses. It helps craft a personalized pipeline according to the unique approach provided by the company. The business only has to name each stage of the pipeline, representing the specific steps they take to close deals. Or, they may simply choose from a range of meticulously crafted templates to jumpstart sales success.

Instead of fixating on the end goal, Pipedrive encourages concentrating on the sales activities that pave the way to triumph. Whether it’s a phone call, a lunch meeting, an email, or any other action that propels a deal forward, it keeps businesses on track.

Real-time reports by this tool serve as a trusty navigator that reveals whether the business is on the right path or needs to make course corrections. Its ability to turn a sales process into science through its intuitive analytics is impeccable. No more relying on blind hope and wishful thinking. Pipedrive equips businesses with the tools to analyze sales performance with ease and precision.

Boost Customer Engagement With These Tools

Businesses are constantly trying to establish a meaningful connection with their customers. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by using online engagement tools, which play a vital role in enhancing the overall user experience.

With the right implementation of these tools, businesses can create personalized and immersive experiences, and build a sense of loyalty and brand affinity.

Are you looking for the best customer engagement tool? While you have multiple choices as mentioned above, Clepher is the top pick. With our innovative chatbot solutions, your business can provide round-the-clock assistance to customers, boosting satisfaction and increasing conversions.

Imagine having chatbots at your disposal 24/7, ready to answer customer queries instantly, without the need to wait for a human customer service representative. Clepher enables you to integrate these intelligent chatbots seamlessly into your social media business profiles and websites, ensuring that your users get the answers they need in real-time.

So, no more delayed responses but only instant customer support! Clepher’s chatbots allow you to quickly reply to social media posts, engage with your audience through stories, and make your online platforms more interactive and engaging than ever before.

You can also get automation from chatbots to reply to the users in comments or story replies. Furthermore, it enhances customer interaction and makes your business stand out from others put there. So, make sure you do not miss out on the opportunity to enhance your customer engagement.

Try Clepher today and revolutionize the way you connect with your audience!

Use chatbots to improve customer engagement.


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