How to Use Facebook Messenger Chatbots for Lead Generation

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Every day, more and more people are using Facebook Messenger to chat with friends, and now also: Businesses! It’s a new way of communicating. It is beginning to replace texting on your phone and how you people communicate with your business. Therefore, it can be an excellent way to generate leads and appointments using Facebook Messenger Chatbots. In this article, we’ll show you how Facebook Messenger chatbots can benefit your business. Here, we’ll also give you some ideas on generating leads and automating sales using chatbots.

So yeah, the future of business communications is already here. Savvy as you are, you know that chatbots are the new way to communicate with your customers. It’s time to get on board and start using this technology for lead generation as well. All before you’re left behind by your competitors who may already have implemented chatbots for this purpose. Let’s dive in and discover how Facebook Messenger can be used for lead generation.

Why Facebook Messenger Is A Great Tool for Lead Generation

Every company knows that lead generation and conversions are the keys to any successful business. With this in mind, many companies have been looking into new ways to generate leads through social media channels, such as Quora and LinkedIn Groups, since they can be relatively cost-effective and more straightforward (than cold calling/emailing) ways to reach out. However, even though these may be good ideas too, it doesn’t mean we should ignore other new avenues available on different and other platforms.

One of those less talked about options is Lead Generation through Facebook’s chatbot system. Many companies have been using these types of chatbots to automate their customer service tasks and provide faster responses to their customers when they chat. And while a chatbot on Messenger is excellent for that purpose, I argue that they might even be better at generating leads and sales.

Let’s take a look at an example:

H&M uses Facebook Messenger as a customer service tool for their shoppers. However, it does not only provide customer support but also information about new arrivals and promotions. These messages help the user stay up to date with the brand and become more familiar with its products. Thus, this provides H&M with another avenue to reach potential customers and see if they want to be part of their consumer base.

Now, these same features that H&M uses can be used for lead generation through Facebook Messenger chatbots. In fact, there are several lead generation companies out there that have been doing this very successfully. That said, creating a chatbot for lead generation is actually not as difficult as you think – first, let’s learn how lead generation works through chatbots.

How To Use Messenger Chatbots To Generate Leads 

The idea behind generating leads with chatbots is very similar to customer service bots. In fact, many companies that already have a chatbot set up for customer support can quickly transfer it over into a lead generation system as well.

See, let’s say you’re a real estate agent and want to generate leads through Facebook Messenger. Instead of giving your phone number out to interested parties, you can set up a chatbot that provides information about your brand (e.g., what you do, mission statement, services). Then, this chatbot system can ask them if they would like to receive more information about your services by providing an option for them to sign up for your newsletter. Once they sign up, the next time they open Facebook Messenger to chat with you, instead of asking them to give out their phone number or email, the bot can ask if they would like to receive further information about properties in the future. If so, it allows them to provide contact details and schedule an appointment with you directly.

Even though this chatbot idea seems like it would only work for real estate agents and other service-based businesses, it doesn’t. The H&M example I shared earlier used a similar approach. It provides information about the brand and its products through Facebook Messenger. It also allowed them to test out potential customers and see if they were interested in purchasing items.

Using a Lead Magnet

Of course, you can use a more traditional approach; Using a Lead Magnet. You can actually set up a Click to Messenger Ad on Facebook, promising a FREE gift once they chat with your chatbot. You can even pull the email address and phone number tied to someone’s Facebook account in the conversation. All your prospect needs to do is click on a button to provide their contact details, and as if by magic, you now have 2 other means of contacting your lead.

Next to these ideas, there are many more ways to generate leads with chatbots. The lead magnet idea proves to be the best way over and over again. We actually set up training about this, it’s free, and you can watch the module here.

Different Lead Generating Chatbot Templates

Although lead generation is a fairly old idea, many companies don’t do it or don’t do it with the right tools. There are already chatbots and templates available on the market that you can purchase and implement right away. Our chatbot company Clepher, for example, provides Messenger lead generation templates for businesses in various industries. This makes it extremely easy to get started. And frankly, the only thing left for you to do is figure out if lead generation through Facebook Messenger chatbots is something you want.

Here are some of the best Lead Generation Bot Templates:

  • Generic Lead Generation Flow
    • This premium chatbot flow called Generic Lead Generation Flow allows business owners to generate leads while gathering more information from them. Unlike our other Flow templates for lead generation, this one does not use a specific framework.
  • Spin the Wheel Flow
    • This premium chatbot flow called the Spin the Wheel Flow allows users to join the “Spin the Wheel” contest by putting in their 4-digit codes.
  • Get Subscribers From Article Flow
    • This premium chatbot flow called the Get Subscribers From Article Flow allows article writers to get feedback from users who have read the article.
  • Crack The Code Flow
    • This premium chatbot flow called the Crack The Code Flow allows users to join the “Crack the Code” contest by guessing the 4-digit code. There will also be a consolation prize for those who’ll be able to guess 1 to 3 digits
  • Choose Your Gift Flow
    • This premium chatbot flow called the Choose Your Gift Flow, sends a message to your subscribers which will let them choose the gift that they want to receive.
  • Exit Survey Flow
    • This premium chatbot flow called the Exit Survey Flow allows users to unsubscribe and for business owners to get feedback as to why users choose to leave.

That said, you easily import any of these Chatbot Flows (and any of the other 120+ Flows) from the importer on the Flow Composer inside Clepher.

Tips for Creating Good Copy That Will Convert Visitors into Leads

In lead generation, bots or Messenger chats, in particular, keep the copy simple and straightforward. Initially, it might feel like lead generation bots that offer information or lead magnets vs. lead generation chatbots that lead to lead form conversions will give you the same effect. However, lead generation chatbots lead to conversions because they’re offering something specific, and people can use them at their own discretion without ever having to engage with a salesperson.

Advantages of Lead-Gen Chatbots

The good thing about lead-gen chatbots is that they aren’t as generic as lead-gen forms on web pages, which means they score higher conversion rates. If you want more people to convert through Messenger chats (or any bot, really), make sure your copy is clear and concise enough for them to understand what exactly it is you’re offering them and why they should get it.

This also means lead-gen chatbots don’t need a human touch (you know, that thing that leads to endless email chains and delayed responses). In lead generation, chatbots don’t have a physical body, which means they’re capable of responding rapidly. This makes lead-gen chatbots more efficient at qualifying leads, which is a good thing for lead generations because it means lead-gen chatbots can give you better lead data faster than lead generation forms on web pages.

Creating a Good Copy

In terms of copy, bots don’t need to be overly formal – they come across as more casual and personal, but they still have to remain professional. They usually start with “hi” or something similar before getting down to the nitty-gritty about what lead magnet they offer and how someone can get it.

And now that Messenger keeps growing in popularity (it has roughly 1.3 Billion monthly active users), more business lead generation companies and lead gen chatbots will pop up, and that can lead to lead generation success. The bottom line: lead gen chatbots play a significant role in lead generation because they’re engaging, and persuasive, meet people where they are (on Messenger), and ultimately convert visitors into leads faster than lead gen forms on web pages.

Optimization for Conversions

Once your lead generation chatbot is ready, the next step is to optimize it for conversions. The best way would be to send traffic from paid ads like Facebook Ads, which have high relevancy. Then keep track of lead generation chatbot results with software like Clepher. Lead data enables lead scoring for quality assessment, guiding lead-gen companies and chatbots in prioritizing leads for sales while retaining others.

Prioritizing higher-quality leads with lead-gen chatbots reduces conversion costs and enhances lead-generation success for your sales team.

Potential Problems When Using Messenger as a Lead Generator

The world of lead generation is changing. With the way technology is constantly evolving, lead generation and conversion an ever-changing things as well. As an entrepreneur, this requires you to think outside the box, trying to stay ahead of your competition. One area that more companies are looking into is lead generation through Facebook Messenger chatbots. Chatbots have become a valuable tool for generating leads because they provide personalized assistance without human interaction, thus creating an automated lead response system that kicks off the sales process.

Avoiding Facebook Messenger Chatbot Spam Issues

One thing to keep in mind when using lead generation through Facebook Messenger chatbots is that lead responses outside of the box may lead to spam complaints. The biggest issue is ensuring that chatbots aren’t sending spam messages or continuing with automated lead responses too long before receiving any type of lead response. If this happens, Facebook will typically delete your chatbot and prevent you from creating another one. After a specific time in Facebook jail, you can create a new one. And while you can use this time to work on tweaking your lead response methods, it’s still not an ideal situation to be in.

Enhancing Human-like Engagement in Lead Generation

As a business owner, you want to make sure you are always available to help out your leads, especially since better lead quality comes with long conversations. And while a lot of companies don’t want their leads talking to robot versions of humans, with lead generation on Facebook, this is what businesses think they get stuck with when using a Facebook Messenger Bot.

Ensuring High-Quality Leads in Chatbot Automation

Quality leads require careful attention in chatbot lead generation. Creating a chatbot lead response system is extra effort; poor responses hinder sales and conversions. Ensure a skilled marketing team for lead scoring and filtering to maintain high-quality leads in your automated response process and maximize lead generation.

How To Successfully Use Lead Gen Bots

Some lead-generation chatbots have already done exceptionally well in the lead-generation market. And while most boot companies find their next great hire based on lead responses they receive through lead generation chatbots. Over at Clepher, we focus on getting you customers and sales. You know, the thing you actually need to run your business. Clepher can be used entirely as a lead response system that allows businesses to create automated conversations when someone messages them on Facebook, Messenger, or Instagram.

To start lead generation through Facebook Messenger chatbots, you need to create your lead bot first for it to work. Let me reference the entire FREE training again. This will transform you into a Chatbot Hero in no time flat. This training is especially significant if you want to learn the basics and create a Lead Generation bot.

Conclusion: How to Use Facebook Messenger for Lead Generation

One area that more companies are looking into is lead generation through Facebook Messenger chatbots. Messenger is one of the most popular chat applications on the market. With over 1.3 billion MAU users worldwide, businesses cannot ignore this opportunity. In this article, we discussed lead generation through Facebook Messenger chatbots and how to do it correctly. And as an entrepreneur, agency, or marketer looking for ways to generate leads more ergonomically, you now know that Facebook Messenger bots can help you attain just that.

So, is a Messenger Bot Really Worth It? 

At Clever, we believe so. While lead generation through chatbots is new to the marketing industry, it’s becoming more popular by the day. Thanks to lead response rates that are 3 times higher than lead responses on other platforms. Ready to lead generate with Messenger bots?

Look, you’ve read that Clepher provides you with automated lead-generation templates. These templates lead to higher lead quality and increased productivity in your team. You get access to these chatbot flows for FREE.

So, why not take it for a spin? Try Clepher today, RISK-FREE.

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