Improving the Customer Service of your Business with Chatbots

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Savvy as you are, you know customer service is an integral part of every successful business. You also know that customer support already happens before, during, and after people buy your product or service. And the quality of your customer service heavily depends on how well your agents are trained. After all, your agents are the ones who need to adjust to the personality and tone of your customers.

The question is, though, does it still have to be this way?

Well, this article will answer that question. First, let’s get back to basics…

Look, I’d be the first to admit that it’s crucial to keep improving the customer service of your business. I mean, good customer service will get you new customers, but also allows you to keep your customers (you worked so hard for to acquire) buying your products. Having a good support channel in place also provides a way to get more valuable feedback from your customers. Ultimately, this customer feedback is allowing your company to cultivate loyalty with your customers – which is just priceless! As a result, recouping customer acquisition costs and enhancing the business overall.

You make this all – and, frankly, much more – possible by providing the best customer service. So…

Let’s Dive Into the Advantages of Improving Customer Service

Frankly, if your business does not have its own customer service team yet… The best time to invest in this is right now. Why? Well, because of the simple fact that happy customers have the power to help get new customers on board. It’s no secret existing customers can convince prospects to at least check out what you offer.

But there’s more! Let’s have a look at the 7 advantages of having good customer service, shall we?

1. Customer Retention Is More Affordable Than Acquisition

According to Hubspot, if the increase in customer retention is 5%, it can increase profits by up to 25%. That HUGE! They think it happens because existing customers are happy with the product, and are more likely to spend money on other products and services delivered by a brand. Yup, this means fewer costs of operation as well. Hubspot’s research also shows that customer acquisition cost is simply much higher for a company without proper customer service in place. Therefore, having good customer service in place decreases your spending on acquiring new customers. 

2. Customer Support Will Create Happier Customers

Simply imagine what it is like when there is no one around to ask about the product you want to buy in a store. Unheard of, right? Yup, in the real world, you don’t see this happening… But, if you do, you immediately think the business has lousy customer service! So why should it be any different online? Look, if you want your consumers to bring high returns, shouldn’t they feel appreciated and respected? By having a live chat, or chatbot widget, on your website… Customers tend to feel way more respected, and they’re not left to their own devices wandering about your site trying to figure things out. 

3. Customer Service Produces Loyal Customers

Loyalty to your brand does not come in a snap. Often, it is the result of hard work. Customer loyalty is usually built through lots of positive experiences with your brand. That said, I bet you know it is more affordable to keep selling to existing customers than to acquire new customers, right? Well, it is… Loyal customers are usually customers with the highest lifetime value. And, the higher your customers’ lifetime value, the higher the profit will be for your company. Basically, lifetime value is the total revenue your business can expect per customer. 

4. Customers Tend to Pay More When a Business has Great Customer Service

Next to your everyday purchases, in the first place, most customers buy your products or service because they got attracted to the branding of your business. However, a lot of customers today also buy because they see you’re providing an impeccable customer experience. This customer experience impact report showed that 86% of customers will pay 25% more on products when they deem the customer support as “good service”.

5. Proactive Customer Service Opens Possibilities 

Proactive customer service is not only for the customer’s delight. It is also a useful marketing tool for promoting and introducing new products. For instance, by using the ticketing system or customer relationship management (CRM) tool, you can search for customers who have had similar issues in the past. Reach out by introducing a new solution to their issue, and highlighting additional features and benefits. Usually, it’s more effective than a sales pitch because the proactive attitude just oozes an extremely caring-for-your-customers-kinda attitude.

6. Good Customer Service Offers a Competitive Advantage 

All businesses want to be their best. So, why not stand-out with good customer support for a competitive advantage? I mean, you just learned this is also what will keep your customers loyal to your brand. Plus, it’s one of the top reasons reason that will make them interact with your brand even more. Good customer service offers your company a competitive advantage. Some customers stop supporting the business when customer service is lacking behind. And why not boast that your customer service is off the charts? Like we do right here with the Support Hall of Fame.

7. Customer Service Will Represent Your Image And Brand

Saving the best for last, I guess. This is – perhaps – the #1 reason why you should not neglect customer service as an integral part of your business. Look, your customer service team is the bridge connecting your company to your customers, right? So it needs to have the power to represent your brand. Without a good customer service team, there is no means of direct communication with your customers. Even worse, there’s no way to relay how your customers see your brand. And these are some important factors, if not the most crucial factors, that influence your decisions and choices as a business owner. 

Improving The Customer Service Of Your Business

Excellent customer service will take your business a long way. It is about providing customers with what they want, at the right time. Plus, it’s no secret that when a company offers satisfactory customer service, they keep their customer base with them for the long haul. And not only that… Good customer support will also help a business grow.

10 Ways To Improve Customer Service

We’ve compiled a list of 10 ways that help you and your business deliver better customer service. Let’s dig in!

1. Active Listening

Whether it is a human agent or a chatbot, active listening is crucial. The customer has to feel heard, understood, and served. It is a skill set you can develop quickly. The technique is to approach the conversation with the goal of learning. It is also about focusing on what the customer is saying. You may ask clarifying questions to ensure you understand what they are saying. Then, end the conversation with a summary to make sure you are on the same page. With active listening, you will not just improve customer support. It can also impact other aspects of customer relationships. 

2. Empathy

Being able to deliver support with empathy enhances customer service. Empathy is about understanding your customers’ feelings, and where they are coming from. You can practice this by seeing the problem in the eyes of the customer. Then, you imagine how this makes you feel. It is vital in customer service. This prompts customers to be receptive when they feel understood. It also avoids conflicts, creating an enjoyable discourse with each other.

3. Using Positive Language

Address the problems of your customers. The positive language will de-stress them from the situation. Compose your conversations well. This will lead to better relationships with customers. Use verbs positively. There are times it takes technical improvement, such as using the right tense. Make sure you are authentic, memorable, calm, and positive. It will help a lot, especially when the customer is angry.

4. Enhancing Technical Skills

Customers may make their presence with their problems. They want to seek answers to their questions quickly. It is essential not to waste the time of your customers. Before interacting with them, understand your system, including your live chat and ticketing.

5. Knowledge Of Products And Services

Customers hugely appreciate it when customer support is knowledgeable about the product. You must have a deep understanding of the products and their features. It also is valid for the benefits and solutions offered. Before setting up your customer support system, engage in product research. This will take your business further when helping customers solve their problems. Or sharing tips and tricks on how to use the products. 

6. Common Ground

You are finding the balance when your customer support is via live chat or email. It could also be with a telephone conversation. These may appear impersonal. You cannot learn the person’s facial expressions or body language. Yet, you always want them to feel connected so looking for common ground is a must. 

7. Communication

Clear communication is essential. It doesn’t matter whether you have automated customer support or human agents. Communication is essential in customer service, especially when conversing with individuals in their native language. Responses to questions should be concise, clear, and natural. Remember, your customers want details. But, they would not like all the details too. The bottom line is to resolve their issues quickly. You can end conversations with, “Is there anything else I can do for you today?” to know if they have any further questions. Communicate hold times or when transferring them to a different agent. In the live chat, do not idle too long. 

8. Measuring Customer Feedback

Measure feedback. If you don’t measure feedback, how on earth would you know if something is working for you, or not? You can use surveys they can opt-in to, allowing customers to fill out their experience in engaging with the agent. 

9. Keep Learning, Keep Pushing.

It takes time, practice, and commitment to be able to perfect your customer service. When improving your customer service, you must be willing to work on learning curves. Keep pushing until you see those 5-star reviews coming in… Then push some more.

10. Incorporate Chatbots

By adding a Messenger chatbot to the mix you improve your support channels even further. Through automation, these bots improve customer service, support, and engagement. Chatbots on Messenger will keep your presence live 24/7. With bots, you increase customer engagement. But, it also allows you to track customer data and gain valuable insights. A Messenger chatbot paves the way for better lead generation, qualification, and nurturing.

Chatbots on Messenger surely are cost savers. And nowadays, where more and more people are finding themselves more online. There are now over 1.3 billion active users on the Messenger platform. What is even cooler is the fact that 72% of people who use Messenger are confirmed, online buyers. An incredible stat any company should make take to heart.mPlus, Messenger is an engaging channel, with an average of 82% open rates on broadcasts you can send to your subscribers. It also has 4 to 10 times higher Click-Through Rates compared to email. And, response time is 20% faster, compared to traditional messaging.

Of course, I’m biased… But there’s no better time than “Get In Right Now”. Because now is the time for your business to be part of the conversation that’s already happening on Messenger. 

Better Customer Support With Messenger Chatbots

If you follow the tips we mentioned in this article, you’ll be able to improve your customer service to a level that transforms customers into raving loyal buyers. Top it off with a chatbot that resonates with users, and you’re golden. Clepher has tons of remarkable features. Your chatbot can send text messages, images, and GIFs. But most importantly, it can help you improve your support channel by automating customer service. And that’s just scratching the tip of what you can do with a Clepher chatbot. Why not have a look?

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