The World’s Best Messenger Chatbot Campaigns

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Marketing with the chatbot on Messenger is definitely the way to go these days. It will not only introduce your business to your customers in a proactive way, but it will also let them know more about the products and services you’re offering. Since the dawn of the chatbot on Messenger, lots of business owners and marketers get creative with their chatbot campaigns. And, when you have a powerful chatbot creator at your fingertips, nothing can really stop you from creating the coolest chatbot campaigns you want. 

World’s Best Chatbot Marketing Campaigns

Let's have a look at some cool chatbot campaigns!

Let’s have a look at some cool chatbot campaigns!

Previously thought of as mere QnA assistants, Messenger chatbots today do so much more than answer customer questions. For instance, these nifty little helpers can also introduce the products and services you’re selling to your customers. Plus, they’re able to qualify leads, improve conversions, and automate sales.

Don’t believe me? Well, don’t take my word for it!

Here are some of the best chatbot marketing campaigns created by popular brands worldwide:

1. Whole Foods

A U.S.-based multinational supermarket chain with headquarters in Austin, Texas. It sells products free from preservatives, artificial colors, flavors, and hydrogenated fats.

The Facebook Messenger chatbot of Whole Foods is detail-oriented. It presents filters and options for various foods. Plus, it includes international cuisines too. Their chatbot is making it easier for people to narrow down which recipe they want. Once a customer plays around with the filter, the chatbot provides a link to specific recipes. This then directs the customer to the official website. This way, the Messenger chatbot, through time, drives traffic to the website. What’s cool is that Whole Foods also uses emojis to lead users to their recipes. Pizza emojis lead them to a pizza recipe. The company promises to add more features in the future. It includes allowing customers to search and find products. It will also enable them to look for recipes based on their diet plan. Its current setup, though, already is downright impressive.

2. Universal Studios

A theme park that offers immersive experiences. They take inspiration from movies. Universal Studios has locations in Japan, Singapore, and Florida, USA. 

Chat with the Messenger chatbot of Universal Studios, and prepare to be amazed! It is providing information, for instance, about where the restaurants are, while it’s also marketing the Universal experience. The information on the nearest dining options is based on your current location, or, on the last ride you took. It also informs guests of wait times. The chatbot lets them know whether there are long queues in the area they want to visit next. This way, it will help not only help guests develop an action plan themselves, but Universal is basically outsourcing people management. This all adds to better user experiences, without disrupting the theme park experience. 

3. Hipmunk

Hipmunk is a travel search website that takes away the stress of travel planning. With the website, people can book their travels faster. Say goodbye to irrelevant search result pages when preparing for your trip.

Hipmunk calls its chatbot platform, “Hello chatbots.” It is following the branding of their “Hello Hipmunk” campaign. Their Messenger chatbot utilizes the location of their web visitors. This determines their points of origin. Afterward, it sends them the best travel deals from their current location. It ends the hassle of searching on several websites. Through the Messenger app, you’re able to book your trip, and you can do this while chatting about it with your friends online. If you plan to talk with this bot, you’ll notice how the chatbot uses conversational language. Basically, it’s like how a human agent speaks. Furthermore, it also shares maps to allow users to ensure accuracy in the search. 

4. TechCrunch

TechCrunch is an online newspaper that provides tech updates and information. They also publish audio and video. The website also includes information on startups. 

In TechCrunch’s chatbot campaigns you see that bots can get personalized without infringing on privacy. It monitors the type of articles you read. It also lets the reader ask about the news they want to read. With this level of control, readers save time without having to log in to the website often. One of the chatbot templates on the Clepher platform is the news media chatbot. It is beneficial for those who run a news site, and for people who want to stay updated on news. The Messenger chatbot sends content based on your preference. It does not impose either. This is because it lets users choose the number of times they like to receive content. They can also select the type of content they want to read about.

5. Sephora

Sephora is a multinational retailer of personal care and beauty products. This French-based store features nearly 3,000 branches. 

Sephora’s products include cosmetics and fragrances, as well as providing other beauty tools, hair care products, body lotions, and nail colors. Sephora is probably the best example for eCommerce stores looking to have a good chatbot. After all, it was Sephora leading in the eCom industry with a Messenger chatbot. The bot is simple and cool, it basically works like a concierge booth that allows chatters to do several actions. Whether it is browsing products or booking appointments, the chatbot has it all. It also allows them to try their makeup products. Customers can try their makeup products via augmented reality (AR) technology. Plus, they can find out what products are available based on their location.

6. MongoDB

It is a popular database for modern apps. It is also a document database that has the flexibility and scalability you want. Furthermore, it also offers the indexing and querying you need.

MongoDB has a messaging platform that answers the questions of prospects. It likewise drives the most qualified visitors to a sales call. The bot does it first, asking questions on pricing and sales. Once a visitor engages, the bot tries to qualify the person, then any qualified leads will then be transferred to a sales call with a rep. Their Messenger chatbots help increase conversions due to their efficiency. The bot is present 24/7, and the leads, time-sensitive. With this, the business can have more success by honing on the red hot leads, instead of wasting time on leads that are dead in the water. 

7. Disney

The Walt Disney Company is a multinational entertainment and mass media conglomerate. The headquarters are in California. Disney comprises movies and streaming shows. It also has theme parks and a whole lot more.

Walt Disney has tons of fans all over the world. And among the marketing strategies, you find Messenger chatbots. In one particular chatbot campaign, Disney utilizes Zootopia characters to solve crimes with the fans. Movie protagonist Lieutenant Judy Hopps invited children to solve mysteries with her via the bot. Once they interacted with the bot, it also allowed the kids to make suggestions on the investigation. Without a doubt, it is one of the most creative presentations of chatbot technology. But who are we kidding, did you expect less from Disney?

8. NatGeo Genius

Genius is a National Geographic show chronicling the lives of prominent figures in history. These include Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso. 

One of my favorites! On the NatGeo Facebook page, visitors who clicked “Send Message” started a chat with the bot. Instead of talking with a stale bot, in NatGeo’s chatbot campaign we were quite surprised. This because the chatbot portrays the character of Einstein! Very funny and witty at the same time. The einstein chatbot is able to deliver information about upcoming shows and even making jokes in the chat. Plus, the famous physicist also answers professional and personal questions you might have. Messenger chatbots also have the power to create intimate experiences with the audience. We can see this in this particular chatbot as it has a beautiful conversational design. It mimics the way Einstein would speak. And so it resulted in improved customer engagement with the social media page. 

9. MedWhat

This chatbot campaign offers a smart health assistant. It provides contextual answers to questions via natural language.

Messenger chatbots can also work based on natural language processing, or NLP if you will. It does needs some more bells and whistles, integrating with webhooks here and there, but it surely is possible. And it is the case with the chatbot of health information platforms like MedWhat. With it, a chatbot can make medical diagnoses faster and easier. It also aims to have this info transparent for both physicians and patients. The chatbot answers questions from patients. But instead of giving a direct answer, it will reply with context. the MedWhat’s bot sources responses from volumes of medical research. It also utilizes peer-reviewed scientific papers to expand its knowledge. And once it’s done it will give the patient that information. Essentially, the chatbot somewhat works like a virtual assistant.

10. BabyCentreUK

Working together with the Johnson & Johnson company, BabyCentreUK is a website for information on pregnancy and childcare.

BabyCentre highlights content that talks about motherhood stages. Their chatbot is helping parents by giving tips on providing the best parenthood for their children. The Messenger chatbot suggests advice such as whether to give the baby solid food or not. The chatbot asks questions to profile the child. It includes their age or a particular challenge they are facing. It will then provide answers and advice.

How To Build Out Your Chatbot Campaigns?

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