Use Chatbots To Automate Sales Without Losing Money

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In business, there are many issues that a company owner must deal with. And it’s usually challenging to handle everything alone. Sales are an essential aspect of any business, and it takes a lot of time and effort for any entrepreneur to manage a sales team. And this is one of the reasons why company owners like to use chatbots to automate their sales processes. See, bots have a significant impact on sales teams throughout the world. The real people required for sales are being severely impacted. People in sales are being replaced by these tiny machines because of this. As a consequence, chatbots have become an essential component of many large firms’ marketing arsenals. Bots have grown to be a vital weapon for the marketing arsenal of a growing number of businesses.

But how can you automate your sales without losing money? What do you need to know about chatbots and how they work with order forms? Let’s find out!

Is Chatbot-Tech Only For Big Entreprises?

The usage of bots is becoming more popular in various sectors, and the latter can be seen. We may see this reflected in the overall market value for chatbots’ growth. In fact, it’s expected that the bot industry’s total market size will reach $9.4 billion by 2024. Bot-tech is usually only associated with large, established companies. But, that shouldn’t be the case. A lot of small and medium businesses see excellent results with chatbots. Perhaps even more significant impact when compared to a big enterprise as a chatbot can tackle many things in a company for no cost.

So yea, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a small, medium, or prominent company owner. Whether you run an online or physical business… A chatbot can help your firm develop. Bots also provide SMEs with the ability of big 500 companies for just a fraction of the cost.

Is It Time To Automate Sales With Chatbots In Your Company?

When chatbots first entered the market, they were commonly known as “Conversational Agents.” However, the bots (having made a long journey) have evolved into far more intelligent entities that are now used by various sectors. Yes, sorry to break it to you, but machines will eventually take all humans’ jobs!

Bots, whether you want them or not, have become an acceptable alternative to humans in business. Sales are one area in particular where they are proving useful. They’re becoming increasingly popular as a communication device for qualifying leads and selling different items and services. Over at Clepher, we’ve seen this happen at scale in major sectors already. Chatbots have been selling to consumers without the assistance of humans.

Next to solving support-related issues, most companies use chatbots for marketing purposes regarding lead qualification and sales. Many companies are using this approach to save time and money and provide better service to their customers. There are many amazing chatbots out there that will help you sell without any direct involvement from people. They can provide your company with a simple and effective way to sell items/services without losing money. Because, you know, sales reps are expensive, and bots can optimize the sales process instantly.

Now, this next-generation bot technology has already automated sales for major corporations. However, bots can now automate sales for small and medium companies (SMEs) with tools like Clepher! There’s a lot of money needed to hire and keep people employed. In the case of sales, it is costly! And for a small company, using so many people solely for sales becomes impossible. This is why so many tiny business owners are turning to chatbots to automate sales.

Let’s start with how chatbots can automate a business’s sales process before getting into the nitty-gritty.

What Are Bot & How Can They Help With Automating Sales?

Chatbots, also known as bots, are software that engages in conversations with humans on the internet. They’re web widgets that can be found on businesses’ websites. A programmed bot linked to a Facebook page, for example, is used in this case. They’re created in such a way that they employ “A.I.” to converse with customers and clients. These automated messaging apps conduct conversations with prospective customers via the web, mobile apps, etc.

The main goal is to increase sales and help businesses grow by automating communication between it and consumers/clients using customer service software like Clepher. Nowadays, bots can do anything from answering simple questions to providing more personalized service to clients. For example, a chatbot created with Clepher allows your business to message customers in real-time directly from your Facebook page. This tool makes it possible for you to track all customer messages (live chat conversations).

Oh, and did you know that chatbots can perform the jobs of a whole sales team? And it doesn’t have to be expensive, either! Because you may put up your own bot (meeting your sales need) in minutes with Clepher. Consequently, you’ll be automating (or should I say replacing) sections of the selling process…

  • Lead qualification
  • Lead nurturing
  • Linking companies to potential customers
  • Sales lead tracking

Chatbots can handle all of these tasks in one business process. They can take care of the time-consuming job of staying in touch with interested consumers, essential for lead (and customer) nurturing. And they can do it all automatically! Chatbots will now replace most common calls to action, such as social share buttons and newsletter sign-ups, which are very expensive in terms of losing money through time and resources. Because chatbots don’t require your employees to follow up with consumers on these (and other) actions.

Chatbots Automating Sales with High-ticket Items

If you’re selling low-ticket items, it might be a good idea to pare down your staff. However, if you’re selling high-ticket things… You may double down on the closing process. To do so, first, figure out and set a goal for your bot. A goal for your chatbot you want it to achieve in the next year. You can use Facebook Messenger (the best platform) to reach out to potential customers and set a goal for the chatbot right on your Facebook page.

Expecting your bot to sell when you’re selling gold jewelry or real estate isn’t a good idea. In cases like these, the asking price is high enough that people want to communicate with a human rather than interact with a bot. Even in industries like these, bots can be beneficial!

Now, because bots aren’t allowed to sell more expensive goods… It does not imply that they can’t generate a foundation for selling them. I.E., it can establish the lead or schedule a meeting, as long as the bot cannot sell higher-priced items. Customers have informed us that their chatbot was “selling vehicles” through Facebook Messenger, an excellent way for sellers to meet potential clients. Basically, your bot can be used as a CRM tool. Your chatbot can gather data from a customer’s previous interaction with your company and pull up relevant information before you take the next step in the sales process. All of this takes place automatically!

However, when we looked more closely into our customers selling high-ticket items, we discovered that the chatbot was, in fact, responsible for laying the groundwork of the transaction. The actual close of the deal occurred in a face-to-face call. So, remember, if your company sells low-ticket products, you can use bots to complete the sale. If dealing with high-ticket items, use the bot as a lead qualification tool first and then part of the closing mechanism.

Will Chatbots Take Over Salespeople?

If they are trained like actual salesmen, they can assist you in producing leads. As a result, your sales and business growth. You must train the bots to ask the customer a few questions. The answers to these inquiries will determine whether the consumer is a potential buyer for your product. Lead qualification, often known as Qualifying Leads, evaluates a prospect to determine their sales readiness. It’s typically associated with deals closing and deals falling through. So, whenever your bot asks questions about budget and buying time and gathers information (without asking for personally identifiable information), it can be considered part of an effective lead qualification process.

There is no question that bots are the future of sales. And they can bring your business a lot of profit. For example, let’s assume you’re selling a children’s book. The first thing you should ask the consumer is whether they have children or not. If someone answers “no,” it’s an indication that they aren’t a potential customer. Because they’re not part of your target demographic. That makes it possible for your bot to remove them from the sales process without wasting any time.

However, when you’re selling a luxury car, an unsuitable buyer can be located by simply asking if they have a budget in mind. The more of these types of questions you ask… And the better the answers are to those questions… You’ll have a greater chance of identifying the most successful customers for your product.

So Yes, a chatbot can replace a salesperson in some cases, but it takes some practice to get the bot up to speed. However, questions must be fed one at a time. To ensure that the user is having a conversation with the bot. In addition to asking and answering questions, your bot may also help you send a follow-up message. For example, if your bot informs a prospect that she is qualified to buy a product, it can send the customer a tailored follow-up message. This follows up with the consumer and promotes a sense of urgency by saying, “Hey! You’re ready to buy this!” In addition, the use of chatbots also allows you to limit the amount of time you and your sales team spend on lead generation. That’s because chatbots can generate leads 24 hours a day without having to pay them.

Go for a Hybrid Approach!

Chatbots can bring you customers, and they can generate more qualified leads when done right. But again, when it comes time to sell higher-priced items… You need to transition from a bot to a salesperson who can close deals. For high-ticket items, it’s also good to “train your bot” with the right questions. Plus providing a series of questions or follow-up questions to complete the task. As a result, it transforms into an all-purpose conversation. This should make the visitor feel more at ease and not think they’re conversing with a machine. It’s critical to make the bot easy for subscribers to use to ask questions and receive answers on their own. If you ask a visitor before they subscribe to your list, “Are you ready for some more information?” they’re probably going to say yes.

Bots can aid businesses in growing by collecting feedback from consumers regarding the items they purchase. They may also share comments they have had with the firm, such as poor customer service. Simply said… You must build your bot so that consumer inquiries are brief and to the point. To be a successful replacement for an actual salesperson, a bot must talk and listen. The complete opposite is true: the robot must pay attention to the client. It’s crucial to ask appropriate questions and gather essential information. This data may assist you in closing the sale. Keep in mind that everything should be done conversationally. While a chatbot may never have the ability to overcome a customer’s objections… It can certainly help you save time and money by generating leads for your business. But remember… Having a human being there alongside the bot is essential to close deals.

Why Should Your Business Use A Bot on Instagram or Messenger?

A chatbot can use the Facebook Messenger API to automate conversations via Messenger and Instagram, and by using a tool like Clepher, you can fully leverage all the features. You may automate the sales process by employing a chatbot. You set up a bot on your company’s Facebook page. Customers who visit your Facebook page can have discussions with the bot. When you install the Customer Chat Widget from your website, what’s even better! There is no need for a person in this scenario since there is no human interaction.

In the same way, your website is a powerful communication channel for your customers. There are plenty of reasons why you should have a chatbot on this platform. In the first place, it’s a fantastic way to add value to consumers who come to your site. We can’t deny that there will be some consumers who aren’t utilizing bots on the website. But they’re on your website! You can’t afford to ignore visitors who are online right now, looking at your products. If you have a bot set up that answers simple questions, you’ll be able to make an impression on them immediately. Because most consumers prefer self-service (easy and fast), using this type of interface is a win-win. There are so many ways to use chatbots on your website, but you have to start small. The chatbot mustn’t confuse consumers accustomed to communicating with other humans.

Final Thoughts About Automating Sales with Chatbots

The chatbot industry is expanding, and it is becoming an essential element of businesses of all types. Chatbot technology was previously utilized only by large organizations to automate their sales. However, small and medium-sized companies may now use chatbots to automate their sales. E-commerce, in particular, has embraced chatbots since they aid in the growth of their business.

Customers who stop talking with a salesperson will also receive a follow-back message from the company and a chance of receiving future offers. Bots have improved considerably. They aid organizations by finding prospective consumers and producing leads. As more leads are generated, the sales of a firm rise, which helps it develop. This, in turn, aids in the overall growth of a business. Businesses that have adopted chatbots have seen great success because, when used properly, they aid busy entrepreneurs by allowing them to focus on selling their products and service.

Want To Start Automating Sales With Chatbots?

By now, you may have understood that chatbots are not merely for big businesses. You can now use chatbots to automate your sales process. So if you’re interested in using a bot on social media to sell more of what you have, here is the message we wish we could send you: “Stop what you’re doing and get started today!”

Clepher is a chatbot builder and marketing platform for Facebook Messenger and Instagram. Our unique services distinguish us from the competition, which only tries to accomplish the same tasks. It aids small and medium-sized enterprises in growing through automated sales. We provide a variety of tools at an attractive price to our clients. As a result, we give it a competitive advantage. We have a 4.9/5 stars positive review. And, according to our records, we currently outrank competitors.

Furthermore, regardless of whether you’re in the business of automobiles or pet supplies, Clepher will help your company grow. We provide hundreds of templates! You can simply install it in a few minutes using a few clicks.

So, give Clepher a go today!

Use a Chatbot to Automate Sales!


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