15 Chatbot Statistics Every Business Owner Should Know

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Chatbot statistics much? I mean, we love stats and chatbots… It was only a matter of time this article would be written. Look. I’m starting to think you have been living under a rock if you didn’t hear about chatbots at least once in the last years. Frankly, there’s no point denying it anymore. Chatbots are taking over businesses’ customer service left and right. And all while before, they were thought of as “just another trend”. Fast forward till today, and we practically never land on a website without seeing a bot! Yup, chatbots are here to stay. They keep changing the way businesses communicate with their customers… for the better.

Alright, this sounds great and all… But aren’t companies forced to use these systems because of high demand? Well, Perhaps not. As it turns out, these businesses aren’t turning to automation because of demand, at least not at first. As a matter of fact, chatbots are vital in scaling your business and creating a demand.

Curious to see what the fuss is all about? Read along with these chatbot statistics. And discover why you should be using them for your business as well.

So, What Exactly Is a Chatbot?

Before you can take in all the good and discover what these clever little bots can do for you and your business… Let me give you a quick small scoop on what exactly they are:

Chatbots are usually ‘hidden’ within the little widgets you communicate with when you use a live chat on a website. And nowadays, you can even expect them in Facebook chats too. They are capable of checking responses from customers. And use an algorithm to generate a human-like response. Because these bots carry a conversational tone, some consumers don’t even realize they are speaking to a bot. They assist your business in building customer-focused relationships and convert leads into sales. From answering and sending messages to liking and following potential customer accounts. They can streamline your customer service efforts while you reap the benefits.

Now that you know what these bots can do let’s see how they measure up:

Chatbots Statistics: What Customers Are Saying about Bots

The following chatbot statistics paint a nice picture. And frankly, if you still don’t have a chatbot on your website after reading these stats, I’m really starting to think you make your life hard on purpose. That said, let’s dig in.

1. Of Today’s Internet Users… 64% Say the 24-Hour Service Chatbots Provide Is Their Best Feature

That’s more than half of the online population. 64% enjoys quick, around the clock support from chatbot services. A big factor to consider is the ease this introduces for businesses who have a presence overseas. For example, if you’re marketing your products or services in another time zone… The customers in that area aren’t going to want to wait until your business hours for answers. So, by providing instant, 24/7 support for inquiries and potential leads… It means that you won’t be missing out on revenue because they got bored of waiting and moved on. Even if your bot can’t answer all their questions. They will ease the customer’s mind while they wait and make them feel acknowledged.

2. 62% of Users Prefer a Chatbot for Simple Questions

Chatbots can be “programmed” with the answers to simple questions your business receives. So, when a customer has a problem, the bot can instantly provide them with the answers they are looking for. This means there’s no need to call a support line. Or send in an email, only to wait for someone for days to get back to you. Nope, chatbots can break this tedious process down into an instant Q&A communication. Not only is this saving your customers time. But, it’s protecting you and your team from repeatedly answering the same questions over and over as well. With all that extra time, you can now focus on the more significant issues!

3. 56% of Customers Would Rather Send a Message Than Call Support

Welcome to the digital age where the public has become more involved with their screens… than face to face conversations. The fact is the number of people who actually use a phone as a phone is decreasing rapidly. Customers don’t want to talk with your support team on the phone anymore. They simply want quick, typed-out responses they can access anywhere while doing anything. If there is a live chat option, customers are far more likely to use this as a first response to their questions. So why not give them the option to remain in their comfort zone by having a Messenger chatbot standing by. If they can’t find the information via the bot, they can always reach out to you for more help. One of the most interesting chatbot statistics in this list, I’d say.

4. Over 48% of Female Shoppers Report They’re Enjoying Using Bots for Communication While Shopping Online

Chatbots are incredibly helpful in navigating an online shopping experience instead of trying to find their way around a new site themselves. And perhaps, becoming frustrated when results aren’t provided fast enough. A chatbot can solve their problems before they click away to shop over at your competition. When it comes to online shopping, you can think of these bots as the staff that are ready and waiting. Ready and waiting to answer the questions of your shoppers as they’re entering your store. A bot can point customers in the right direction. And they do this without any hassle. Plus, they’re able to suggest additional items. Or give personalized offers based on the information they gather about the customer.

5. Nearly 48% of Men Turn to Chatbots When They Need Answers to Simple Questions

Women aren’t alone in their love for bots. Almost half of all males also use a chatbot when they have a simple question they want to be answered. Bots are speeding up Q&A communication and making customers more likely to engage with a company. That said, though, if they have to ask for clarification before they buy… many consumers will take the easier route and find another option instead. This means that providing quick answers to simple questions will keep your customers around longer.

6. 63% of Consumers Feel That Businesses Should Be Available on Facebook Messenger

Think about where your customers are spending their time online. Although there may be controversy over Facebook’s popularity. Reports verify that 7 out of 10 adults in the US are currently active on Facebook. Today’s population is driven by instant gratification. Meaning that if you want to make an impact, you better make it quick. If your customers are finding you on Facebook… They want to be able to get in touch with you without being redirected to your website first. The less they have to do, the more they will appreciate you—more than enough reason to integrate your Messenger bots into your current strategy. So your customer service experience starts before they even land on your site.

Business Response

Customers are getting used to the chatbot trends. In fact, have even started to prefer them over a human agent. More and more businesses are getting on board with this innovative technology… And many are already seeing substantial results. Let’s dive into what the chatbot statistics say about business advantages.

7. 53% of Service Organizations Will Be Utilizing Chatbots Within 18 Months

These automated chat services aren’t limited to the major companies in the slightest, with over half of today’s online services looking to make the change. Chatbots are becoming an online standard. The bar is being raised for customer interactions. And businesses must take the initiative to meet it if they want to survive. This chatbot statistic isn’t surprising… Given the massive benefits of automating customer service for both the user and the company’s growth.

8. Message Bots Are Cutting Operation Costs by up to 30%

When you consider the cost of employing a team of support agents capable of handling the number of conversations bots can perform, the numbers speak for themselves. Really, if you had to pay a team to answer questions at any hour of the day, you’d be looking at coughing up some serious coin. A single chatbot, set up once, can provide support anytime, anywhere, service at no extra charge. As a bonus, you cut the chance for human error or emotional involvement with demanding customers. Of course, these bots aren’t a solution for every inquiry. But, they will decrease the amount of staff you need on hand to balance the workload.

9. Chatbots Free up 64% of Agents to Resolve More Complex Matters

Perhaps one of our favorite chatbot statistics. See, by filtering out smaller problems and answering quick questions… Bots can provide a screening effect for customer service agents. Your support team will no longer spend as much time answering repetitive questions. Or going back and forth with customers on basic subjects. By setting up your Messenger bots with the answers to questions, your team faces frequently… They’ll be free to tackle the tough stuff with a clearer mind.

10. 79% of Bot-Using Businesses Said They Had an Increase in Sales and Customer Loyalty

Chatbots can deliver a consistent, reliable experience to your customers. They know they can click and ask questions that won’t be ignored if they have problems. This kind of reputation holds a lot of value for customers. As a result, they will not only return to you, but they will share their experience. The bot can collect data on your customers that you can use to increase eyeballs on your content. You can event target specific demographics based on this data. This will increase the relevancy of the leads you generate. Top it off with your system’s ability to create personalized offers, and they keep them coming back for more.

11. Chatbot Engagements Increase Conversion Rates by as Much as 40%

Instead of your customers seeing generic ads pop up in their feed. They’re offered a more specific direction based on the context of the chat. This means you can drive more customers to target points like product sales or service pages—all without spamming them. The interactions are highly conversational. Because of this, conversations feel far less like a sales pitch. But more like a helpful hand leading them to a great deal. The leads that are guided produce 40% more revenue rather than click-and-forget users.

The Growing Trend

If these services are so trendy, won’t they be dying out like every other fad? Experts are saying, “No”. The future of chatbots is brighter than the sun. It doesn’t seem that this evolutionary style of communication will be going anywhere but up. Here’s the next batch of chatbot statistics:

12. Around 80% of Entrepreneurs Thought of Using Bots by the End of 2020

The time-saving effects of automating communication are just too good to deny. If you are an entrepreneur, you know how large a task running a business is. You are responsible for so many elements of development. And sometimes, it can feel like you are barely keeping your head above water. Responding to emails, engaging with customers is incredibly valuable to the growth of your business. But, making time for it can be difficult. The joy of automated systems is that they provide you with a hands-free solution to customer engagement.

13. Nearly a Quarter of the World’s Population Was Already Using Chatbots Before the Start of 2020

This isn’t a brand new idea; in fact, Facebook started supporting Messenger bots back in 2016. You may recognize some of these major companies that got on the bot track early. They continue to see the decision paying off.

14. 80% of Standard Questions Can Be Answered by a Chatbot

That’s a whopping percentage of questions that you could never have to answer again. With tech continually improving, there’s no question that we will see this number rise as this solution becomes more popular. With advanced algorithms growing better, these bots have the potential to tackle larger issues and deliver even more seamless conversational skills.

15. 85% of Customer Interactions Will Be Automated by 2021

It’s predicted that at the end of 2021, people will be so familiar with bots… They even prefer them over other means of communication.

Discover More Chatbot Statistics

The effortless ability to drive conversion rates up while building strong relationships with customers… Is an advantage you just can’t afford to miss out on. This means that Now is the time to hop on the chatbot train and join the future of marketing.

Now, if you love chatbot statistics as much as we do, then hold my beer.:

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That said. From customer satisfaction to proven business growth… In this article, we’ve covered 15 of the most informative chatbot statistics. And, with so many incredible stats, you no longer have to wonder whether they are effective. Yup, you can move forward with confidence, knowing that adding a chatbot to your arsenal is not only great for your business… But, also for your customers!

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