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A successful eCommerce business boosts conversions and customer service to ensure that they are still the leading players. 2022 is all set to be a year of new beginnings and prosperity for online businesses that can learn to adapt and thrive in the changing market. eCommerce businesses are putting their best foot forward to ensure they’re getting the results they’re used to. In 2022, the competition is going to be fiercer than ever before. 

I mean, according to Oberlo, 1.31 million new businesses started in the USA till July 2021. Imagine how many would have till now? You would need to have a clear, out-of-the-box, and well-executed plan to convert browsers into buyers and increase your store’s conversion rate.

Source: Oberlo

It won’t be an easy ride for you if you’re starting out, but don’t fret. This article highlights research-backed strategies that if you implement will help you increase your conversion rate and make a more significant impact in 2022.

Create Festive Landing Page For The Holiday Season

Consumers spent nearly $4.5 billion on Small Business Saturday in 2021, whereas they spent 4.7 on Thanksgiving Weekend. It shows that people are trusting online businesses more than ever. People are more responsive to offers during the holiday season.

Take advantage of this trend by running special offers and creating a festive landing page. The festive landing page should be designed to create a sense of urgency and excitement. It should also be easy to read to avoid confusion. If you are offering a discount, make sure your customer see it the very first thing they land on your page.

For instance, check this example from Ruelala, and see how they hook the new customers with a New-Member Exclusive offer.

New Members get Perks!

If you visit them for the first time, wouldn’t you be interested in an exclusive offer? That’s how you can boost your conversion rate. If you really want to outshine the competition, then you should create a festive landing page that prompts your customers to buy and drive traffic to your site. The design looks festive, and it’s easy to read. The page also clearly states the percentage of discounts which increases the chances of customers committing to purchase.

Most of the time, festive landing pages will get more traffic than usual. When customers browse the pages, they will be more likely to buy if they can see that you’re offering a good deal.

Offer Free Resources

When you are trying to boost your business conversion rate, one of the best things you can do is offer free resources to your customers. This is a straightforward way of building your credibility.

You would want to highlight the value of your free resources and make it evident enough for prospects to see. For instance, Clepher offers their thousand dollars valued Conversational Marketing Course free to businesses. This course helps them master conversational marketing, implement AI-chatbots into their business, and improve their UX.

Whoever visits our site and wants to master the art of conversational marketing for online businesses can grab the resource and start learning.

FREE Chatbot Training is up for grabs!

We do this because we understand that users look for value rather than bombarding with an offer to purchase. It helps us stand out as the industry leader in chatbots building platforms for online businesses.

Up-sell and Cross-Sell

You’ve heard a million times that up-selling and cross-selling techniques can help increase the average order value (AOV) and revenue. But what does it really mean, and how can you leverage it to improve your store’s conversion rate?

Up-selling is a strategy where you suggest a more expensive product to a customer interested in buying a product from your store. For example, if someone is looking to buy a laptop on Amazon, the website suggests adding more accessories to your shopping cart before checking out. The additional items are usually higher priced than the laptop itself.

Cross-selling is a strategy where you offer related products to a customer interested in buying a product from your store. For example, if someone wants to buy an iPhone 128 GB, consumers might also think of opting for the 256 GB variant. Both upselling and cross-selling are proven strategies for increasing average order value, but they are still effective when it comes to improving your store’s conversion rate.

Check Apple’s strategy, for instance, it’s not just about Apple trying to upsell their offer. Every cell phone brand manufacturers different variants of smartphones. They trigger customers’ curiosity: “Shouldn’t I buy the 256 GB variant with just a few extra bucks to pay?” The idea is to arouse customers’ interest and upsell them your offer.

Get Personal

Want to get as many sales as possible and in the shortest amount of time? Get Personal!

Personalized experience can help you get more sales from your store. The personalized approach is one of the fastest-growing trends in eCommerce, and it’s been proven to deliver higher engagement rates. How does personalization work? When someone visits your page, they see a different version of it based on their past behavior.

For instance, if you’re familiar with Shoeline, and if you have an account on their website and you sign in, Shoeline will show you a personalized landing page based on your experience with past purchases, including the shoes you viewed, added to your cart, or purchased.

Another example would be personalized customer services. For instance, over at Clepher, we go to the next level of personalization with their chatbot by providing a unique and tailored customer service experience for each user.

Clepher Personalization

Clepher does it for themselves. They can do it for you too. This strategy would make the customers feel special and want to purchase from your store. Personalization is a win-win for your business because not only do you get more conversions, but it also fosters a positive relationship with your customers.

Decrease Your Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is one of the critical metrics you need to check when your eCommerce website becomes popular. Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who come to your site and then leave without visiting any other pages. Usually, visitors tend to leave a site if they don’t find what they are looking for within a few seconds or if the site doesn’t meet their expectations. This is why it is important to ensure that your landing page is well-optimized and that it meets your visitors’ expectations. You can decrease your bounce rate by making the content on your page scannable and by focusing on descriptive headlines. Decreasing your bounce rate does not necessarily mean boosting your business’s customer service, it is usually an end result.

Use Urgency and Scarcity Tactics

Urgency and scarcity have been pillars of online marketing strategies for many years now. They are known to increase conversions by a considerable margin, especially when used correctly. One way of doing this is by using urgency and scarcity tactics and motivating customers to buy now before it’s too late.

FOMO always works! It triggers a fear of missing out on a good deal or opportunity. When it comes to motivating people to buy, understand that the crowd plays a significant role. Showing your prospects that others are buying will encourage them to take action now.

For instance, check the home page of Clepher, we use a plugin called Provely:

Provely, Urgency & Scarcity Plugin

The idea is to show your prospects that others are buying and there is a crowd out there. Show your customers that others are signing up, others are buying ( scarcity ), and the offer will expire soon ( urgency ). These tactics increase conversions because your audience thinks they can rely on business when others are availing the opportunity.

Implement Behavioral Change Techniques

Psychological principles like reciprocity, commitment, consistency, and social validation motivate people to take action. Applying these techniques in your eCommerce store can help increase conversion rates. Reciprocity is the social norm of returning favors. When someone does something for you, you feel obligated to do something in return. You can use this principle to provide free resources to your prospects without upselling anything.

This would build your credibility and make them more likely to consider your services when ready to commit. You can also use social validation on your website by displaying positive customer reviews and testimonials. It does not only build credibility but also stands you as an authority. These psychological principles work because they trigger emotions in people. Urgency makes people feel like they need to take action now or miss out on something valuable, FOMO triggers a fear of missing out on an opportunity, and scarcity makes people feel like they need to take advantage of a good deal before it’s gone.

Build Trust with Social Proof

As mentioned before, social validation is a strong motivator. When you showcase credible reviews on your website, it not only builds your credibility as an authority but also encourages prospects to convert. You can use review and testimonial widgets for this purpose to make the most of social validation on your website. Make sure you only showcase positive customer reviews and testimonials on your website. This will help encourage more people to trust your business and convert.

For example, if you visit the Clepher website, you will see Wilco De Kreij – a renowned entrepreneur sharing his experience with Clepher.

Wilco de Kreij loves Clepher

So, if you see Wilco de Kreij vouching for Clepher, wouldn’t you be more confident to lay your hand and try out chatbot services for your business?

Provide Stellar Customer Service

Super quick customer service – hands down – is the best way to boost your store conversion rate this year. SalesForce found that 89% of customers will make another purchase after having an excellent customer service experience with a brand. When you provide stellar customer service, it builds your credibility as a business and leaves a positive impression on customers. The more satisfied customers become, the more likely they will return and purchase something from you again. Giving your customers the best customer service will make them loyal to you and spread how great your business is. According to Statista, the number of digital buyers reached 2.14 billion in 2021, which means that almost a third of the world’s population is making purchases online. With that number of online shoppers, it has become difficult for brands to manage customer requests of all kinds – especially those from across the globe.

The Solution to Best Customer Service is AI-backed Chatbots

The need for chatbots is the solution to such an influx of customer requests. AI is reshaping the customer service messenger bots to assist customers with their inquiries in the most effective way. Since these virtual assistants can understand human language, they can become more efficient than human-based customer support. Chatbots can provide 24/7 customer support which, in turn, will improve your business by boosting its conversion rate. When prospects are more frustrated with delaying customer services, wouldn’t they be more likely to convert when you offer an amazing chatbot experience instead?

Neil Patel – a well-known digital marketer and one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the world welcomes chatbots as the key development in customer service. Chatbots can expedite customer support and maximize the time of your workforce. With online shopping on a rocket-fast trajectory, messenger bots will transform how businesses operate. According to the latest insights from Microsoft, 90% of Americans consider customer service as the deciding factor for them to take their business elsewhere. With AI-backed chatbots, you can provide quick and effective customer service to your customers, which will leave a positive impression on them and turn prospects into loyal customers.

Let Clepher Assist You with Your Customer Service!

It doesn’t matter if you are an e-commerce store, a finance website, a medical journal, a banking institute, or an industrial business that’s looking to boost business customer service; Clepher has a chatbot solution for everything! With more than 200 templates in almost every niche and a highly personalized messenger bot strategy, Clever messenger can help your business offer an amazing customer service experience that aligns with your customer.

Interested in trying Clepher? Get started today to see how we can help your business!

Try the 220+ Chatbot Templates

Chatbots have revolutionized UX, and businesses are adapting to this change. Now it’s time to support your business and be part of this revolution to scale online. So, if you’re looking for a way to boost your conversion rate this year, don’t forget to provide stellar customer service with the help of AI-backed chatbots!

Use a Chatbot to Boost Business Conversions & Customer Service!


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