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Instagram automation is one of the most effective methods to grow your business, expand your reach, and generate more followers and leads. It’s vital to remember that automating isn’t meant to take the place of social media managers; it’s intended to be used as a business tool. To get the most out of Instagram automation, you must create the optimal automation for your specific needs. Finding the greatest Instagram automation examples, methods, and secrets that make sense for you or your business might be difficult. That’s why we’re here.

See, there are a number of options that you can use for your Instagram automation, and in some cases, it makes sense to opt up for multiple ways in order to get the most optimal results. For example, if you’re looking for engagement, try Post Engagement with Private Replies, and Story Mentions. Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s first dive into the why of Instagram Chatbots.

Why Your Business Needs an Instagram Chatbot

There’s no question about it. If you’re looking to grow and market your business, Instagram automation is a must-have tool in your pocket that will help be an asset to your team and improve overall results. The reason you need to automate your Instagram routines is simple; it’s time-consuming and difficult to use the app as a business tool. Noting that engagement can be automated via chatbots on Instagram, It’ll save YOU lots of time and effort in the long-term. But, as you already know, what works for some businesses might not work for others. Try asking your peers and colleagues which methods they use for their Instagram automation and marketing routines. That way, you can gain some insight before jumping into a full-fledged strategy.

After you’ve asked a few questions and have discovered some of what your closest friends do, it’s time to dig into the Instagram automation examples that will work for YOUR business. The first thing to note is that this isn’t a sprint. For you, Instagram automation may be something that takes some trial and error before it starts working for your campaign. So, if you’re wondering what are some of the best Instagram automation examples that are out there or are unsure where to start with your business’s needs, don’t worry. We’ve got you. Here, we break down the best Instagram automation examples that work for businesses and will provide a solid launching point from which to begin your journey towards social media domination.

6 Ways To Increase Your Site’s Traffic Using Instagram Automation

Here are some pointers to help you decide which one is right for you and help you reach more consumers.

1. Use proper tools to get the most out of your Instagram account.

You can save a lot of time and have a more convenient life by using the appropriate equipment. Using an Instagram DM automation tool like Instachamp is one way to automate the process of interacting with your target audience. Using a chatbot to automate the act of responding to story mentions might help you automate the procedure of engaging with your target demographic by liking and commenting on their story posts.

2. Add a chatbot to your Instagram account.

You’re more likely to want your audience to believe that they’re interacting with a bot when you use the term “bot.” People on Instagram have a good eye for spotting a phony or genuine item. But rest assured, as a business or someone with a large following on Instagram, your followers will be okay with you using tools to answer questions. At the end of the day, they’re looking to get an answer to their problem as easily and quickly as possible.

3. Don’t spam people with your Instagram chatbot

Remember that social media is a social experience, and people enjoy interacting with one another. Because of spam bots posting automated remarks on articles like “hi” or “great photo,” Instagram automation has gotten a negative reputation. Make it personal if you want your business leads to paying attention to the message. Even something as basic as a greeting followed by their name may be enough to pique their interest in what you have to say next.

A great way to make it personal is to hook up a chatbot to your Instagram account with Clepher. Then, set up a Post Engagement for your Instagram posts, so that whenever someone comments on your Instagram post, they get a message from your chatbot providing something of value. The latter being a FREE ebook, a coupon, or perhaps a cool little video of you thanking them for their comment; great to increase the know, like, and trust factor! (We got the same feature for Facebook Posts BTW!)

4. Put your engagement on steroids

You don’t need a large number of followers if all of those who follow you are already interested in your content – but for businesses, having more always makes sense since there are potentially more customers out there! One way social media marketers use to put engagement on Instagram on steroids is through Story Mentions. You can have your Instagram chatbot reply to anyone who mentions your company or brand in their story. If you know how to leverage this (hint: giveaway contest) you can expect a ton of engagement and add a ton of followers to your accounts or to the accounts on your clients. Clepher makes it extremely easy to set this up.

5. Create now, then save later

Developing your Instagram automation strategy takes time, but once you have it down pat, it’ll save you countless hours in the long haul. Every business has its pros and cons, but the best way to stay ahead of the curve is by having a system in place that allows you to save time so you can focus on your other business priorities. On Instagram, this means setting up automation or two to help with engagement, whether it’s Privately Replying to comments made on posts or Story Mentions.

6. Use Instagram automation to help with building your audience

A big reason why the time commitment of having an Instagram account is worth it is that there are so many ways to grow your influence in business. Having more followers typically means you have a bigger impact when you post something, for example – and all of them can lead to more conversions and sales! Imagine being able to quickly reach out to hundreds of people on Instagram with the push of a button. That’s what Chatbots are for on social media platforms, even more so on Instagram. And, this is another reason why we created Clepher: to help you and your business use Instagram automation in a meaningful way to grow your audience.

Best Instagram Automation Strategies for Any Business

There are quite a few ways in which you can implement Instagram automation into your business’s needs and wants. Luckily, there are some amazing Instagram automation examples that will help you get started. Once you’re familiar with these, it’s time to mix and match the best practices for your company in order to determine which of the most effective methods is best for you. Without further ado, here are some tried-and-true Instagram automation examples that work like a charm:

1. Post Engagement with Private Replies:

One of the best Instagram automation examples is all about engagement and growing your reach by replying to users who interacted with you within a specific time frame, but didn’t follow your account yet. This tactic can help you bond with potential customers and drive more conversions.

2. With Auto Story Mentions:

Here’s another great example of an Instagram automation rule that boosts engagement and works to amplify your reach. This method allows you to reply to users who mention your brand as a story, but don’t follow you yet. Plus, it can help you convert those users into followers pretty quickly.

3. With Drip Campaigns:

If you’re running a business that needs time to grow, the drip campaign is for you. Here, you’ll send out automated content that helps your followers see what makes your brand stand out from the noise. This method will help increase conversions and improve your follower retention rate in order to generate more sales results.

4. With the Content Upgrade:

If your product or service is awesome, you can use it to your advantage by implementing the content upgrade for Instagram automation. With this method, you’ll create a post and save it as a draft. Then, share the post and add the link to your Instagram bio link (instead of in the copy itself) where users can see if they want more info.

5. With Auto Liking:

This Instagram automation example is pretty self-explanatory. It allows you to like posts that fall into a certain category (like competitor content or industry-related hashtags). The more likes your business receives, the more exposure it will gain which can drive up conversions and help you grow your social reach.

6. With Mega Polls:

We love mega polls because they’re a great way to provide value while driving conversions. This strategy allows you to create questions and incentivize users with a free gift in exchange for replying with an answer. Make sure that the prize is something that your target audience will find valuable! And automate it with your chatbot, a cheeky way to generate some email addresses while you’re at it.

7. With Follow Back:

When it comes to targeted Instagram automation, you can make your posts more visible by automatically following back users who follow you too. This tactic essentially allows you to get in front of the people who are most likely to buy from you and convert at a high rate.

In conclusion, there are many Instagram strategies for businesses, but these are some of the best that you can use to get started! Trust us, by implementing these rules, your business will see a dramatic increase in conversions and sales.

Let’s continue with some of the ways Clepher can help you in automating your Instagram account.

Some of the ways you can use Clepher are:

  1. Having an automated welcome message for new followers to introduce yourself, your business, or your brand, and what value you provide them with. Basically, much more in-depth and better information than on your Instagram account’s bio!
  2. You can send a GIF to your new or even some of your existing followers. Great for making them feel special and not “just another follower.
  3. Notifying new followers about giveaways or other promotions or contests you are running.
  4. Sending out automated birthday wishes to your followers, which can lead to more engagement and thus more business for you! You’ll need some workaround to make this work as you are dealing with the 24-hour rule on Instagram too.
  5. Proactively contact people with your Instagram account, send them direct messages and once they reply, get them hooked on your Instagram chatbot. Let your chatbot take over!

Of course, this is but a handful. Why not take action on your special offer right here and see for yourself how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Final Thoughts on Instagram Automation

We hope this article has helped shed some light on the world of Instagram automation and what you can use it for in your business or brand! Don’t forget to check out Clepher and see how you can get started with automating your Instagram. It’s important to note that while automation is a powerful tool, it only works if done correctly and in moderation so as not to annoy your audience. We hope this article has helped shed some light on the world of Instagram automation and what you can use it for in your business or brand!

Did we miss any great Instagram automation examples? Let us know! We love hearing from our readers and we’d be more than happy to add them to the list for you if they’re worth it.

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