5 Winning Click-to-Messenger Ad Marketing Strategies

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Overall, marketing using a Click-to-Messenger Ad in your Facebook Ads is still relatively new. Yes, not many people in the marketing world have been trying this yet. This is because many people seem to be skeptical of how effective it can be. So, if you’re still trying to decide whether you should use Click-to-Messenger Ads that boost conversations with your chatbot for your business, then don’t worry! Because in this article, we’ve laid out some more insights to help you understand the benefits of Click-to-Messenger Ads and marketing on Messenger brings to your business.

First, let’s dive into the benefits of Messenger Marketing and Click-to-Messenger Ads (CTM Ads).

The Benefits of Messenger Marketing & CTM Ads

Messenger Marketing helps businesses get closer to customers on a personal level. It’s done by giving them an easy way to interact with each other in private chats. It also offers businesses access to their customer’s personal information like name, phone number, email address, and more – all without having the customer provide any of this information directly or even meaningfully consenting for it to be shared! This makes Facebook’s messenger marketing much more accessible than traditional advertising methods because it does not require any “chasing” from brands that want interaction. 

Here’s another big plus for Messenger Marketing. Every day on Messenger, there are 7 billion conversations taking place! In fact, these messages are opened way more often than emails! Plus, they see a 30% – 40% Clickthrough rate (CTR) on average. That’s 4 to 10 times more when compared to email. And to help drive this first initial engagement with your chatbot, you can use Click-to-Messenger ads to generate tons and tons of Messenger subscribers. From there, you can provide more value to your subscribers and try to capture their email addresses and phone number.

Many folks over at Clepher feel that Messenger Marketing is very cost-effective and easy to get started with. Many attribute this to the fact you don’t have to know how to code to create a chatbot; services like Clepher make super-duper simple to get started. And being able to connect them to a Facebook or Instagram Ad with the click of a button is just really cool!

Click-to-Messenger Ads Resources You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

See, in 2 of the most recent blog posts, we’ve been talking a lot about Click-to-Messenger Ads already. These articles come highly recommended:

It’s pretty amazing to see what a proper CTM ad strategy can do for your business. It has shown some great results for companies in all sorts of industries. Whether it’s clothing retailers like Threadless Clothing Co., which could find an additional 5000 customers each month, or even restaurants upstate New York using Clepher to better target their campaigns, this method shows promise for many businesses!

Like any marketing strategy, Click-to-Messenger Ads can take a little time to figure out. But once you got the hang of it, the fruits taste delicious!

In addition, many Clepher users have discovered much higher open rates, subscribers, and increased ROI! Hearing this just delights us, and we obviously wish the same for you. So, let’s dig a bit deeper and see if this entire Messenger marketing thing with CTM ads is something for you, shall we?

Is Messenger Marketing with Ads Right For You?

To determine if Messenger Marketing and Click to Messenger ads are for you, first think about the demographics of your target audience. Then, let this sink in; there are 2.5 billion people on mobile messaging apps, according to eMarketer. Plus, there are well over 1.3 billion on Messenger alone. And with Facebook opening up Instagram API and WhatsApp API for chatbots, the potential reach is only going to grow even more. So, do you think this allows you to connect with your audience via these messaging apps? Your answer should be a resounding “YES!”

Another significant benefit of Facebook is that its users are spread all over the globe, so you can target people from any country. This means your CTM ads can be targeted to anyone who fits your criteria. But, keep in mind that Messenger Marketing with CTM Ads works very well for local and worldwide businesses. For instance, you can use a Messenger bot to get local customers into your hometown restaurant or use the platform to make an international sales e-commerce website.

So, it doesn’t really matter what type of business you have — whether online or brick-and-mortar — Messenger Marketing works because it engages customers in an initial conversation and then keeps them interested. So, if you’re a small business or marketer who’s just started consulting, Messenger Marketing can be hugely beneficial. Remember, it’s low-cost! And frankly? Not that complicated.

Bigger businesses have been around for a long while, already having a solid marketing strategy. And if so, Messenger Marketing is an easy element to add to your plan. Chatbot marketing is highly effective — Messenger Marketing boasts open rates of over 82%, compared with email average open rates… That’s super high! And since only 1% of businesses are using chatbots on Messenger, this is definitely a place to stand out as a big brand.

Best Click-to-Messenger Ad Real life Marketing Examples

Driving that initial engagement with your Click-to-Messenger ads (CTM ads) means targeting the right people with a clever hook in your ad first. Then, engaging with them in a personable, conversational way happens inside the chatbot after clicking the Ad or the Send Message button.

I know, I know, easier said than done, right? Look, at first glance, we know that Click-to-Messenger campaigns may seem a bit daunting. In fact, they do present their own unique challenges. However, the truth is that getting someone to click your ad and engage with your chatbot is actually much easier than you might think. Because all it takes is a little outside-the-box thinking and some creativity.

To get in the right frame of mind, let’s get some inspiration from companies you might know or have been dealing with in the past!

5 Examples for Click-to-Messenger Ads Inspiration

In this section, you find 5 real Click-to-Messenger Ad examples. As always, we don’t recommend copying these examples 1on1 but instead taking inspiration.

1. Nerdify

This is a platform that provides instant homework help to students to make students’ lives easier. The company’s most successful marketing campaign occurs when they promote their click-to-Messenger ads with the headline, “Overwhelmed with homework tasks? ? Get help from Nerds right away! ?” The ad targeted Nerdify’s intended audience when they were working on homework and offered a helping hand. Because the ad effectively targeted students who needed help at the moment, the campaign was a success. 

2. Sephora

Sephora is famous for its cosmetics. But probably more famous for the extensive amount of guidance they give their customers through health and beauty regimens. One of their most successful campaigns was the Click-to-Messenger ad that led to Sephora Assistant. This chatbot allowed visitors to book a total makeover and receiving customer service guidance from a friendly chatbot. Now, consider their in-store appointment customers have an average of over $50 incremental spend vs. other customers. Then you know that increasing their booking rate by 11% through this campaign was huge.

3. Pura Vida

It wasn’t necessarily the copy that gave Pura Vida an edge, but rather the images used. By including five to 6 high-res, colorful pictures and pointing each picture to their Messenger Chatbot, visitors were directed to a conversation that effectively introduced them to the brand and highlighted a special offer. 

4. 1-800-Flowers

They’ve been using Messenger chat to process orders is a highly effective way to convert customers from social media encounters. For example, 1-800-Flowers allows you to order flowers by opening Messenger. All you need to is type “Order Flowers.” The bot then nurtures you through the buying process. It’s a super streamlined and straightforward way so that you don’t have to call or visit the site. It’s completely hassle-free! They have been known to promote this specific Flow using CTM Ads as well. 

5. Digital Marketer

CTM Ads are going to be your ace in the hole if you’re a B2B consultant. Especially when it comes to racking up engagement with your audience on Facebook and Instagram. Let’s take a look at Digital Marketer. They made it extremely easy to chat with expert consultants right on Messenger. Plus, they effectively used this as a lead-gen tool. They set up their bots to answer FAQs and point people toward a sales rep.

Final Thoughts on Messenger Marketing with CTM Ads

Bottom line, Click-to-Messenger Ads are incredibly effective in engaging your target audience. Chatbots on Messenger, however, can take it a step further when it comes to helping your business drive sales. Frankly, your best bet is to think “big picture” about your audience and your value proposition by simply having prospects and customers chat with you. And once you do, you can brainstorm fun, captivating ways to spark engagement with your bots and get customers into your sales funnels.

Click-to-Messenger ads are a great way to interact with your customers and drive sales. By creating Messenger bots, you can take it one step further by helping them along the marketing funnel journey from awareness to purchase. By thinking big picture about your audience engagement strategy, you’ll be able to create fun, captivating ways to spark their interest in chatting with your bot that will get them buying. Finally, take hints from the brands who have already gone before and been successful with CTM Ads. Then, start formulating an approach of your own today!

If you’re ready to get your feet wet with chatbots on Messenger and want to give Click-to-Messenger Ads a try, then Clepher is your go-to tool.

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