7 Benefits Using a Messenger Bot for Your Business

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They say 85% of customer service conversations will be performed by bots at the end of 2021. That means a lot of businesses are already experiencing the ton of benefits a bot has to offer. So, does your business already have a Messenger bot? If not, you should jump on the train now before it leaves you behind! Choo Choo! Because if you don’t grow with this technology, beyond the next years, most of us won’t even realize that we aren’t speaking with a chatbot or a human anymore.

And, the fact is, the biggest companies on the market are turning to a Messenger bot to handle everyday interactions with customers… And they’re seeing incredible results. From increased customer satisfaction to a larger online presence, these companies turned to chatbots and changed the world of customer service as we know it. Plus, more and more, consumers are holding businesses to a higher standard for interactions and timely solutions. So, with ever-improving conversation management, there’s no reason to stop delaying a messenger bot for your business.

Hmm. Not convinced? Then let’s find out what a chatbot service could do for your business. Follow along to discover the top 7 benefits of using these chatbots for your online customer experience.

What Is a Messenger Bot?

So what is a Messenger bot? And why should you even consider adding one to your business? Well, in short, on its base, a Messenger bot is a digital persona that can be used to interact with customers. Better yet, it can be fully automated in such a way it can help customers around the clock. Chances are you have had more than a few interactions with them via platforms like Facebook Messenger or via a company’s website… They may not have a human body, but these little robots can be incredibly intelligent. It’s because of this and more reasons why loads of people are flocking over to Clepher right now to “get their bot on”. Let’s take a look at these other reasons right now.

So, what do you and your business have to gain by adding a Messenger bot to your business?

1. Hands-Free Customer Service

Sounds pretty convenient, doesn’t it? One of the instant benefits of using messenger bots is workload relief. Whether you are running all aspects of your business, or you have employees for customer service inquiries, using this system drastically reduces the amount of time spent on each interaction and can improve the overall quality of your service. So, if you were to double or triple the number of responses your team can work through, you’d be satisfying far more customers in a shorter amount of time. Beyond this, the wait times for responses will drastically reduce, resulting in happier consumers. Frankly? A Messenger bot is ideal for scaling your business interactions as it won’t consume any more human energy as you grow. As demand increases, you can actually save money by reducing the need to employ a larger customer service team to handle the workload.

As a bonus, taking human emotions out of the equation can result in more effective conversations. We’ve all been there or even done it ourselves, you call up a business and start asking questions, only to be met with a less than friendly voice who clearly doesn’t want to deal with you anymore… These interactions are detrimental to a business. Unfortunately, customers are likely to remember the feeling they gathered from this unpleasant interaction. Of course, that person could be an excellent, bubbly employee that was just having a really rotten day. The problem is most customers don’t consider these kinds of things and will simply take their business elsewhere.

2. Instant Service Around the Clock

This is especially helpful for businesses that provide products or services overseas. If your business is located in America, but you have customers in Australia or Asia, you are operating in nearly opposite time-zones. By the time you can respond to their requests, they are likely headed off to bed, or even moved on with their search due to inefficiency. The joy of chatbots is that they are always working. No matter the time, as soon as a question arises or a website hit takes place, they are there to represent your business no matter what. No tired responses or expensive night workers necessary.

Even if the bots aren’t able to resolve the issue completely, they give your business a chance to appease the customer and diffuse any frustration that may be present while they are waiting for your response. Customers will feel that they have moved closer to the solution. In essence, eliminating the time-zone gap will allow consumers to feel as though you are local to them. They won’t notice the distance if they don’t have to wait until the next business day to be served.

3. Increased Conversion

Let’s say a customer has googled a product and your site came up as a search result. They click on your page and begin to browse your selection, but they aren’t finding exactly what they visited for. Whether you have the product or not, the customer will only search for so long before hitting that dreaded ‘back’ button and finding another source to purchase from. This is a prime example of when chatbots can take that hit from a potential purchaser to a customer.

If we look at this same example and insert a messenger bot on your business’ website, instead of exiting navigation that interaction could look more like this: The lead enters the website looking for a specific product. Once they’ve landed on the page a chatbot asks the customer what they are after. With an easy option, the consumer asks the bot for the product in question, to which the bot produces a clickable link for this product on the website. The customer then navigates directly to this page without having to search or navigate the website on their own. Now the bot could suggest options to accompany this purchase or check to see if this satisfies the customer’s needs. Both of which allow the customer to feel sufficiently taken care of.

The algorithms these bots follow are specifically designed to receive information and deliver targeted content to the users. The secret here is that they do it in a way that is contextual and doesn’t feel like a pushy ad that has popped up on their news feed. These interactions, across multiple platforms, can guide customers directly to the desired outcome (usually a sale or service inquiry) seamlessly and reduce the number of browsers that never make it to checkout.

4. Streamlined Customer Experience

This same example highlights not only a higher conversion method but also a more enjoyable experience for the consumer. See, what if we were to flip the script and you were in the customer’s shoes, how would this interaction make you feel? Chatbots can take the uncertainty out of navigating new websites and finding what you want. They pull the customer through the content in a more user-friendly way and reduce frustrated customers who can’t find what they were looking for.

This experience mimics the service we receive at stores when a helpful employee guides us to our destination, rather than wandering into unrelated departments hoping to find it. So, go ahead and think of these chatbots as your on-floor staff. They are set up to deliver the exact experience customers want.

The great part about these systems jumping in so quickly is that customers don’t have to send in a question or ask for help. There is an online assistant right there from the start to proactively address any concerns before they become a problem. Beyond this, customers can expect the same service every time they visit. It builds a consistent system that they will become comfortable navigating and shopping with.

5. Meaningful Insights

By implementing a messenger bot in your business, you have “someone” closely following conversations and deliver the most relevant answers. This also means it’s taking in valuable insights that you can use in your marketing, product development, and more. The system will log the customer’s location, their demographic, and past purchases and deliver insights to you that allow you to understand your customers better. For example, if a product is popular in a specific area or within a certain demographic range, you can target these factors when generating paid ads and put your site in front of more relevant eyes. You can even grasp a better feel on what platforms you can reach these customers on and how they like to be communicated with.

You can also take these insights to your SEO strategies and generate more content that is relevant to the keywords these buyers are Googling and increase your chances of being found on a search engine query. Because the bots can catalog this memory, they will be set up to offer applicable discounts or gifts that will interest each specific customer. This is far more effective than blanket offers on homepages when it comes to repeat sales as these offers have been personalized for them.

This gives your business the chance to allow each customer to feel special and considered. These actions make them more likely to practice loyalty to your brand.

6. Increased Level of Trust

In a world where we interact through a screen instead of face to face, humans have developed less and less trust in the digital world. Largely due to the number of schemes and fraud online, customers are no longer willing to give money to companies that they don’t have some sort of relationship with. Often this trust is built on multiple touchpoints with customers. The more they see your brand, the more familiar it becomes. The downfall to this is that you have to get in front of customers several times before seeing any return on investment.

Chatbots offer another way around this system though. When customers have the chance to interact with a company and get to know them, they develop a sense of ease. They now feel like they can rely on this company to respond and help them, so if they do have any issues along the way, they don’t need to panic. A highly competent customer service system will ensure that they never feel that the business has taken advantage of them or fooled them into handing over money for nothing. If your business is this easy to communicate with, accessing returns or post-purchase questions won’t be a problem.

As we have observed through the plethora of reviews on major market sites, one of the main points of concern is the customer’s experience with the company. If customers don’t feel that they were serviced the way they deserve, they will share about it and vice versa. If we’ve learned anything from the roar of social media, we know that customer reviews are essential to scaling and growing a business. Providing excellent customer touchpoints is a great way to ensure happy customers and in turn, gain the trust of potential buyers.

7. Establish Your Brand

Using a messenger bot for your business instantly provides a voice for your customer interactions. Instead of looking at a still screen, they can interact with a representative that helps them put a personality to your brand. This is actually solidifying your branding and presenting a well-rounded image to each customer. When you set goals with your chatbots, you are able to target the areas of your business that are valuable to you and show up that way to your leads. Improving your customer satisfaction and eliminating problems along the way encourages your customers to remember these experiences and share them with their friends.

The more repeat clientele and friend-recommended exposure your business receives, the more reputable you become. On top of this, moving with the current of the large companies shows that you are an innovative company that keeps up with the big guys. Perhaps you will even be perceived as one of the big competitors on the market because of your tailored and seamless systems.

Get a Messenger Bot for Your Business Today

The business growth that is to be made with a messenger bot is endless. If you’re looking to boost your sales, turn your leads into customers… or even save on the cost of hiring a customer service team, this is the perfect solution for your business. Step into the digital age and embrace the change. Your sales and your consumers will thank you.

Ready to take the plunge and start wowing your customers? Get Clever with Messenger and fast-track your bot development and start seeing results now.

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