Chatbot Prospecting: 10 Transformational Business Tips!

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Savy as you are, you know that prospecting is an essential part of any successful business. But did you know that chatbot prospecting is now a thing? See, whether you are trying to get in front of potential customers or looking for new leads, prospecting can be a daunting task. It’s time-consuming and requires significant investment from your company. However, prospecting through Facebook Messenger chatbots can change all of that in a snap! Chatbots can prospect without taking up hours of your time each day – they work around the clock! This article will give you 10 prospecting through Facebook Messenger chatbots tips; this should be at the top of your list for lead qualification strategies.

The 10 Most Important Chatbot Prospecting Tips:

It’s not easy to find new clients and prospects if you do it yourself. I guess that’s why we humans invented the chatbot, which can prospect all day long; ha! Below you find the 10 most critical prospecting tips. Plus, you discover 3 more tips at the end because everyone loves a little bonus, right?

1. Generate Leads and Grow Your Audience

If you are just starting out in prospecting yourself or for new clients, it might be a good idea to try prospecting through Facebook Messenger chatbots first. You will find that the prospecting process with a chatbot is significantly more straightforward than it would be if you were doing this all on your own! Prospecting through Facebook Messenger chatbots will allow you to grow your audience by significantly increasing the number of generated leads. Plus, once you have an established audience and know who you are, prospecting through Facebook Messenger chatbots is an easy way to keep your lead pipeline full and active.

How does prospecting through a chatbot work?

The first step in the process is acquiring leads from potential customers. For Facebook Messenger prospecting, you can use Clepher. Our app offers both prospect targeting and automated messaging features. So let’s say you want to prospect on Facebook by finding people who have clicked an ad but not converted – this is where chatbot prospecting starts. Let’s say you set up a prospecting campaign and leave the chatbot you created on Clepher to prospect for 24 hours; during that time, it will have generated lead data like:

  • The number of people who clicked your Click-to-Messenger Ad
  • Who they are (First name, Last Name, Gender)
  • Generated their contact details (Email address, Phone number, etc.)
  • Asked all your qualifying questions

So now, when you come back, you have a ton of data you can work with, whether that’s sifting through to help understand your customer profile… Or use this data to close sales faster; that’s up to you.

2. Run Giveaways to Get More Subscribers

Chatbots are great for running giveaways and other sponsored promotions. When you have chatbot prospecting, it’s like having an army of people working on getting your business in front of more prospects than ever before! And because the process is automated, you will be able to spend less time on lead qualification (and more time closing sales).

With Clepher, you can run giveaways or other sponsored promotions. All it takes is setting up your prospecting campaign and leaving the chatbot running for 24 hours to get many new followers on Facebook! Plus, when they come back from their prospecting day with data that shows who liked them, how many people clicked through to give your ad a try, and who their contact details are, you will know where to go next.

3. Make Messaging Interactive & Engaging

What if you could make a prospecting campaign interactive and engage your prospects? If you’re running an active Facebook Messenger chatbot that constantly talks to people, it will seem more personal. This means that the process of chatting with a company becomes something they want to participate in – not just because it’s their job!

One way to make messaging interactive and engaging is by getting creative with your content. Ask questions, tell a story or run a giveaway! And of course, because the process is automated – you can do this without much effort on your end. Clepher has many features that enable you to be more personal in your interactions with prospects.

With Clepher, your chatbot will be able to:

  • Introduce itself with a personalized greeting. This is good if you want prospects to know who they are talking to before they start chatting!
  • Use targeted messaging based on demographics and interests. You can even set up your chatbot to choose the exact message it sends based on who they are talking to – meaning you will never have messages repeating themselves!
  • Send automated follow-up messages for 24 hours after a prospecting campaign has ended.

Of course, there are many more features, but these are certainly at the top when it comes to doing proper prospecting on Facebook with your chatbot.

4. Personalize Messaging with a Facebook Chatbot

One of the most powerful features of a Facebook Messenger chatbot is that you can personalize your messages. Let’s say, for instance, that you’re running your company chatbot on Clepher, and you want to give an introduction about yourself and your company before messaging prospects. First, you will need to set up your chatbot’s introduction. This is what the bot says when someone starts a conversation with it, and without a Welcome Message, prospects may not know who they are talking to or why they were contacted in the first place.

And then, you will need to edit your message templates. This is where the bot will take a personalized hello and message based on who they are talking to – meaning that every conversation with prospects can be tailored specifically for them! Want it even more personal? You could also set up custom Greeting Cards or use Clepher’s Dynamic Content approach by using the Randomizer Card on the Flow Composer.

5. Qualify Leads using Facebook Messenger Chatbots.

One of the most important ways to do prospecting with a Facebook Messenger chatbot is by qualifying leads. The biggest reason why this should be one of your goals when doing lead generation with Clepher? It’s because it will save you time and money! As mentioned before, automation means that more prospects will get in touch – meaning that you have more chances to qualify them and that they will be able to get in touch with your company.

It’s essential for companies running chatbots on Facebook Messenger to ensure that every interaction is a shot to help to qualify the prospect. And, of course, setting expectations of their messaging experience as well. Regardless, there are tons of ways to start qualifying leads right out of the gate. And, you can do so by setting up an automated welcome message that contains qualifying questions your prospects would need to answer first before talking with your chatbot or sales rep.

6. Highlight Promotions via Facebook Chatbots

One of the best parts about Facebook Messenger chatbots is that you can really make them your own! For instance, Clepher can set up a campaign and have your bot notify prospects automatically when promotions are running. This is a perfect way to introduce your company’s promotions and get in touch with prospects who may be interested. You can also use this automated chatbot feature for product alerts or deals by adding them to the campaign!

7. Extend Special Offers to Key Audiences

If you want to reach out to your key audiences on Facebook, one of the best ways is by using a chatbot. It’s essential for this type of lead generation that all messages are automated and personalized, meaning that prospects can get in touch with them at any time! And if you’re running Clepher as your Facebook Chatbot platform, which you should, then you can do just that. For instance, if your company is running a promotion with discounts on items or services, it’s possible to set up the chatbot so that whenever someone mentions something like “promotion,” it will send them an automated message about their offer and drive engagement!

It’s also vital for sales professionals to be on the lookout for when a prospect is trying to get in touch with them. If they mention “discount” or anything related, this might be what their lead was interested in, and you can send over an automated message about your offer!

8. Send Exclusive Invitations via Facebook Chatbots

If you’re looking for a really creative way to reach out to prospects, one of the best is using email. And if you use Clepher as your Facebook Chatbot platform and run an email campaign, it’s possible to set up automated invitations! This means that when someone sends over their contact information with any mention or term related to your company, you’ll automatically send them an invitation. You can even set up a personalized message for the invite and include images of anything they may be interested in!

9. Make Conversations More Engaging

All interactions on Facebook must be automated, but it’s essential to keep them personal. You can do so by adding an image or two as a way of increasing engagement and getting prospects excited about what they’re buying! This is especially helpful when you use Clepher for your chatbot platform since the app allows users to add images with just a few clicks.

10. Offer Add-Ons and Upsells via Facebook Chatbots

It’s possible to use your Facebook chatbot to offer add-ons and upsells. You can do so by creating campaigns that automatically send messages when a prospect mentions one of these two things. This is especially great for sales professionals looking for ways to close the deal with their prospects! And, it’s also terrific if you want to get in touch with prospects who may not be interested at all.

Bonus Chatbot Prospecting Tips:

Loving these tips so far? Here 3 more Chatbot Prospecting tips that should help you get some ideas on how to get this chatbot prospecting thing right.

1. Get Customer Feedback using Facebook Chatbots.

It’s possible to use your Facebook Chatbot platform for customer feedback. You can do this by creating campaigns that automatically send messages when a prospect mentions things like “feedback” or something related. This is an excellent way of ensuring you’re getting what prospects need and want, so they’ll keep coming back!

2. Send Order Updates or Event Reminders in Messenger

It’s essential to keep your prospects in the loop with how things are progressing and what they can expect after completing this process. Whether that means following up, providing an order confirmation email, or even a thank you message – it all goes back to building trust and keeping your prospect

3. Be Available 24/7 with Answers to FAQs with Facebook Chatbots

If you’re offering any kind of service, it’s essential to provide answers to FAQs. And because Facebook Chatbots are automated, they can help you get these answered at all times! This is a really great way for prospects to feel more comfortable with your company and be reassured that your business will have its back when needed.

Closing Thoughts on Prospecting with Chatbots

I hope you love these chatbot prospecting tips, which help grow your business to the next level. One of the last things I would like to add is to make sure you make your prospecting process interactive. Do this by asking questions to better qualify leads and prospects, then move them further down the sales pipeline. And while you’re at it, try to make prospecting fun! Involve humor in messaging if you can; this will make prospecting more enjoyable for the people reading your messages. The prospecting process with a chatbot is significantly more accessible than it would be if you were doing this all on your own! Prospecting through Facebook Messenger chatbots will allow you to grow your audience by substantially increasing the number of generated leads. Plus, we like to think that prospecting through Facebook Messenger chatbots is a cheaper and better way of sourcing leads than doing it yourself, so give it a try! And give it a try today with Clepher.

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