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Did you know that you can automatically pop-up the chat window on your Facebook Page? Well, you can! In episode 2 of Chatbot Page Hacks I’m revealing how you can do this too. Now, we thought this would be cool to share with you. Because having your Chat Window open automatically on your Facebook page catches the eye of any visitor! This means the likely hood of a possible conversation with your chatbot to happen increases dramatically. In this episode of Chatbot Page Hacks, I show you how easy it actually is to to have the chat window pop-up on your FB Fanpage automatically.

Chatbot Page Hacks – Episode 2:

Chatbot Page Hacks – Episode 2, Summary:

To summarize, to have your chat window automatically pop-up, you simply go to your Page Settings and search for the option to enable this. Do note, that in our testing this option is not enabled by default. This, of course, works the other way around as well. If you don’t want to have the chat window pop-up automatically, you can simply disable it. That said, if you’re curious to learn how to add a chatbot to your Facebook Page… Give Clepher a try, and use it to easily attach a chatbot to your page.

Watch this video to make sure how you can optimize your Facebook Page for getting more messages

Following below is a lightly edited transcript of the Chatbot Page Hacks Episode 2 video:

Stefan van der Vlag: Hey guys, it’s Stefan right here. And this is the second video, episode 2 of the Page Bot Hacks series we’ve got going on. And in this video, I’m going to demonstrate something very, very cool. Again, it’s one of those hidden options that you need to be aware of. It’s one of those things that Facebook decided to silently push and if you aren’t spending a lot of time in the settings of your pages, then it’s easily missed.

Stefan van der Vlag: So, this is me actually making aware, making you aware that this feature actually exists. So, what we see in front of me right now is the page from an Admin Perspective. We can see this by basically seeing all the Settings Tabs right here and the test button and our everything right there. But let me just show you how it looks from a subscriber perspective, a visitor perspective.

Stefan van der Vlag: So once I click on “View as Page Visitor” right here it redirects me to this page and we are currently watching it from a Visitor Perspective. And as you can see right here, this directly opens up the Chat. Now, this is not an option that’s on by default. Now, you might have already enabled this on your page, but this is actually an option inside your Page Settings. So what we are going to do is basically switch back to your view.

Stefan van der Vlag: For some reason that doesn’t really work for me. I actually click on the link and then refresh the entire page. So if you need to work around because it happens for you as well, then there’s that trick. But in order to actually set this up, you need to go to the Admin Perspective. Then go to settings right here. Then go to messaging. There we go. And I think it’s right here somewhere. Yeah, there we go. So, once you scroll down to starting a messenger conversation, automatically open a chat window on your page, make sure that this is set to on, to enable the chat window to pop up or right then and there so that people can immediately interact with your page, send you a message and have the bot take over.

Stefan van der Vlag: Now. That’s basically what I wanted to show you. It’s a very, very easy way to do a pattern interrupt for anyone that actually lands on your page. That pattern interrupt will then make sure that that person will interact with your Facebook page and your chatbot. Okay. I hope you liked this one and thanks for watching this video. Bye for now.

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